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[Times photo --- hardy wife Pandan]

[Times photo --- hardy wife Pandan]

Original Fu Yuhui couples liner early day, Roof and his wife happily to the pier to pick up the grandson, it was found that they had already left the dock! Acute Rufen couple had questioned the whereabouts of the Fourier couples, but in that era of chaos, to find someone easier said than done? ! So they decided to withhold Lim Cho, on the one hand, then the Trustee looked inquire. However, it took so long, or have not heard.

Bo Xiang gone, called me and Lim Cho explain how? "Pandan thought Lim Cho's last words, can not help the excitement began to cry.

"Pandan Naixian Do not worry, we have identified Fu Yuhui couple of them really safe to Taiwan, I will soon be able to find Bo Xiang Guo-edge comfort Pandan, while his wife to make a wink.

"Ah, Pandan, we slowly find, be able to find Bo Xiang. You go take a bath, a good sleep, tomorrow a good plan." The United States and China took the hand of the daughter-in-law, sexy & hot asian escort embarked on the second floor.

"Oh ..." Looking at the two men embark on the second floor, Guodong slumped to sit down and lit a cigarette and closed his eyes ...

The next two months, Pandan tried every means to find that people find out, but the result is still the same, only know that Fu Yuhui they came to Taiwan to take the kids after they leave Kaohsiung, did not go to Guodong them.
Make sure the children have arrived safely in Taiwan, pandan the mood finally relax a lot. But the vast sea, to where to find the child? The thought of this, the pandan heart heavy.

Guodong couple looked at the wife all day person is upset and is worried. They always try to look for a job Pandan do want to make Pandan busy the whole mood and spirit of good is no longer worried about his son things.

Just the body of the mother-in-law the United States and China are not very good, thin raw Lim Cho when injury to strength, from after the often ill. So vanillin naturally assume the cooking started in the laundry. Morning on the market to buy food, around noon, when the home cook. The afternoon finishing the home chores, wash clothes, sometimes and Guodong the village to the autonomy of the Committee to help organize documents and files. Gradually, the pandan finally more cheerful some.

The Guodong them a place to live is one of Kaohsiung's military dependents, military dependents' village-style huts, on the first floor living room, dining room and bathroom and kitchen, the second floor because pandan came, the original single room with wooden was divided into two rooms.
The bathroom is very simple, just across the the end of the first floor of a local wood in the middle and then the wood separated, it serves as a bathroom and toilet.

Day so that every day in the past, the rest every night as during the day unchanged, after dinner, the United States and China will take a bath, and then would go upstairs to bed; Guodong is in the living room and look at the newspaper, Pandan washing after the shower to wash.

However, everything has changed in the night! That night, as usual, the United States and China go to sleep after showering, Guodong is sitting in the living room looking at the newspaper.

At this time, Guodong feel some urge, so they go the toilet prepares the liberation. Approached the two connected together, bathroom, Guodong stopped. , Guodong minds of involuntary fantasy bathroom from the screen because the wood compartment, clear sound of bath water reached the ears of Guodong.

At this time his intellect told him that vanillin is the wife of the son, his daughter-in-law, so that the child's behavior is shameful, is not to be in ethics. Months and pandan get along, however, Guodong otherwise boring life becomes colored up, and two more time to spend by HCV often chat on his way to and from the autonomy, the relationship between natural close.

Guodong every day the face of a beautiful young pandan, as time goes by of course, some strange feeling. I do not know when to begin, as long as the United States and China is not present, Guodong Federation of Pandan housework or cooking time, secretly aim at the 21-year-old young wife. Pandan packed his things when the tilt of the butt, or a show of hands when inadvertently exposed armpits, so that the Guodong kind of feeling of palpitations. Led to his surprise, years held the cock, peep Pandan every move, even turn slightly provoking.

Legitimate Guodong reason and passion in the struggle, when, bathroom came the sound of "banging" and vanillin "ah ~" screaming, and then will be left in the water sound.

Pandan! Pandan! You all right? "Refused to take a public-law of etiquette, Guodong anxiously knocked on the door asked.

But after a few minutes did not respond, so Guodong decide to go in the bathroom. But a revolving door and found the door was locked, so he hurried on the second floor bedroom, the bathroom door key to be found in a drawer, and to determine the United States and China, after sleeping, went to the first floor of the bathroom door to open .

Door was opened, Guodong see a sight, soft cock can not help but cite a half-day! ! I saw a beautiful snow-white flesh fell to the ground, the hair still remained a little bubble.

Original Pandan shampoo, the water suddenly gets hot, was amused eyes of Pandan reaching out to touch the faucet, but accidentally knocked off the soap on the ground, an inattentive stepped up, the body suddenly lost balance forward, one crashed into the wall of Pandan so faint ...

At this the Guodong first hand on the faucet off, untied his waist belt pants and panties slipped out of, and T-shirts take off, this time he is completely naked! And Guodong took a towel, wipe the wife of head and face foam will hold sexy & hot asian escort to lie flat on the living room couch.

The pandan I usually wear loose Dresses Guodong until this time, only to find the original wife has a pair of plump the Jianting the Haoru. The white skin is slightly pink, dark brown nipple hanging a few drops of water droplets, and a disproportionately large areola nipple has a pink color. Thin waist too much to bear to force grip, down, down the flat belly and legs, then with dense black lush pubic hair covers the slightly elevated. Two slender thighs and a little slim leg to the ankle, like a sculpture like the perfect no time.

See here, Guodong anymore, chops up the whole person, hold bright and attractive breasts is a burst of touch play, the left hand two fingers to pinch the nipple back and forth rubbing with the right hand is grabbed other Breasts, mouth put the entire nipple and areola hard sucking, nibbling with his teeth from time to time sinking auburn cherry.

Pandan in a coma, but a long time without provocative functional at the moment irritation excited, already flushing of the face become more angry and brave.

Guodong cock hard pain, but he knows not is the time, so through your mouth slowly kiss from the breast down, the pro over the daughter-in-law that the white flesh from the belly button slowly with his tongue licked a flat solid lower abdomen, the Guodong mouth finally came to the beginning of the jungle.
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