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[My passion]

[My passion]

And Akio into the Cold War, a week, with each other who do not speak, I was silent oppression to stifle.

Finishing my hair sexy korean escort is sitting in front of the dresser, I think with how to break the deadlock in the dish, Ming Xiong, my hair clothes zipper entangled with a very unnatural and mixed with a trace of vibrato said.

Behind the silence, terrible silence. Suddenly I saw on the ground there is a shadow to me silently approaching. This is not my hallucinations, I felt a pair of ice-cold the hand Nianqi my hair, in fact, not wrapped, easily separated.

I quietly stood up and made a gesture to let him sit down, very lucky, he complied. He gazed at me, flickering, and I have to avert his gaze, to cover up their own moment of panic. I suck deep breath, realize that they should do ~ ~ I wore a thin black stockings, two straight and the elasticity of the stockings has been extended to lace garter around in my slender bare soft waist. The small diamond-shaped semi-circular black lace, the right to cover my full pubic bulge, touching the heart of mysterious income uniform slender proportion thigh and covered my labia. I stood before him, only one-meter legs splayed, shed my Dress hand toward the bra, gently cupping my breasts.

He just sat quietly and looked at. The pulse of the disease jumping, he may reject me, at the same time boring away. This provocative lure more direct, he does not ~ ~ legs tightly lace suspenders, my clitoris a little movement will be sensitive Thriller, I hand out behind unlock bra hook, when the it down, I grab it, protection like in the chest.

I feel the nipple round endure, they are eager to his mouth to suck more Alice Li. I look forward to his lips to kiss, but he still did not move.

I have to continue to cover a period of time, I pray that he will not leave if he is to go, sexy korean escort dropped into his arms, body blocking him, but he is calm, does not expose angry look, it seems that there is no other need to accelerate to speed.

Close to him, turned and let the bra fall off, hooked with the index finger, back, hanging shake in front of him, and then let it fall on the knee of his arch. I pre-wrapped on the wrist with a win, and lift up the arm, the hair bundle.

A warm body tightly attached to my back, I could not help breath. His hand on my arm slipped inside, hugged my breasts. Index finger and thumb to catch the nipple, gently rub.

I drew a deep breath, go to your head to the back. He did not say a word at this moment, any of the words significant is redundant, this moment, all the words are integrated into the aftertaste of loving in the past ~ his mouth attached to my shoulder and kissed my hot skin, slight trembling. I turned the exhibition into the breast uncovered in his gaze with a hint of confusion, he was back, looked at them carefully, then he knelt in front of me, take turns sucking kissing nipples . Milk ring around the tip of the tongue quickly licked until each chunky muscle fibers strong bulging up.

I gently holding his face, and deep contains the loving gaze of his, and I will show he brought a stool to sit down, my thighs toward the parted, almost touched his knees, black uplift forward and rushed out. Eyes of transmission exciting light, overlooking the eyes looking down on the teeth nibbling lower lip.

Stretch my fingers into the fan fell fell on the lower abdomen, and then slide the thigh and then slowly, full of sensational, towards the both sides of the harness, untied the ribbon, so they quietly lay on the floor of my fingertips fell on a flexible underwear, pulled down below the hips, an alternative until the black lace underwear is a black pubic hair.

I felt the surging body heat wave of excitement. His male confuse the urgent desire to get the penis is rapidly swelling from.

I slowly took off his shirt to help him, got up and stood before him, he also will get up, I knelt in front of him to pull his Kulian, loosen pants, He Ying Bengbeng penis release.

I can not help but shudder even more powerful, I want the teeth stuck deep in his muscles, mouth to feel the share of hard, I choked back the impulse.

He is now completely naked, is to lure me, although his face was so callous, but when he saw my finger slid into a black gap between my thighs, his eyes flashed a slight hint of demand in the eyes.

My finger is so natural to find clitoris, labia as the mouth like sucking fingers, my fingers twitched into it, and then slowly pull it out, this feeling is almost more than feelings from him.

I know he will become more excited. The behavior of this kinky Fei Jiao blow stretched the blood vessels of the temple, I am a dry mouth.

He sat there, smooth, dark red glans engorgement, they seem to be hard lance snake covered with blood vessels erected to me, I could not help but covered with violent shaking. I very much want it with the entrance of the swallow I want to feel spewing heat and thin flowing in the throat feeling, but I struggled to vanquish this idea. I am sexy center love liquid spills, more sensitive clitoris.

Underwear taking off from the legs to throw away it finger Gouzhuo the turned backwards, it is falling to the ground, I opened my legs, and bent down to pick it up, so it seems with unlimited excitement to sitting only arm away, he demonstrated a direct, most intimate swear.

Then I once again fingers into the thigh. When my thighs wider stretching stockings tightly wrapped in my inner thighs shuddered the caves in the waist is more tension in the posture of this dissolute, his penis seems to be more sturdy, more elongation and desire is more intense, and I know he will it to plug into the vagina I wait, I was going to feel its heat and power.

I bent down, legs open, against the background of black stockings, delicate hairs like a soft cover, black satin luster, two round and plump the labia, I slowly fade very tempting stockings these images from a strong stimulus to him, he thrilled the temple drum tightly convex forward.

He was almost rushing to me. Behind my knees. Pressing his lips to give his soft labia sucking. His tongue out to take into account I am full of sexual clitoris, swollen and stretched to be he appreciated, and I groaned, too many minutes he has to stay there, the the Tianwen TV drama warm sexy organ, with tongue to stimulate it. With each slide, I quivered, one of the labia spasm together.

He lifted the body by hand shaking my arm around my hip, then hip flip to the very top with your thumb to pry the labia. That shining above his saliva, and I am excited infiltration emission Aiye. His fingers deep into it, and stained with wet liquid applied in his own spear, driving the right with spear fiercely piercing my body to do its best.

I feel that warm penis deep into the body. My hands on the chair, try to widen the stand on their own force posture, vagina tightly sandwiched hard penis, the body force backward very directed, strongly left off that long every inch.

He did not twitch, not into his out. He just stay in there, fingers caressing my hoisting up the hips, pressing thumb hard in the hidden cracks. It all seems he just want to experience with my feelings, but also to give a pleasant feeling stuffed I kind of imagine.

I can not let him stop there, this is not enough for me, I need to really feel the feelings he stirred in the body, to really feel his tension and jet feeling. Also began to shake my pelvis, and the force of tucked, sucking his penis, the body non-stop twist back and forth.

His hand around the shoulders to hold me to straighten up my body back against his chest, his arms sliding up from below, holding my breasts, his male root in my body tightly Bengzhe The hair root, the hard up rub my buds, and it was fantastic pleasure.

I know I have been completely captured, "Give me, Akio, I cried," I am hoarse breathing, which is he helped me move away hair after I first sent to the case, I looked firmly affixed to his face.

He had posted in my ear, whispered: "Well, I'll fuck you ~ ~" He fiddled with my nipples with pleasure.
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