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[My aunt family life]

[My aunt family life]

Summer vacation in July of this year, just when is my 16th birthday, received a letter from my aunt from Hong Kong, the aunt is the sister of the mother, living in Hong Kong parents took me and my sister, eight years ago the whole family immigrants to live in Sydney, Australia.

Left Hong Kong for so many years, I would like to go back and look vaguely remember that Hong Kong's beaches beautiful, stay in Sydney over the summer is also boring, go back to Hong Kong beach swim, sun tanned skin back more than okay! The parents also agree that I walk back, anyway, in Hong Kong aunt to take care of room and board are not a problem, clean up some of the baggage, this week, I flew to Hong Kong.

Out of the automatic glass doors of the airport, border and almost eight years and seen, I was a recognized Yayi. Across the glass to see her standing by the pick-up crowd, his hands leaning on the railing, was looking out of the crowd, I think she is also working to find it the one-year-old little boy.

When I walked up to her to introduce my own, I realized that the aunt is so beautiful, long black hair scattered up to the shoulders, around the age of 35, a pair of watery eyes, a straight nose. Chi from the lips from side to side, laughing two small dimples, wearing a tight light yellow jersey and fully displayed the large breasts of two 36 "D, but fortunately, wearing underwear, otherwise, I my nostrils will flow bleeding. aunt pants wearing a dark color were the miniskirts, the two show a uniform legs off out feet a pair of white sneakers, looking at her, Kuajian feeling a little shares up a.

Aunt stared at me, new jersey city asian escort can not think in her mind the little boy is now higher than her, her eyes aim my Kuajian shares from the site said: "Wow! So (big) one, Aberdeen, a? "She" "specially cried out, still with both hands and hugged me, the whole big breasts against my chest.

I to feel Kuajian more than the shares from the really hard too uncomfortable, although new jersey city asian escort is my pro-aunt, I really want to immediately put it out to her kinky cunt plugged want after my heart a little guilt. But the tube, who told her long so beautiful?

Aunt hugged me, kissed my mouth, let go, to step back two steps, and then I see foot from scratch, then your eyes stay from my shares, said: "really (big) earners of the Hello! "Auntie went on to say:" Go, luggage into the car, we go home. "

Hong Kong new airport was built was really beautiful, full of glass and metal pole construction, two stories tall, standing below and looked up and saw the second layer, curved ceilings, lighting, reflective design, look up, you will not glare. Miss Hong Kong is also very beautiful, tall and beautiful, petite, unlike in Australia, foreign woman, tall big, two milk like papaya hanging ass is bigger than my family's table. Especially a black woman, you go in behind her, her two big ass swaying, looking up as the only hippopotamus walked in front of you.

Put your luggage on Aunt car's trunk, Yayi driving a car with me, to leave the airport together to her house. Along the aunt told me, uncle and cousin went to Thailand travel, two days before I came back, side to drive side of the chat.

Suddenly I discover that the aunt's skirt more shrink more on the black through the whole flower underwear is now out vulva swelling pitapat, some black pubic hair through the underwear ran out of underwear to the whole of the labia minora hypertrophy printed out. My penis is not conscious and hard. I am ashamed to think of turning his head does not look, but his eyes do not always obedient, always look back to see.

Aunt to see my old look of her hip, new jersey city asian escort was looking down at their own genitals, and then looked at me Kuajian, smiled, and continued to drive, did not intend to pull the skirt.

Quickly went to the aunt's home, aunt parked the car in the garage, help me took the luggage together, lead me to the room and told me to take a break or take a bath and then down, I left my baggage in order, took a bath in bed for a will, and went below.

Aunt's home on the second floor rooms on the third floor is the aunt's room, the ground is off, dining room and bedroom, in front of a large garden, on either side of a high wall, next to the parking, some of the workshop Zhu lockers, cabinets, put some debris, as well as some magazines, I pick up a point of view, the original is some foreign pornography, printing is very beautiful.

I see next to a chair, sitting in the open book of view, which is very beautiful girl, no clothes to the bare buttocks, kinky cunt wide open, looked at turned and could not help but put their own penis to set, is set too pleased, and I heard ...

"Ah, I'm sorry, I do not know you were here?" Scared, I immediately threw the book, stood up and said: "ah ...... ah ...... I ...... I was reading."

"I know." I saw aunt in front of me, his eyes looked at me Kuajian said, I quickly put his penis back into the pants to go. The aunt turned to go, took two steps back to smiled and said: "Why do not you get back to the room to see it? There more comfortable, but also no one to disturb."

Fortunately, one day, the aunt did not mention this, or my face I do not know where to put.

After dinner, I sat in the living room sofa watching TV, I saw Aunt washing bowl, also entered the lying uncle goes massage chair, the legs stretch legs robe opened a ran out in pink underwear, and this looked into my eyes were not evade, the aunt looked at me, smiled, put his hands on the underwear above the friction, then the right middle finger put their own mouth to suck a suck, and then underwear pulled with the left hand side of the right middle finger inserted into the vagina twitched back and forth, plug for a while, suddenly got up and out of the living room.

Aunt got up out of the living room, I'll be very disappointed, but soon she appeared in front of me, come in and lay back in the massage chair, curved legs sitting, legs spread, my penis once more distended powerful the original aunt out into the underwear off.

"To sit in front of me!" Auntie command me to say: "to sit in front of me on the ground!"

I stood up and walked to where she said sit down.

"Do you do today!"

Moment I do not understand what she said, staring at her.

"Out of your penis." Auntie said, take off the robe: "masturbation to me."
I hesitate to put the penis out.

Foreskin completely turned down, I want to see your penis. "Auntie said.

According to the aunt, hand grip penis downward pressure, the entire penis up straight erect glans hyperemia was purple, the aunt looked at my penis, break apart by hand to their own kinky cunt. The aunt pubic hair is very strong, labia look fat, very thick, black lips, full of tender red kinky cunt Yinye.

Aunt kinky cunt with a finger inserted into doing the piston moves: beautiful aunt, or the book you see beautiful girls? "Auntie did not wait for an answer, and then ordered me to say:" quick sets to move your penis ! "
I looked like Aunt masturbation, see his eyes, panting, hand pointed out that the access into sticking to their own kinky pussy, the kind of lustful look, my own hand the more sets of the faster, and finally ass twitch a bit on the milk of the first under the semen hitting the aunt, the ass and then convulsions, shot in the aunt's navel and pubic hair, followed by a few streams in their own hands and penis.

Aunt to see my ejaculation "Ha ha!" Laughed, and in turn I shot her semen hand enclosed into his mouth ate, and then smiled and said to me: "back to the room clean. rest! "

The next morning, I own a ride to go to Repulse Bay swimming until the evening before returning to her aunt, aunt cooked meal, we sat together to eat, aunt asked me to play how busy talking for a while, aunt asked me do not like last night? I looked at Aunt nodded, "After dinner, take a bath on my room," the aunt said.
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