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[Unexpected situation]

[Unexpected situation]

That was the summer of 2009, from Shantou to Shenzhen, I borrowed a friend's Mercedes-Benz cars. He first entered the port, the highway toll station by two policemen to stop the I did not illegal ah? Are wondering, press the window. A police officer smiling at me, said: "Sir, convenience to help with personal?" Oh, would like to hitch a ride. I asked: "Where to?" Shenzhen ". I readily said: "car." I thought: anyway, a person, to open four hours, just a companion. The police quickly said thank you, bayan, out of a policewoman from the toll booths, air-conditioned. Ah, beautiful! So beautiful. More than 160 hair, slim build, oval face, a pair of water Lingling big eyes, white skin. Although the hot summer, she was dressed neat uniforms.

Her side of the seat in the copilot's position, smiling at me: "Thank you." "You're welcome". Greeting sound, I drive onto the highway to Shenzhen. Via chat, I knew uptown escort girl was the Public Security recently graduated from university one year internship in Shenzhen. The two men police are her classmates, she came to join the wedding of the students. Her boyfriend's father is one of the leaders of the ministries and agencies, it is precisely this relationship, she can go to Shenzhen.

Along the way, it began to rain and bigger. Not familiar with, then less and less. Shanwei, began to traffic jams in front of an accident. Dealers is very slow. Bored-resistant come up with a sony laptop, I glanced at, with the unlimited card. She rushed me smile: "bored, I look at the Internet." She laughed very charming, with a police uniform, could not help but make appeals to the imagination. I'm still slowly followed the car in front. She is a focused look at the computer, stop typing. "Hormones, I do not drink." She Duzhuoxiaozui. "Excuse me, I only took this drink, however, drink less, healthy." I crooked smile. Talked and talked, we talked to the topic of men and women. She seems quite envious of many of the passion story, was bound by the traditional idea. I asked her: "If by chance, you will try?" She seemed to look on the blush, I can not see, but can feel.

"No, ah, but also to see what people must be at least feel that you?" Me react: "I? Fascinated me long. But that is not encountered such a thing can be met not seeking ah uptown escort girl lengthened tone: "You will not, right? like you, handsome, and wealthy man even Shoushenruyu? I do not believe it." I laughed: "where I had gone not to Jin of the body. only see the live habitually in Ning taste good peach one, do not eat rotten apricot basket of. "she heaved a sigh of relief:" You say "... unconsciously, have already began to smooth smoother. Just about speed, it was found that at this time is torrential rain. Wiper does not work, the surface water deep, and could not see the road ahead. She was a little nervous: "find a place to stop it, I just saw the sign, the front seems to have a rest stop".

I do not dare to open the next rest stop, not far away. Parked in a little water. Want to go, may the rain it is. Not much around the car. Under the heart, our quiet seat. Her cell phone to her boyfriend, said back may be late for the class. After a while, she said a little hungry. I turned over and over, things did not find resistance in order to satisfy hunger. Then drive the truck to the store next, I rushed down, and I think that girls like to eat are bought, like a big bag. Although very close, When the red carriage return on My upper body wet shoes full of water.

Her busy hands busy feet to come up with paper towels to help wipe her face on the body of water. Clothes wet, do not wear, take off come. " uptown escort girl said, embarrassed: "all my fault, causing you to become a drowned rat". I comforted her: "We two are the End of the World regulars, meet, why kind. I'm hungry too. Off my shoes and socks, barefoot drive the truck to shut the door to the repair shop on high ground. It was pouring rain, I Guangzhuobangzi and her melodious music started dinner.

Still raining very heavily. We both distance seems a little small. Her about her childhood things and I talk about her things at the police academy ... I looked at her, looked at her a long time. An impulse gradually float. I can not help but want to hug her, kiss her, pleasant Yingtaoxiaokou. My heart fluttered, I can hear. I am looking for an excuse: "Look you are physically very weak, when the police? How to turn out to be in the police academy?

We pull pull the wrist of her side stretched out his right hand on the arm of the middle, gently holding her hand. Xipinenrou fingers slim and she is certainly not my opponent pull over , she drew in his right hand I and homeopathic hold her left hand, her hand hesitated and did not snatch it from me I lost no time in her palm and back of the hand gently with a fingernail across her head down, do not speak palm sweat.

"Your hands are sweating," I said. "People touch me, I was nervous," she said softly. Looked at her modesty the incomparable look, I never lost its grace, the one to hug her over, while a kiss on her Yingkou. She closed his mouth open, struggling: "Do not do this, this is not good". I held her close, her seat slowly down to the ground. The pressure of the whole body in her body. I kept kissing her earlobe, kissing her neck.

She pushed me hard with both hands. I will her hands pressed tightly around behind. I gasped once again kiss to her mouth, down her face, and this time he is no longer closed. But half, Hachu the bursts of aroma. My dough tongue stretched her soft lips gently back and forth between her upper and lower lip across the sweep on her teeth. She no longer struggle, the hands do not know when to ride on my shoulders. Take the initiative to start her tongue down my mouth, my mouth suddenly Da, the entire latch onto her chewing.

Tongue back and forth in her mouth Choucha stir. Her petite body will stretch down twist. I seize the opportunity to unlock the buttons of her police uniform shirt. Suddenly, she grabbed my hand, let me solution. I did not, rubbing her chest with his left hand across the uniforms. Her breasts are not just hold my hand.

I slowly rub, rub. Below her legs separated by a right leg, thigh against her in the middle of the upper and lower friction. In this way the above, I kissed, rubbing the middle, below Mount. Gradually, she began softly humming, and continue to raise the buttocks, trying wearing my leg.

Once again, I solution to the buttons of her uniforms, this time she did not stop. Very well unlock the buttons, I bent over her ear: "Take off". May be uniformed chest hard object, the top we were not comfortable, she hesitated a moment, or off. I took the opportunity to take off her bra. In the dark, her chest exposed in my eyes, tall and straight like a small snow-capped mountains white nipple stands proud as a mountain.

I rushed down, immersed kissed at the moment my two hills. She moans louder, my head tightly in his arms. She had been wearing long hair spread out. My mouth to her breast sucked into and knocks, and then spit it out. She also constantly have raised his head and kissed my shoulder. I ran down her chest and kissed her belly, the soft ground.

Her skin, such as silk smooth. I kissed her navel, she was holding my head, loud panting, chest of dramatic ups and downs. I will be the next Red Bull down, sipping her navel, small mouth, small mouth, I could feel her whole body trembling.

I vacate the right-hand solution to her belt, she clung to tightly, while quietly pleading: "You have around me, around me". At this moment, like marching orders. Where I is willing to stop. Finally fail to beat me, she let go of his hand. I opened her belt, even the underwear with the faded, she took the initiative to lift the buttocks with me. This moment, she was naked in front of me. I instantly remove the inside and outside the pants.

At that moment, we both firmly hold each other together. She excitedly said to me: "enemy, this time you put me to entrap the". I put his hand to her Mixue, below water Chak ocean. Side of the tenderness I kissed her side of the middle finger gently back and forth rubbing her clitoris. Angela's bulging of small things. I quickening pace of her calls continue to increase, and suddenly, her body is anti-bow, covered with stiff, loud "ah, ah ah ah ah ah ah ......" the entire leather seat, all her water. She was the climax.

All of a sudden, she was paralyzed down. Her eyes closed, motionless. I lifted her legs, the rage has long-DD top below her. Tried several times to enter the halls. She murmured: "I die, do not engage me. Although it is said, she was escorted DD into her Mixue. After just the climax, but there are still very tight. Four weeks tightly warm surrounded me.

. At that moment, I seem in the clouds. I did not immediately twitch. I am lying on her fear of pressure, she is uncomfortable, try to support the weight of the body with the elbow. Her hands once again ring to hold me, one foot in the top of the window, one foot on the wave pole. I took a deep breath, will DD do root insert her Mixue, and motionless. Then use the muscles gently DD in Mixue to the beating. Per pulse, she called loudly. Later, she also slowly shrinking the muscles of the YD. We complement each other. Enjoy enjoy each other's joy and true contribution, at least at the moment.
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