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Wife's mother and sister like to Fuck

Wife's mother and sister like to Fuck

When dinner was a sudden power outage, the restaurant inside a dark picture. Mothers quickly fumbled to take the candle in the bedroom. I took the opportunity to reach out to touch the the Yuling skirt naked inside thigh. She did not refuse, only a low voice said: "Do not, brother." I skin down Huanen has been touched at the end, and quickly pick open the edge of the underwear to probe into the palm of your hand, I just feel her hairy fat toot beep pussy delicate but moist.
Yuling instinct clamping legs, my hands tightly caught in there, bad brother-in-law, do it! "She was like begging me, the bottom has a slight twist, her pussy in my hand linger. I clearly feel the surge of hot, slippery water, children from Roufeng inside oozing, wet the palm of my hand. I bend a finger piercing the her juicy Roufeng, sliding back and forth a few will be sticky and slippery sexual secretion inserted into her Roudong inside.

She shivers, "ah! "Cried faintly the sound. Twitching fingers, feel the her Roudong inside tenderloin is tender and creamy, and stop the contraction, the same as the mouth, sucking my fingers.

The bedroom inside came the sound of the wife's mother switch drawer, huge tit asian escort is still looking forward to the candle. Rely on the Yuling body soft into my arms, her legs slightly open, a hand grabbed my arm, a hand out into my crotch, trouserleg to Mosuo my penis. Her tightly closed mouth, suppressed his breath in the silence and darkness of the restaurant inside.

Suddenly, huge tit asian escort choked breathing body tightly Bengqi, legs twisted, Roudong tightly clamping my fingers spasm-like contraction. In just two points Zhong time, she hit my fingers inserted the climax.

Revealed a faint light to the bedroom inside, the wife's mother lit a candle, and slowly goes out. The Yuling struggling with a weak body sat back in his seat, her hand grabbed my swollen penis still trouserleg. I concentrate all of her legs, dripping fingers into his mouth to suck.

When wife's mother walked into the restaurant, by candlelight, I saw the the Yuling pretty face shy and charming, my penis can not help but distended more powerful jump in the palm of her hand inside. "So sorry, the family got left this candle, let's take advantage of the bright, eat fast!" Said the wife's mother at one side, one side of a small candle on the table.
"I went to buy some candles!" I said.

"No, maybe while on calls," the wife's mother said.

The Yuling not speak, just head down to eat, huge tit asian escort was afraid of the wife's mother to see her face the strange. In the table below, she actually opened my Kulian, dig out my penis. My heart raced, this bitch than me bold. Her hands soft and warm, palm inside Hanjin Jin, gently to Mosuo with my penis, and bursts of dumb feeling to I covered Huoshaohuoliao the uncomfortable.

I also fear of the wife's mother to see, quickly bowed his head to pretend to eat. Electricity can not use air conditioning, hot is not? "Mothers seem to see us the strange, and asked. I quickly shook his head, said: "okay, not too hot." Said not hot, to see you both hot face was red, I'll get you some ice! "He stood up and took the light toward the kitchen walked.

Restaurant which slowly down the dark, looked at the back of the wife's mother, Yuling came over the edge of my ear, said: "brother-in-law, you do not I can help you get out?" I quickly said: "Linger, brother-in-law painful death. quick to help me Nongnong it! "

Yuling bent down, the first drill under the table, my penis immediately by her delicate warm mouth wrapped around her hard sucking, tongue tip baffle above the eye of the horse spun rod body of the small hand Jinjinzuanzhu penis Abduction get fast. The strong grow numb feeling my whole body tense, I listened to the kitchen inside the movement side clinging to Yuling head butt up slightly very moving.

The refrigerator door opened, and the wife's mother was holding the ice into the bowl. My penis several times inserted into the inside of Yuling small and delicate throat, enjoy tenderloin crowded. Yuling suppressing hand Abduction is moving too fast, rapid accumulation of pleasure, my nerves were extremely taut. With the refrigerator door "bang" sound off on my semen spouting Yuling still firmly latch onto my penis, swallowing my hot juice

The restaurant inside the re-light up, I quickly hand shook Yuling, she leisurely licked my penis and put it inside my crotch, this drilling out from under the table. She gave a show of hands in the soup spoon, said: "you can find it!"

Dinner soon after eating, no more candles burning, still did not come to power. The Yuling tidy up the dishes side into the kitchen.
Reiko, no electricity hoped that would not tidy up. "Said the wife's mother.

"Never mind, the kitchen is still a little light." Yuling said.

I reach for the dishes into the kitchen, the wife's mother quickly said: "Reiko pack on." I said: "OK, two people faster."

The kitchen is not brighter than the restaurant, I stood behind Yuling, almost take her in his arms look. Yuling side of the water made the "buzzing" sound, one side and whispered: "bad brother-in-law, just get out to you, you have to what?"

I kiss her fragrant hair, said: "Little darling, just to taste your mouth, I wanted to fuck your little?"

"Are you crazy, let mother see!" She went on to say: "At night, you go into my room, I'll wait for hello is not good?"

"No, if your husband come back to me no chance. Good darling, you let me into the inside to be a moment or.

"Well, you pervert!" Yuling side Jiaochen the one hand, bent over the Arse.

I lifted her skirt, pull down her panties, pulled out also did not fully erect penis into her deep Ding ditch, the glans touched her tender and plump Rouchun immediately congestive expansion endure very pick open Roufeng find the entrance and slowly drilled into it.

"Brother-in-law, your stuff is how it seems more than just a number?" The Yuling whispered Johnson prostitution Road.

Side of the pumping side in her ear: "You are too fascinated me, my darling! How? Husband satisfy you?"

"Well, very comfortable and I really want to yell may fear of being mother to hear. Ah! Brother-in-law, do not make so much strength it!"

She taps screw, so that "Crash Crash" the sound of water to cover her repressed Langjiao I certainly know the time of the here and now is not touching, so both hands firmly grasp her fat round and delicate Pak Ding, fiercely stab.

Yuling his hands on the locker, ass efforts of the arched mouth of the vagina like her as tightly wrapped my penis. But somehow, the more we want to quickly get out, but the Vietnam War. After dozens of under, Yuling was operating was covered with melted and kept down Chuliu.

Brother-in-law, my brother-in-law, people really want to be your parade dead! "Panted her peeing pussy meat tenderizer involuntary strong contraction, the vagina becomes hot and slippery.

The her body Shaikang the chaos shaking, pussy spasm-like sucking. She turned around, trembling, whispered, saying: "brother-in-law, pro-brother-in-law, a good brother!"

The dark, I looked fuzzy expression of her charming to meet hot semen jet out. Holding Yuling breathing, but I suddenly found the glass door of the kitchen silhouette flashed. I hop, it must be found to be the wife's mother. The Yuling not aware of her side slipped out of the underwear to wipe the lower body side sweetly said: "brother, you are great, the people never so cool too. I was a little absent-minded, and kissed her, said:" I go out first , or the mother would be suspicious. "Well, you can go!" the Yuling seems reluctant to look.

I have a kitchen, look back across the inside of the glass door into the kitchen, the scene of the "Oh," which turned out to see the crystal clear. I immediately tense up, and sometimes I do not know what to do. But hearts can not figure out the wife's mother to see why not shout break, give us the face or something else?

Thought went to the bathroom door, heard inside the movement, the door is ajar ajar, through the window through into the light I clearly see the wife's mother bare white Sang Sang fat Ding-oriented squatting on the ground. hand shower, "crashed" wash Ding ditch child. I doubt all of a sudden to go more than half, to know just peek at my and Yuling operation,? Lust bud, show the water wash of a Ding ditch here!
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