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[My name is Zhang Tingting]

[My name is Zhang Tingting]
My name is Zhang Tingting, 23-year-old. 1.68! 55 kg of body weight. 36 Bust!

A library job us asian escort like listening to music, dancing, shopping! Reading! I have a hobby that is exposed to my body! Like to let others spy on! Hee hee! I do not like underwear, because I put on my feeling is very tight!

Uncomfortable! So do not wear underwear, outerwear, will reveal my nipple, it looks very sexy.

Sometimes us asian escort often think that the pervert will bite me! The thought of when I found myself kind of unspeakable excitement! I do not want to wear underwear! Because I want to look for to stimulate I always think the pervert in the bus to touch my ass! That more than stimulate it. Well, do not talk nonsense, talk about my real experience ... from the junior high school age sex is full of curiosity! From the beginning of the semester to the first period. Remember the time period after the end of a bath, gently rub my pussy to wash below.

Did not think there is a singular special discomfort from there, and then spread throughout the body! And the kind of comfortable feeling more and more intense! I can not leave the hand there! But even more to rub hard there! Soon feel the body is like floating clouds feeling in the air! Every pore of the body is immersed in an extreme freshness.

I collapse to sit in the bathtub! I do not know how long the discomfort slowly disappear, I wake up from a dream! Think about it! The original human body there is such a wonderful feeling! I do not know This is called masturbation (masturbation). Learned later in the book. After I crazy obsessed with masturbation!

I remember once my way home from school has not yet home and wanted to masturbate in the car reading! Unknowingly have reached under the skirt masturbation! Seems to be because of the reasons in the car, Kang state, a kind of more intense stimulation discomfort! I soon reached a climax!

Fortunately, the people in the car, I sat in the last row should be no one noticed! But that do secretly afraid people found the stimulus, let me have a more fresh feeling!

In this way two years later I graduated from high school! May be due to masturbation, learning day worse than the 1st!

Not admitted to the focus of high school! Only admitted to a school that is very far away from the city! This time, my body fat the blind forces of good!

1.62 cm tall! My breasts full and firm.

Rosy white skin! Because I often exercise my lower abdomen flat, smooth, slender waist. Slender legs! But people generally do not have perfect, Victoria let me dissatisfied with my pubic hair seems a bit too much! Even I put on my underwear or can not be avoided exposing some! Each time students asked me to go swimming, always use scissors repair good dare to wear bathing suits to go out and play! Some people say that a woman pubic hair, sexual desire is strong. I wonder if it really! But to me it seems pretty accurate!

Come to school not long have a reputation Xiaohua! Secondary school because of my physical development, the breast sometimes pain, hate underwear, pants, and even today.

In fact, I like it, seems less a layer of bound and made me feel very comfortable, high school, and several close friends like to dress very lady! Underwear, pants when wearing a thin shirt or clear personal T-shirt or even a small harness! Wear short skirts or miniskirts.

Wearing, I would have the shirt and less deduction of two, three and sometimes can see the inside of the bra, and then pick an ultra-short skirt to match. I enjoy the pleasure of prying eyes! Sometimes see those boys blush look really make it funny! Time passed!

I like more and more people peep! Often wear very exposed to school, shopping, out to play is no exception!

Will be so many boys often steal bites we see, there are a lot of boys chasing me! So let me kind of conquest and sense of achievement! So I am exciting and excited!

My school in cross-district every day to sit more than one hour of the bus. To say that I met on the bus how much satyr tell the truth then it is lost count!

Those predators often stood behind me, with their lower body through the bus bumps, deliberately behind me rubbing! Something to touch my ass! Others deliberately hit my chest! These are timid satyr, I generally do not care for them! Pretend not to know! Then enjoy the feeling of stolen touch! I sat in urban and rural buses, so are a lot of everyday people.

Sometimes stand on the people crowded up had to wait for the next vehicle! I high-semester day, I go to school, I managed to squeeze got on! Too many people, I leaned to find a handrail to hold the! I have no underwear, feeling in front of me by the arm just come across my chest! The car bumps walked Soon there is a sense of excitement and rush to my brain!

So the two stations, squeezed into the car a lot! I squeezed in the middle of two people so that my body is completely unable to activities. Would have his arm just gently come across my chest, I was packed to the breast are all attached to his arm! He does not seem to know that I have no underwear, and did not notice my chest! The car moves! I think his strength more like someone rubbing my breast! I started to idle on the eyes to enjoy this pushed the excitement felt! I do not know how long my lower body felt the sexual secretion outflow

Then I found a good, hard stuff in the back of the top in my ass! I've met a lot of predators, one would like to know to hard because of my sex, following his brother. I looked back to see a handsome satyr!

He seemed to see that I did not speak! His actions is more daring! His hand down the skirt touched the place of the front zipper, stroking my belly.

Then slowly downward. At this time my body immediately changed! I strongly feel that the lower body and Ma itchy, seems to have ran across the same current in the lower body! Normally encountered so bold, I can escape before fleeing, but now I really do not know what to do to reflect his appearance so that I do not feel disgusted! Plus the person in front of the squeeze of my chest so I'm getting excited! Its feels really make it difficult to describe! Anyway, it has been unable to satisfy my desire? Always thinking about anyway, do not know, not in the car touch can me how!

Him I did not escape the bold! His hand and gently stretch into my skirt edge. Then I remembered that I did not wear underwear! Subconscious! But not very! His hands have touched already immersed in a moist labia! He also found that I did not wear underwear, they boldly play my labia! Then his fingers slowly inserted into my vagina! I feel he inserted a very deep! Then unplug, then plug into!

So look at what's stuck!

I have a little stand up, and almost forget their bus! I attend to everything, the people are limp in the people behind! I am more and more excited, more and more heavy breathing! Desperately to bite their lips, let me excited voice brazenly issued from my mouth.

Then he began to use two fingers, I feel that inflation is very, very full, so I am excited! I can not stand, and feel strongly, vaginal contraction. My lower body was soft and it! Legs naturally intensified and twisted! I soon reached a climax, my body felt refreshed and excited feeling, the whole person floating in the air! My hand is hard to find the back of people's clothes!
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