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Birthday gift is Promiscuous Escort girl

Birthday gift is Promiscuous Escort girl

A lecherous businessman, recalled his most memorable birthday surprise - the Yin Yue the 3P to celebrate thirty. 

When I recall this most memorable experience of life, I was walking through the apartment lobby, unconsciously touching up their own balls, then getting a hard penis twitch.

I run a small women's merchandise store, with several Enchanting lady working the counter, in my three-year-old birthday, I decided to give himself a new Mercedes-Benz sedan, like the girl my secretary Miss Flame, "Laura "pick up the car with me.

I had planned on this day in the evening, and Laura share the joy of opening a new car (and my penis), but when we opened the car away from the car firm,Promiscuous Escort girl immediately asked me to take her to the shelter, said a few hours shower, dress up to meet the evening's birthday party. Laura and I made an appointment time, gave me a sweet kiss, and then think of what seems like to me: "One more thing, the shop girls are together, to give you a special birthday gift You will see after returning home, we think you will love this gift. "Hearing this, I can not think, in the end what kind of gifts waiting for me.

Soon I went back to the apartment, opened the door, the found a pair of high heels in the living room, separated by a few feet is a pair of nylon stockings, it seems from this parade, even a fool can guess in the end What kind of "gift", "Oh, uh, uh," I whispered to send Santa Claus-like laughter. A gold silk dress lying on the bedroom corridor leading to the entrance, follow the signs in the guidelines, my coat and suit has been dropped on the floor.

When I entered the bedroom, on the floor found a sexy lace bra and thong, Yu-yi, lying on my champagne silk coverlet on the bed, "Jelena", my receptionist lady, "Happy Birthday "Promiscuous Escort girl whispered to me whisper:" My dress is not very appropriate birthday event ah? "

"My God!" I exclaimed loudly, found themselves almost out of control, my penis bounce out of its vitality, threatening to break out of pants, I really suspect the clothes off too slowly.

I am the goddess of magic under the sink, and Irina is an angel from heaven, like India, with shoulder-length blond hair, blue eyes, her full lips with a sexual tease, but also with the tension expectations. My eyes, as my thermal conductivity missile guidance system, it is already locked in her fluffy brown moving pussy.

Jelena single elbow support the body, the teasing of her lovely legs apart slightly raised, her recently acquired gold from the Caribbean resort on the skin, apply a shiny crystal massage oil, when her hands slowly through abdomen, ask unto chyle-like love nest, the bud-like nipple Rufeng from a perfect stand up on her knee and lifted his left hand holding the legs, the full buttocks slightly raised, Irina began to oil Massage into the back of her soft, slippery court.

Her love like heaven hole sheets of the open, as I propose to invite, an oily finger from Jelena tight little anus, all the way along the glide between stocks, across the pink Roufeng, straight points expansion of her clitoris, Promiscuous Escort girl shuddered and pleasant twist under the buttocks. I knelt on the bed Xihang, full of blood of my spear, pointed at the target captivating.

"To separate them, Irina." When I was steaming, dripping oil fired missiles close to the tube, I gave the order. Her eyes and my eyes are hard to penetrate target Yujing, the constant interaction locking, lightweight slip my penis her abundant Yin Ye, immediately underlying the breakdown of her vagina, her full lubrication, sized pussy fascinating. I paused temporarily, in order to maintain self-control, Irina is still leaning against the pillow, her eyes staring at my exposed the absolute self-confidence,Promiscuous Escort girl could have done my best wins.

I turned his attention to her two lovely legs at the base, beautiful brown mink, the slow will my Yuzhu out, leaving only the glans on the inside, look me in the stems covered with her kinky honey, blurred light color of the water produced is really full of joy, so I do root and did not turn Yuzhu.

I like the receptionist that day fairy lady, like wild bitch at me twisting the body in general, Irina constantly screaming: "ah, yes, plug me, yes, good, inserted my pussy , good! "I also open their minds, shouting out their pinnacle of freshness, the impact of my fierce, powerful Kuang Chou Meng sent to the hungry sluts a Royal Salute, lively look at my penis , disappeared in the fluffy golden goddess of love nest, it is a dazzling landscape.

Jelena has lost control of her legs clasp my waist, we were closer together, her hand grabbed my hips first, then took my magazine, I want to be stuffed whole person inside her. She will pull our lips together, to hot sticky saliva, our tongues together. Jelena body trembling climax aboard, buckle my feet continue to get tighter, I also released a win with a strike in the depths of her love hole, ejected a hero like fireworks, I was her like pussy in paradise, presumably fired 21-gun salute.

When I withdrew my penis red and purple, honey dripping slightest prostitution, Irina's pussy is pink pit, kinky fine waves of water from the lake outflow without reservation, since the hips drop in sheets on the shade open. We took turns tasting, feeding the two co-brewed nectar Aiye.

Irina told me that I must quickly restore energy, because the celebrations are only just beginning. Although I have just shot too fine, after being immersed in the climax on the finish, also like the Yu family from her wonderful drawing kinky honey. But she stopped me and told me that there is an assistant will assist the clean-up Jelena holding my hand went to the room.

Laura and my accounting "love wave" is affectionate hug, go to bed I was lying down, loving to live wave with a ribbon around my body used in the depletion of Jelena sluggish tool. I almost can not be restrained, when you see Irina and Laura in the bed of another good show, and soon with the help of my penis re-awakening, of course, also means a sense of Xie Aibo clever flute.

Jelena relaxed supine in bed, eyes, taken together, legs apart, Laura and her long black hair back a rope, while clamping Jelena hips, began to taste her sweet pussy. She Jelena mouthwatering jade households sucking, licking our previous fine Aiye kinky sex; she is really beautiful, I really want to re-insert it through the ultra-precise correction is pussy! Then Laura stood up, her mouth shed Yin Zhi, leaving Jelena to concentrate on the hand to please herself.

Laura to me, tongue coating over the mouth of the Yinye plump lips, and then wet the lip print on my lips, let the Jinjin sap flow in our tongue, and use your fingers out of my painted Aiye face.

Meanwhile, Love waves with my Yujing into her whole warm, moist and sweet mouth, it would be soaked in warm saliva in her, she stood up slightly, the elbow is still hanging in her white lace robe off, I noticed the base of her thighs are a little butterfly tattoo, presumably it has witnessed a number of alert pioneer, through the sparse pubic hair was neatly into the back of Wonderland. Love waves curled brown hair, hanging breasts covered the rich, a thin pearl necklace, is now the only items she dressed, she revealed the sexy smile, lips gently sweep my hard penis the top.

Laura rode my face, when she will be home in my pussy light nose, hand brushed aside their labia, my tongue licking up and down the gentle shade of her sewing, her breath is fascinated, not long after she began to shake, moaning, mouth words escape prostitution pretty language. I looked up to suck her clitoris, while her love juice from her legs when the shed, I strive to Tianshi Zhao.

Laura cool music moaning scream, although I have to lick the mouth of acid still working her kinky honey ingestion. "Oh, good! I want to come!" She moaned intense, with her thighs and perineum pressure grinding my face, and almost pulled my hair. She fell on the bed unsupported, while lying in bed, I was stuck in her warm buttocks.

Love waves to suck my penis professional level, her cheeks made the biggest attraction, her tongue Tianshi Zhao below my penis, it will be I will never forget the experience of Pin flute, her flexibility in the use of her lips, tongue, mouth, teeth and throat to explore my penis, OVA, and anus. Fortunately for me Jelena previously emptied once, can make my Yujing hard lasting.

Then I feel her love will be placed in the wave I Yuzhu on, when she melted in my body, let me feel her pussy like a warm honey and butter, I slow, gentle and deep upward top, tightly hold my magazine. Huiguo Shen Laura began stroking, kissing my body, Irina joined her actions, not long after they both began to take turns sucking the breast of love waves, and the Tianshi Zhao intercourse in the slimy Yu Jing and Love waves trembling pussy. When the passions raised further when both of them climbed in bed to start another double play under the erotic section.

Love waves have fun when the fell on me exhausted, we slow down the pace, while the other bed quietly enjoy the spectacle lens grinding. Jelena began to slow and quiet exploration between Laura's legs, massage her clitoris, while two fingers in her wet hole Choucha Jade, Laura, her body slowly licking, kissing her belly, kissing mouth to keep the upper body movement, when Jelena mouth suck up a large light brown nipples, Laura sent a pleasant moan.

Laura Irina's hand holding her abundant buttocks and then pull up clutching it to them so each part of the body seems to melt together: lips to the lips, milk for the milk, points to the hole, the two seem to The body of one woman happy.

Wet sticky love jade wave packet in my penis hole on the pulse, and her passion for sensual hip rotation, and I look down her fluffy, water-hungry fox, a warm bore my trunk, after her three climax, she disengaged way, when we connected to the site apart, soaked in her sweet pussy sucking sound uttered. My eight-inch penis tall, covered with her kinky honey, love sucking wave to restore the previous work, I sync quite moving, I am beginning to feel the pulse of the outbreak of the expectations, I OVA and a contraction of the anus, the first Tonight Second Artillery, exploding in the mouth of Love waves.

She will be licking me clean after the climb up to kiss me, her mouth and my semen and her kinky taste of honey, we fell down Xiaoxie some, but not the end of birthday celebrations, we all night until the next morning. My three home party girl, the birthday of my thirties, the achievements of a great joy of sex feast.

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