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[Sexy hospital experience]

[Sexy hospital experience]

In October 2006, my illness, hospital treatment, determine the need for laparotomy surgery date to forget, just remember that is Wednesday. Tuesday, doctors told me that can not leave, can not eat, only into the flow of food, but also to do preoperative preparation.

Do not know the preoperative preparation are what find a nurse to ask include: skin preparation, enema. Enema we did not do, do not know if painful, but somewhat looking forward to the enema, the beautiful nurse enema we should be quite interesting ^ _ ^.

Stay in the ward, there is no nurse to talk to me, well, fortunately my laptop inside still h text and a piece of, sent to kill time. Afternoon secretly ran home, take a shower, get something to drive down.

Forgot to explain what I was in Qingdao, is said to be the most beautiful nurse a 3 A hospital nurse most of the little girl just graduated from nursing school, and these nurses signed a temporary employment contract, signed a one year, the wages of nurses is not high. I live three wards, have been looking for a single room, but unfortunately this broken hospital there's no single room in the senior cadres of the District can, I is not too senior cadres, had to squeeze a triple. Pull away, having said that. (Yes, we do not ask which is the hospital which I will not tell, tell you to me / that nurses are too dangerous.)

Wait until the evening, the doctors were off work, I can not wait to continue, ran to the nurses station ask: is not to say I'll surgery, do preoperative preparation? How nobody I?

The nurse on duty looked at the surgical list, and indeed the next morning, the first surgery. (We all know, to surgery, to do the first time anesthetist, just go to work, more sober, to do the later, more bad, even the first, but the red envelope in return).

The nurse on duty said: you wait in the ward, a moment to call you.

I went back to the ward for quite a while, during downtown escort girl to coax go straight boldly said: not what is enema Well, you do not have here, I am a Man Tate, this pain can hold back. Tomorrow morning before I entered the surgery, you on the line. In fact, my heart was thinking, in front of downtown escort girl's exposed a large pp nurses, how to feel uncomfortable.

Evening at 6 o'clock, to a nurse called: ** bed, over the skin preparation. (The so-called skin preparation, the skin of the operative part of the hair scraped off, this is an important step for avoiding infection, abdominal surgery, think about it, that is, the hairs on the belly scratch, nothing big deal.)

Into the disposal chamber came along both nurses, one high and one low. Called dwarf high for the teacher, a badge, short of a formal nurse, high-practice nurses, nursing school even before graduation. Wearing a mask, do not see the drift is not beautiful, eyes and eye pattern, it is estimated that the shortest twenty-five or six, high student nurses, at most, Shiba Jiu. To below said convenience, let us call the shorter b tall for a.

, "The Tang Chuangshang", b.

I see a disposal next to the bed, you lie up above has paved a disposable plastic sheeting. Lying on top, at the ceiling, listening to their preparation tool.

For a while, b, clothes off, to unlock the pants ".

I also very obedient, jogging suits Xiandao chest, sweat pants, untied the rope, but did not take off. (By the way, the hospital for surgery, it is best to wear sportswear, save the trouble of the zipper / buttons / belt)

"Pants off", b.

Hey, how also take your pants off? I thought, but did not dare to ask, gently down off a little, just not exposed to the penis.

Also down, off to the knee

The first time in front of two mm exposed penis, it is estimated that my face is red.

No way, this is a hospital, can only listen to them. - To do so

At this time, a and b are over, standing next to me. Disposal bed no pillow, I can only see the ceiling.

Feel a hand rubbed something in my belly, and then feel the scrape of the razor in the stomach blowing, not when the hand scraped off the hair, wipe.

Thinking about this time, I lit the penis but two mm in front, slowly, a little feeling. However, I tried to tell myself that: Take a deep breath, do not be such a shame, thirties, do not be so unable to control.

This time listening to b said: "Come, then, you come."

Feel a rub on my lower abdomen what, cool, and then the razor began to blow my hair on the lower abdomen, this hand a little shake, it is estimated that the practice nurse a.

I'm still trying to suppress the own, and constantly admonished to "hold back, hold back, can not shoot".

While, the lower abdomen was scraped off the hand I just would like to mention the pants, b said: "Do not move, but also scraping the hair below.

Yes, the doctor said abdominal surgery Well, just open it next to the navel. "

"Have to take the following gross scraping, surgical procedures, the need to extend the blade, then blow again too late. Moreover, following the hair is relatively dense, easy to filth, may lead to infection, so it must be scratch. "

I thought: a miserable, miserable, so big, I hair no scratch, this time into a hair removal penis. Want to go but this time I am only looking at the ceiling, would not dare to look at the nurse's eyes, take the hand blocking their own eyes, when to sleep for a while.

Then, feeling a hand to put things in the skin of my yj above, and then another razor in the scraping. Scraped clean, and the other hand returned to pressing the penis, this time, I bit, could not, the penis up resistance, you want to stand up.

Yj the right side of the hair was scraped off the penis of the above, a penis to the left pressing procedures. At this time, I obviously feel the penis hyperemia swell.

At that time, I heard that a and b, whispered: "swelling up, very strong and do not you help me according to it.

b said: "Well, this man looked very thin, things pretty hard, do not shake your hand, be careful."

"You see, he above all long woolen, but not much."

"That should be scraped off, you also do not have a boyfriend,

"Well, b teacher, man of this kind?"

"Almost be long or short, rough and refined ......

"Then you must move a lot of the right

Doing this line, no way. "

"This is not a long or short?"

The middle, but also longer than this. A medical perspective, man normal erection, it should be about 12cm, this is about 14cm, be regarded as a long. "

At this time, the hair on my penis was scraped off the small nurse by the hair when I wipe, Woliaoyixia my penis across the disposable gloves, but it feels great also, that the hand is very light, very soft.

Next, the little nurse, a then my penis to the right pressure, scraping the hair on the left.

"Teacher, the following is also scratch?" A Q

B said "has been blown to the thigh."

This time, outside the police rang, this is a patient in a nurse, b, said: "You start blowing, I'll see.
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