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I want my brother to do me

I want my brother to do me

Tomorrow's first lesson of modern history exam is disgusting. Favorite subject for such a headache, let alone insist on examinations. In order not to fail, in order not to let my mother see and then hysterical to fire me, I think I'll take a look at Shuba

So I told his brother early to eat dinner. I would like my mother tonight, but 11:00 is not coming back.
Cried because my mother to these kids all day long "Reading: Reading:", often hysterical, very people born tired, so the father can not stand the request of singles want to switch to the Sapporo branch of But his mother does not seem to complain.

My family, my mother often go out to Oh! Could it? ......

Although hot escort often "Tonight I have a party of primary school students so ..." and so on the grounds.
Appropriate reason, but I always feel strange. In the end is with whom? Why the activity is less frequent? But hot escort does not see what.

Oh! How puzzling.

Dad lived alone in the apartment of Changzhou, really poor father.

The father he also has a girlfriend? Father he will need it? That my father how to solve - while thinking about the side holding the clothes into the bathroom, my brother is watching TV, laughing very interesting look.
Went into the bathroom, undressed. Down the shower gel on the sponge, carefully, gently scrub with.
So scrub the inner thighs, naturally excited a. Sexual secretion is also from the private part of the internal flow. hot escort puts the water into the tub.

The petals seem more open to more, and got in the bathroom, scrubbing it, of course, it will be more and more stout. Left, right are the same. (Want to masturbate, masturbating about!) My left hand from the back around to scrub ass.

Right foot also natural adult-shaped open. Another right-handed triplet with the fingers were not idle washing my two blooming petals.

I firmly rubbed. I kept stroking the lower body. First, from the labia start Moqi the first pick up the left labia with two fingers firmly pull up and then let go. Will bring me pleasure when it bounces back, then let go, and then pull the right labia. In addition, with the middle finger plays the clitoris can also bring a different enjoyment, although then there will be a little bit of the feeling you want to pee. However, in the bathroom, even if it is natural urine out of no imitation! I'm do not mind. Anyway, I but do not need diapers! Then I concentrate on my secret pot.

"Oh, there yo! There it! ......

I do not know their own nonsense, and I actually fantasize about having sex with A maple.

No! This is not magic ~ think, that afternoon I did then cried.

A maple is the most handsome boy in the B auxiliary. My way home from the library that day, met him a man.
Water Miss you a man! "

Polite pleasantries, but the eyes do is smile.

"Yes: I am a person going home, do you?"

I already like him a long time, I was very nervous answer.

"Now here, ah, one person can not, let us ..." he generous requirements with

So we came to the back of the ginkgo tree, each other, kissing up. My God! I really do not believe that I am actually working with A maple kissing.

Later, he grabbed me, put his hand into my underpants, touch up, he started gently stroking my pubic hair ... I am restless and moved his.

"You do not like me so do you?" He suddenly stopped stroking and asked me.

"Oh ... No ... No ... I ...... I ... is embarrassed ┅ ┅

I am impatient to answer, lest he did not ... God! I dry it ah! The first time I actually ...
After he heard my answer, as if reassured like, they move their hands, this time his hand moves from the pubic hair at the following place to go. Oh! That is what I want.

When his fingers come into contact with my labia, I can not help but be scared to jump a bit. He then tease my clitoris.
With the excitement of the clitoris, sexual secretion Mimi flow out of the moist with a garden.
"Ah ... ah ...... A maple ... ah! ...... Like this ┅ ┅ holding ┅ ┅ I kiss ┅ ┅ I ┅ ┅ touch ┅ ┅ me" I can not help but groan up in his arms excited twitching legs.

"Well Neat huh ...... water ......" As he asked me, while pulled out a long erection Yingbang let me hold. Wow! This root Yingbang long thick inserted certain ......

I ...... I think I'm going to a dream come true, it really did for a while, he would stop masturbation, hand to quickly take off my underwear, and Flanagan cock into my genitals. Because the tree, so we had to hastily end.

Day A Feng Yingbang insert taste, any how I forgot can not forget it, as long as a sleep a wink, it acted powerfully, valiant gas high-spirited look, it will float in my mind

So tonight I will not restrain the impulse to masturbate the way to seek masturbation

Tomorrow's exam, I had forgotten completely, whether it's The Scarlet Letter The Scarlet Letter! Anyway, that modern history teachers to pay an emaciated appearance, I believe he's wars child will not go there.

Ha! Why tube of wars child? I really, in the end brains is how it?
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