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Fall in love with a prostitute

Fall in love with a prostitute

With grief and loss and his girlfriend were, once again embarked on a business trip journey.

Dangling on the train more than 2000 km, and finally reached the finish line. Dragging a busy day, tired body and mind into the hotel. A desolate feeling suddenly swept through the body. This time he is the world's most lonely people. As if no one is your life and death. Then how you want the phone to ring, what hope have a personal chat with me. Telephone charges have been cost overruns tube fuck tube fuck mobile roaming ......

Hands swinging the remote control of television, did not know stay in that radio from time to time take a look under the phone, but eventually let me down, not to mention the telephone, is the message and no one sent me a ...

Lost, and suddenly the room phone reminds heart was suddenly the phone scared bang jump ...
Stabilized mood, pick up the phone with my sexy voice into the mouthpiece and said: Hello!
"Hello Mr.! Hotel massage bath, Do you need a massage?" A sweet and coquettish voice came from the microphone. Along with her voice that I am part of the instinct sprang up.

In fact, as long as not more than the donkey stupid to know the hotel so-called massage to provide those services, I am often very blunt in the past rejected these calls, but this time I was melancholy, reason is very simple, just broke up with his girlfriend of loss, loneliness, coupled with physiological needs - think I probably have not had sex two weeks.

My hesitation, the telephone side of coquettish voice wants them "Sir, we are young and beautiful girl, is sure to make you satisfied, or I let a sister up your look, not satisfied with your re- change? "

"Well," I hung up, in fact, pretty is not pretty does not matter to me, I need to vent!

"Bang bang! Bang!" After about two minutes, burst into a burst of light knock on the door!
Open the door, I startled a bit. Shy outside stood a little girl. Me note that one of her eyes, so large, so clear, and emit a kind of difficult to be found in the eyes - sadness, sad.

"My brother, I can come in?" A gentle, broke my thoughts. I then realized that my gaffes, awkward, said: "Come in," In the panic, I quickly adjust to their own heartbeat.

Closed and locked! Entered the room later, in the light, I only see her through her enchanting dress, I could probably guess her age, which is about 21 years old. Body relative to other great typical Uygur beautiful sister! Especially the eyes, really makes very psychedelic ...

See I look at her, Queens asian escort agency looked very binding and shy, rubbed his hands kept each other.
Called me, laughing: "Do not be shy, just order"

"My brother, satisfied with my service to you?" Or soft but not too fluent in Mandarin.
"Fine," I replied.

That price, you know?

"Tell me"

Time was 300, pack the night 700. Brother you pack the night or ... "

"First come, come and see" at this time I do not feel bad money, afraid of the dark and dreary.
Queens asian escort agency is not skilled began to undress her and get rid of her last pair of underpants, her beautiful body of threatened glance exposed in front of me. Said Uygur girl's skin is not very good, but her skin is white, breasts are so erect and smooth, as if accidentally you can squeeze the milk to the legs are so slender, but not the lack of sensuality, in the light irradiation reflects little light and a handful of pubic hair embellishment is so right ...

I do not know when on behind my lower half of, but see the body of her threatened, as if we should wear pants out!

"My brother need me to undress you?"

"No, I have to" get rid of clothes in an instant.

Burst of clouds and rain!

Is completed, just for the love of action, she is obviously a novice, do not know how to get men to enjoy the greatest pleasure. Not Jiaochuang, and only occasionally have the pleasure, only a low moan ...

I pad a pillow, half lying against the bed, she nestled in my arms, her petite, lovely look, that moment I really do not have her as a prostitute, as if my lover. Habits lit a cigarette, whip the one. Mixed with smoke, and asked out of politeness, "to support it?" I do not, brother, thank you "words or so tender, but not a share just shy. Perhaps make love to narrow the distance between us. I continue to smoke, the other a hand slide between her breasts and legs jade, her hand gently on my chest, the other hand are gently stroking My little brother. Lying in my arms like a baby, seductive eyes staring at me.

"Watch me do?" I asked.

Like to see the way you smoke, so handsome, "she Jiaodia to.

"My brother, do you think I first saw what do you feel?" I startled a little, said: said look!

"I'm afraid you despise me, you are so handsome!"

"I'm handsome?"

"Of course, I see that you face feel particularly pro-

"Handsome men fucking matter Yeah, not when the duck is not still been dumped by someone else! Rich man is the last word." I sigh to the long period of

"My brother, you mean no girlfriend," she was surprised to

"Beast like me, who be happy with you, you, will you?"

Alas! She also talked about the tone! "Yes, now the society, and substances. Substances make people a little bear."

She paused, suddenly asked to "brother you do not ask me why I want to do this?"
"Why should we ask you ah, you do this of course, your reasons, who are willing to do this. I do not want to mention your pain

"My brother, very kind of you. I first met you so careful, I have experienced several customers, they have asked me, so you do not ask, I do not get used to!" She comes to the long period of

"If you do not mind, I would like to hear this is that it inspired my curiosity.
"You may not believe that I'm really poor family, two brothers and a sister are in school, parents are laid off, I was at home boss, I could not help it." The tone is very sad!
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