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first time to try 3p

first time to try 3p

In the years of dissolute life, relationship with a woman and I do have more than N, but there are writable, but it is the the same, many of which are almost forgotten, of course, some are indelible in my memory forever the. Wolf friends to support me, at a later time, I will continue I have the writability experience to share. One of the following is my experience in about 2099, not quite cut the time in mind, things down, or just do not know the wolf friends are not interested to appreciate it?

This is a rich and promiscuous southern town. I remember the time I went to a friend open a bar drinking, sitting on stage there is a black students chat with my friend, when I asked if he had a girlfriend, he said, with you, and you and his friends he and his friends, a lot of people can be friends, our country, no. Then we all laughed. I do not know the wolf friends did not understand him, in fact, he meant to say that you and his or her relationship to his or her relationship with others. We are very open. Yes ah, men and women in this crazy world, so why put your own package too tight, why not let go, to get a win-win results.

I was in a four-star hotel to go to work. A like-minded colleagues nicknamed the big man, and I have two of us engaged in a woman together can probably be filled with a bus bar. The hotel's female colleagues, in addition to individual serious and especially ugly, as if we won on the. (Not that we engage in is almost out of the molested)

Here I would like to give tell you about the degree of difficulty to engage female colleagues in the hotel. The hotel has many jobs, Cashier, welcome, restaurant, rooms, shopping malls, business centers, as well as switchboard and so on. The easiest to engage in a restaurant waiter, of course, the educational level is not high, the greedy, playful, love the dress, and low age, mostly just the city tourism vocational school graduation. The hardest part is the switchboard, wants to get started really have to devote so much energy tongue. Other are similar, and also difficult to get some of the cash register, the mother, as if dealing and money, so the seriousness. There are welcome, relied on their own sort of beauty, standing there waiting to catch a big fish, look down upon us Shrimps. And every few days to welcome change, often they catch big fish, car transfers two or three times no shadow. I do not know Tibet to which Kanaya do canary. I welcome in the hotel two years been engaged in just a few endless verses bitterly.

Say decent bar. Foreground newly tune from the restaurant the next staff, called Yang Na (a pseudonym), is chosen among start again, I heard at school is excellent. The story of this promiscuous because asian escort nyc was the sky.

One morning, I turn to the hall in a circle, just a European tour check-out, the hall is a bit messy, but the total units, but only one person, I have the ignition, asian escort nyc was a novice, there are people? I call security's attention to the guests' luggage, I went up and did not speak, to help her the number of card room, finished to ask other people, asian escort nyc said, in which to eat breakfast. Fuck! These guys know the bully new. That there is no human nature. The tour guide seems a bit impatient, but they were acquaintances, but also did not say what the checkout after the left. She looked at his face sweat, I said to her: "In the future again so they bully you, you called to tell me."

Thank you, the manager, all right, but also to cope with them. "I carefully looked at her, a pair of fox-like flirtatious immediately fascinated me, as well, such as cherry-like mouth, and a cute little nose. Figure look less than my shoulder, but in overalls the parcel, but it is particularly graceful. small breasts may be too nervous reason there is rhythm to a one of which is I was calm, utter a few left. Damn if for a bulky beast, established immediately to bite two or perhaps, I walked would like, but how hands-on, evidently tender, not allowing people out first to Oh.

With this intention into the room manager, big man this guy was sitting in my seat, smoking my cigarette, I came not to speak, but grin on his face, throw me a cigarette. I lit cigarette, took a deep, calm a bit, asked him: "The recent activities ah."

He has a look of confusion, "Mom how do you know who told you?"

"I am the sun your mother I know what you give me that."

Obviously all wrong, the chaos I was asked, but he is really something to me. I date him milk!

"I come to is, and you say ah, Sunday A free ah?" He thought to expect.

"Quick to say, trouble down!"

"I'm about the total units that new forced to eat, call her then told classmates or kid sister to, I have friends to dinner when four. She said yes. Also asked my friend who , I said it was you, how to, can it? "

Did not know what to say, the big man bastard, how hands so quickly. Not hungry?

The big man is indeed a big man, taller than I Shaoai that meter eighty, than my sturdy, although I looks clean, a lip service than I do. Some girls say he is a lovely type. Fuck his lovely type!

Place, you treat!! "In fact, I was a little hate, but who told us is his best buddies.

"I have a classmate recently renovated house Sishierting, there are two beds. I get the keys.

To buy the ready meal, get some wine, and then make a soup line? Do you think? "

"Your a beast, she is not your relatives, you start so soon."

"Oh, I am also a former genius recognized, take a few, look at Me and bold, invite her to dinner, I did not expect to agree. Mother forced tender is to engage in good, unlike those old forced, made me a headache . "

So saying, he readily took me a cigarette, want to point, point ass ah, opened the morning, go ". I called an "Oh, almost forgot." Then I took a notebook, the two arms around out.

Things would have not have writable, two men and VS and two women, before the big man and I is not never done, but it is surprising, and the big man in this matter after a long period of time, say Zaza flavored.

Sunday at nine o'clock, I was ringtone wake. Quickly take a shower, wearing a set of casual wear. Looking at the faces of handsome clothes in the mirror, I can not help but giggle a bit, and today there are wine beauty, let me enjoy some it.

Touch his head and the big man, to the farms to buy about two hundred dishes, a bottle of Great Wall dry red wine, a bottle of seed wine, and then a bottle of Sprite.

His friend's house in the latest one cell in the city, suddenly far away suddenly in the past but also from time to time to hear the sound of the decoration of the ping-pong. The entire district is a bit messy, Green did not do a good job in some places still floor tile road.

The obvious big man friends house recently just to make things right, just left to go in some pungent paint fumes, and quickly you can open the windows are open, and smoked a cigarette effort go over. The big man does not matter, it seems, do not say transfer to a plate all the dishes in the kitchen, cooked fish head vermicelli soup, our favorite dishes Oh.
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