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My working holiday promiscuous confession

My working holiday promiscuous confession

Room, the four of us girls are running around in circles dress. Tonight is the center of North Western Australia's most famous nightclub Street fre night, just before ten o'clock admission in your hand stamped you can have free access to some night club and even provides free fried steak and beer (although the meat takes a hard rubber), so many backpackers will take advantage of before ten o'clock, shuttling between nightclub that offers free admission.

The distance of our house to the North's fair to say that no later than half past nine must go out, but it ~ ~ Well girls, not dressing up to the last moment it is absolutely impossible to take home! Even for one hundred sets of clothes is not enough to try a thousand pairs of shoes! Especially as such a crazy night, of course, to show the most Sexy side of Hello!

Here, we have to mention the Meirenpeizai of our family. Korean girls sue is the most petite of our family, only 152 centimeters tall, with a pair of slender legs, slender body does not take ga E-Cup. Here I met a lot of Korean girls are Xiongyaohubei, Sue really is a special case of Korean girls Dan Fengyan thin, delicate skin is an oval face, hair cut shoulder-length of the doll head, compared to Korean Sue appearance in all respects like the Taiwanese.

Today flushing escort girl was wearing a round neck water blue dress, Although not a low-cut style, but can not hold her impressive bust, with the hair of the bow ring, black knee socks and baby shoes, simply the same cute like a doll.

saki is from Kyoto, Japan, silly big sister, laughing make you feel like the sun shine on the round face, with only unilateral dimple, no matter what time are red reeling, not to mention drunk after The look is more pleasant (or said to be delicious, right?) A bit fleshy body coupled with the upturned ass, do not lose sue the bust, so saki has been very popular with the boys welcome.

saki's English language ability can be said that the four of us inside the worst, in addition to its heavy accent, and are often misheard anyone talk about, which would cause inconvenience fishes, but it turned into an Australian boys love the characteristics of the coffee shop in her work, there are many young workers made a special trip to go and talk to her and patronize it!

For tonight's show, saki wearing a large gray halter dress for this special buy Nubra; stepping on pink high-heeled shoes, in addition to modification of the lines of the legs, in particular highlights Bottom, her ass even as the girls are pinched.

Compared to the other two girls, from Hong Kong, Ariel, though not let our eyes girls, height about 158 ??cm, but is very engaging, with a pair of water Lingling eyes and expression, coupled with on her English, social skills is the best among us, and always let us in the club leisurely. In addition, Ariel, like outdoor sports, the holiday will find time to ride a bicycle, her rarely fat, although she always complain that their small B cup, but the light no fat on this point let the three of us envy to not work .

Tonight flushing escort girl was wearing a white dress and black leggings, hands hanging from the bracelet to buy from diva, smoked makeup and a gentleman hat, neutral dress she exudes a strange attraction.

I ... by the Ariel rigidly on her small vest dress, strapless design of ultra-low-cut, so that a C-Cup hemisphere exposed to the air.

My chest is not large, but hard to put Ariel her B cup vest dress, but I cleavage squeeze more prominent; the fact that I did not take the Nubra to Australia, so I had to give up wearing a bra, for words, I must be very careful, not too intense action, because as long as the band behind a loose, I would have emptied immediately under the watchful eyes; the hem of the skirt is a four-layer the lace stack up, inside the T- small pants looming; last wear black Liangsi and the pink suede high heels.

"Wow! The Andrey really America turned yeah ~ you look so high, ultra-suited to wear that!"
sue envy constantly praised me a look of distress.

Andrey leg is really beautiful, want to feel oh ~ ~

"I have to touch I want to touch andrey chest! Yeah ~ ~

"You rapist does not rely on over ......! Be too late to go out! Stop ~ ~ do not touch there will be itching ......

See that I am embarrassed to pull the skirt efforts to cover the thigh like Ariel, hand suddenly headed toward my legs, saki toward my chest to be outdone, four girls in bed a happy circle ......
This is the first time I wear bare such a high degree of clothes. Had come to Australia, want to say with great clothes wear out will be distressed, try to bring some good to wear, durable, so my favorite clothes are lying in the home; and since we go to nightclubs to play are not dressed up, so great is to wear a skirt and high heels.

Girls is so high the main reason is because a few days before dinner chat to talk to exotic Aventure, did not think apart from me, they are few and the handsome foreigner have a night of passion; saki and sue all had two or three times the experience, Ariel, not to mention, she was a nightclub regulars, and the number of foreigners fight the less than a dozen times, in retrospect, no wonder she is often going out at night and returned home the next morning.
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