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Last Tuesday's adventures

Last Tuesday's adventures

 Last Tuesday went to the peasant, when I was living in the 2nd floor room in the front of the building saw a woman keep the long hair, looks OK, quite engaging, and 165 or so in height, it is slender, the chest also can be, in C or so. At that time you can see her feeling on the old stairs and peek at the top of her. 

       Later the evening, the boss waiting at the door of my dinner, mahhatan Big Boobs Escorts may finish off back, took the over and chat with me, which I also was surprised. Chatting chatting knows mahhatan Big Boobs Escorts are single, and want to place something. Then I suggested dinner, dinner to my house to play cards. To my house, we both sit together and looked at her photo camera self-timer, I slowly around her, seeing that mahhatan Big Boobs Escorts did not respond, I try to kiss her, mahhatan Big Boobs Escorts began quite shy, and later on the initiative to meet me. Slowly I put off her shorts and short sleeves down, and she also put off all my clothes clean, I almost Kiss her body.

    in addition to pussy and anus is no, then she took the initiative to give me oral sex, no teeth sense, they made ​​me another crisp linen, 2 minutes feels to die, she also found, and quickly faded out, pressing my penis, so I feel smooth, and it inserted into her private parts, have been inserted very wet, very smooth on the barrel directly in the end, she started biting her lip embarrassed when called out. I called out to her, began with five shallow a depth and reckless way in the end turn dry, she finally had five minutes, she could not longer endure, and sensuality is called up. Units of the other house will not be heard, the sound is still relatively small. It was inserted for 20 minutes, die, be shot. She felt it, and quickly took my dick, into her mouth, let me shoot inside, also helped me to add clean.

      That night we were done three times, each time she let me shoot her mouth, very comfortable. So the next day, we were each other to stay on the phone, play with her in that back together one day, to keep in touch now.

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