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[New female staff initial lustful experience]

[New female staff initial lustful experience]

Do not be mixed bath hear the sound of the door, and the female voice, soaked in water, the tail well nervous.

There is no doubt come in his men ... female staff are.

Last wells in the water gently moving, the road to the large open-air bath. There are a lot of the rockery, to hide behind, and may not be found.

But this time travel is only a small number of cadres to participate in, the female staff of only two people.

Wow ─ a man's bath large, so unfair. "Speak Mayumi Yoshimura, belongs to a new breed of women to the natural attitude of dialogue and supervisors, is very modern women.

Unauthorized entry into the male bath ...... "seems to be worried about is an Autumn Garden Zuo, such as sub.

Two people are graduating from high school into the company's eighteen-year-old young woman.

The lively Mayumi and within the rank and file Tomoko, in the office is also very good friend, this time is probably full of curiosity, Mayumi, to Zuo Tomoko to male bath.

It does not matter. Men for karaoke or play mahjong too tired to sleep. So deep in the hot springs, should not have other guests. "Mayumi hand to water washout on the body, went on to say:" If a guy to join would be great. Are the Old Man, no fun! "Indeed, this time the fall trip, the participation of cadres, the youngest tail well The 40-year-old.

In fact, the tail wells have long lesson, But because the young, and easy-going, and we put a time travel mission of the Director-General, entirely to him.

To spend time catering or take care of the continued amortization or playing mahjong, feeling tired, a hot springs is one o'clock.

So, the dream can not think of at this time there will be two female staff member to enter the men's baths.

Last wells blind date married for ten years. The second son also started elementary school, did not earn much, his wife go to church all day school. Tail Well I have the original on short, plus the annual increase in waist, stomach elongation, genetic, therefore, the hair bald.

In short, whether the company or family, do not be very active. People often worry about work all the blame to him to do.

Occasionally thought about the young woman to enjoy the adventure game of love, but timid, they do not drink, can not socialize with colleagues.

Therefore, two new female staff in the middle of the night suddenly entered the men's pool, the end of the wells do not think this is the gift of God. Themselves are not wrong, but also subconsciously want to avoid.

Very comfortable, large enough to be swimming, Zuo Tomoko, quickly come. "Two people successively into the tub, the water began to ripple.

Tail well hiding behind the rockery peek. Mayumi suddenly started Raining Cats swimming. I've heard nyc bronx asian escort  was a high school swimmer. Water occasionally to reveal a peach-like ass. Young flesh in the water slide. Zuo Tomoko just above the head, on the water, looked astonished Mayumi. Soon, back to the side of the rank and file Tomoko Mayumi sit down, soak in water.

Young women today, they probably have the experience ... Last wells side peep side would like to.

Do not understand the skills young man casually took possession of them ...... "tail well thought of here crotch material change expansion.

"Junior Tomoko, your sexual experience?" Mayumi seems to see through the mind of the tail well like to ask the rank and file Tomoko.

"No, I read the girls' high school." Zuo Tomoko shy answer. Tail well after listening to a little rest assured, in fact, even relieved, Zuo Tomoko virgin will not be his. Even a virgin, in the eyes of rank and file Tomoko curious luster, only a matter of time, nothing more.

Mayumi you? "My boyfriend from high school there is already a veteran." Mayumi said proudly.

Out the night of the trip, as if the girls and men, easy to generate curiosity or owned up to their own past.

Soon, the two leave the bath. Tail well to see that beautiful ass and legs arranged together. That two people will leave. Did not think two people sitting in red chair side chat side to wash the body.

Last wells gradually soaked in water to feel the pain. Was afraid of the heat, bath time is very short, plus the blood is concentrated in the hips bladder dazed mind due to ischemia.

Embarrassed to go out, will blame did not say how he began deliberately peek at their physical. Tight tail well soaked in hot water. Today, two people glamorous flesh is no longer important, and I look forward to only two people a little faster to leave.

However, two of the more talked more vigorously, Zuo Tomoko listen to of Mayumi high school age, sexual experience, full of curiosity. Last Well finally can not stand, for the mind and body cooling dizziness, stand up as it passed. Regained consciousness, the tail well find themselves lying on the bath, did not tile the floor. "Re-dead body is so small, there are at least 80 kilograms of it." To hear two of conversation. To judge from the content, not so long coma and tail well. "How do? Want to go to call someone to?" Lying naked young female staff member in front of embarrassed, but did not dare to open eyes to stand up.

"No, that would know that our men's baths. Those who are lustful Europe and mulberry." "Then do artificial respiration. You are a swimmer, learning, right?" Two people seem to think the coma and tail well. In particular, rank and file Tomoko, it seems really worried look. And section chief kissing is really not willing to ... "Mayumi said, squatting on the side of the tail well.

The unexpected development of the tail well too late to do the mental preparation that there is a warm lips pressed in their own mouth.

Nose clenched, breathing destroy into his mouth. That is wet and warmer fruit like sweet soft taste, plus a little taste of alcohol. The Mayumi row to do several artificial respiration. Last wells chest full of years by the woman's breathing, could not help getting excited. Because Mayumi bend the body's systems, nipple touch the chest and tail well. "Never mind, still breathing, did not like how much water." Mayumi finished artificial respiration, raised his head and said. Rank and file know that the child wet towel on the head of the tail well. The rank and file know that the child kept touching nyc bronx asian escort's  breasts.

Last wells slightly open eyes. To see two beautiful women kneeling on the left and right, must be too tight, there is no apron, a scarf and naked. Plump faded roots to see a wet black hair. "Rank and file know the child, give him to do artificial respiration it. On as a practice first kiss." "I do not. Already have breathing, do not a." "He also really the. Have been the first to come here, should we say loudly of." We intruded into the men's baths, he must be embarrassed to speak. "two people side of drops of goo and take care of the tail well.

They do not call someone to help, may take it into three personal secrets. Can not always go on like this. Similar to the waking time.

"Well ..." tail well as possible performance, grunting, gently twist the hands and feet.

"Seems to wake up." Mayumi say, of rank and file know suddenly woke up with a towel to block the chest and crotch.

Last the Ihara thought it count come to an end in the wake. I did not expect to the Zuo Tomoko suddenly issued scream "ah ..." "What?" Mayumi surprised Tomoko line of sight along the rank and file looked. Even the tail well erectile ferocious stands.

"It's unreasonable. Original section chief wakes up early." Mayumi said aloud. As a result, the end of the well is lost sober machine had.

"Okay, so like the faint, it is with you." "However, there may be no wake. Subconscious of this situation?" Zuo Tomoko embarrassed like cock erection, pointing to the tail well. "But his face is not pale. See." Mayumi even bold hand cock to pay close attention to the end of the well.

"Well ..." issued by the end of the well would like to hum and trembling about.

"Look, he was just embarrassing not open eyes. But then, so, to take this opportunity to let the rank and file know that child to learn a little something." Mayumi the hold Roubang hand tighten a loose activity.

"You have to look at the inside is ..." Mayumi, pointing to the erection of the penis, as well as reduced tension and excitement scrotum to the rank and file Tomoko said they already know the end of the well was awake but still Ju him as a coma. Well on their own the most sensitive part of the tail by touch, resulting in unspeakable pleasure.

Anyway know that the department head is a timid person, and now will not take action to fight back, not to worry he would it say out. The Zuo Tomoko saw a burst of a man's genitals seem to have got used to. Moreover there Mayumi together. "Zuo Tomoko, you Feel it." "I am sorry ..." "It does not matter, a little faster." The Mayumi Lazo Tomoko hand forced her to touch the penis.

Ah ... so terrible ... "Zuo Tomoko as if suddenly caught eel-like, scared hand back out.

"Do not worry, will not bite you." "But ...... the gentle hot, but also jitter." Rank and file know the child's hand and then pulled back, this time surrounded the penis with the palm of your hand.

"See, what did not." "Well ..." Once the grip in his hand, as if curiosity. Zuo Tomoko began to fondle the cock a loose tight. Rank and file know that the child's palm and Mayumi feel like. Well the end of the breathing shortness. Slightly open eyes, tail well first to see the nipples of the rank and file Tomoko. Her waist circumference in a towel, on the other side Mayumi, put up one leg, can see the moist petals. See this situation the moment, the tail well cock exploded in the hands of the rank and file know the child ... The next morning, the tail well to wake up at six o'clock. Think of things last night, in bed daze. Colleagues in the same bedroom, playing mahjong until dawn is still snoring. Tail well up to a spa.

This morning, in any case, Mayumi and the rank and file know the child will not come. Last night in this place and the two young women have a wonderful experience. Tail well feel like a dream. "Oh ..." when the tail well ejaculation, Jordan Tomoko surprised handle to take it back, strained look still vibrating cock.

"Zuo Tomoko, your skill is great." Mayumi smiled and continue to rank and file Tomoko of men ejaculation situation. See the end of the wells still pretend coma, two wash the body will go out.

Two people after the end of the well is still reveling in the pleasure of the rest of rhyme, the heat seems to have left two years by the woman's body odor. Remembered what happened last night, the tail well crotch thing and start itching. This time travel is two days one night, this afternoon, must be prepared to go back. And they meet, be sure to feel uncomfortable in the office in the future, I really do not know how to get along with them. Last wells did not regret it. Whether or not they say anything, we must always fainted, the other thing, do not remember.

The tail well, unlike in the past similar fatherly feelings to them, can they be seen as objects of desire. Mayumi is not only very open, even as honest rank and file Tomoko is also out of curiosity, to reach out to touch cock. Their desire or curiosity far more than the imagination of the tail well. Look at this way, maybe as he is so humble, middle-aged men and young girls sex machine once. Tail well feel the bright eyes. Excited to see their own erect penis. Last wells excited to leave the bath, the mirror in the locker room to see their own body.

Free arms, exposing the muscle. But the mirror is a muscle relaxant spleen barrel belly, short and hair, partly bald, middle-aged men.

No use ... "determined not impossible fantasy back to reality after the end of the well back into the room.

As the Director-General of the trip, should we call up, as scheduled in the morning to go hiking.
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