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I play the daughter of the godmother

I play the daughter of the godmother

She is the woman I played the most beautiful figure the best she Hangzhou, 16 years old, in vain round face
Eggs greatly eyes matte finish to the mouth of the figure of 173 nine body breasts round and big tall ass is big, and Alice.
Godmother's daughter, asian escort ny lived with her father in Hangzhou. Godmother remarried to my childhood had not seen her.
Last year, asian escort ny just returned from the Austro-Island students to work in Shanghai the godmother specifically I go to her house for dinner understanding. I just entered the room godmother to pull her hand and told me to introduce, this is my daughter a few months you should call her sister. Just to see her a plump body beautiful temperament fascinated. She was smiling at me and said, you handsome brother.

I smiled and said godmother, sister beautiful marry me as the pro-pro.

I saw her laughing, godmother smiled at me said, Xiaoting your conditions as the girl either, but my sister has been married for one year. She is very naughty smile, I divorce you will want to do. The godmother immediately education, she said, her daughter not to say such things. Went on to say that we go eat.

I learned from my godmother her husband in Canada, I want her to engage in bed but take into account a lot of problems, test she is not can engage weigh so I often ask her out to play, and she liked and go to the MTV singing.
Go will find me. A friend assembly, asian escort ny was drunk, I drove her home and spit me a car, just open the door to her house she spit me one. I direct her on the bed, to a glass of water to drink to her, she drunk to lie down and I want to take to help her clothes to see her body. She had no reason to blame me, I immediately go to the solution of her shirt buttons, edge to edge encountered the breasts of my heart is very powerful, all buttons solutions finished to see the pink bra wrapped in vain cleavage.

See this scene my penis hard up. I saw her no response. I ventured to say, my sister I can help you change clothes. She fell asleep mystery mystery. I took care to his coat off she still does not respond, and stood looking bra wrapped breasts bare vain cleavage too beautiful.
My shortness of breath, I want her naked to appreciate the next time she is certainly very easy with my sex. I force not in dire need of her bra off, God her breasts D cover in vain round the woman can not think of marriage there is such a small pink nipple.

My heart beat faster, and I then went to Xie sports pants to pull it down to see the muster of the genitals of white underwear below the gutter line. On hand to touch her genitals feel really fat. Is it bread hole could not wait to take her panties off down again legs slightly open it to God to see, not very thick pubic hair below Zhiyin fat labia a little black-close look less than her vagina mouth feeling heavy layers of feeling, I know Zhiyin penis test.

Bouvet looked slender thigh and the best Zhiyin. Enjoy the perfect body my heart is very powerful, I still do not like a drunken woman, think about or go back to it I know she will find me. So I help her cover the quilt off the lights to shut the door.

Home lying on the bed feeling very excited memories of her perfect body, holding a hard penis can not help playing the pistol. By noon the next day I have not called her. I thought she must call me, really to her to call me 20:00, 11:00 call me out of her nearby park to have something to say to me. I would like to acknowledge last night. 11:00 to the park where she has her charming eyes looked at me for Artin sitting here, sit down and she smiled and said to me, you are not afraid of my mother know that you take off my clothes. Looked at her charming eyes to know Me, I also color fans laughed that this man is nothing to be afraid like to see a woman.

Her eyes more charming laugh, marry a woman you also a tap. I smiled in response to the married woman just want to touch you. Touch said with a smile on my face, that our relationship is like.
I immediately said, we can not to love as long as sexual relations can be, she smiled up and said, You men know not very good can not meet the woman playing a woman in bed.

Directly touch the penis with a smile, you may rest assured that I am is a man's man, can not satisfied you can try one night after not leave me. Laugh up and said, you can but only if our relationship to be kept confidential to pull, I laughed, said I was afraid you mother. She stood up and touched my head said with a smile, then you come to my house tomorrow remember to buy condoms without I will not have sex with you. I immediately took her into his arms touched the ass with a smile, now to your home, please destroy open I said with a smile, a little tired tomorrow I can only say that the good that we go back.

Dinner the next day I specifically buy a dog to come back to eat, in order to increase penis impulsive. To 20:00 open
Car starting to go to the convenience store to buy condoms directly toward her home. To their home Qiaoliaoliangxia door charming smile, it looked at her wearing bare chest ditch sexy pajamas, and a door directly on clinging to her startled to touch her breast was going to kiss her mouth her hand to block my mouth, smiled and said to go to wipe the tooth, we went to the room. I reluctantly went to, Cawan teeth into her room. She was lying in bed and saw me come in sheets up to spread a layer of white. I know that she was afraid of the sexual secretion wet the bed. Directly off the pajamas lying in bed. Waiting for eyes to look at me Come and pull.

Looked at her breasts temptation abalone points. My penis is hard to heaven. Can not wait to take off the shirt, and went to bed. Her dead eyes staring at my big and long penis, she can not help but say, my dear you do not take medicine you that how big it. I smiled and said the baby did not pull the natural beauty of the pull.
Her charming smile that you show Come. I can not wait kneeling in the middle of the thigh with both hands to the top on both sides, immediately kissed her mouth, her tongue into my mouth and kissed my tongue caught her right rhythm to touch my penis. My left hand firmly stroked her breasts.

I stopped to kiss her mouth moved to kiss her nipples on her breasts Her breasts are too beautiful white and pink nipples. I have the skills to shout lick suck rhythm playing with her nipples get that nipple with his left hand two fingers shells, and pretty soon her nipples hard, and feel her breathing, I went down kiss, a kiss to the pubic hair her legs open, she greatly with the gentle tone of that, my dear I like to lick me there.
I smiled and said, baby, you like my tongue licking your Yin association, her laugh is pull.
I saw the fat labia following her wet, sexual secretion has been shed soup doors. Then I tease She said the sexual secretion of the baby you pull too much, my mouth to eat, she was unhappy tone, quickly pull. I first lick fat labia on both sides and then with his tongue to lick her middle that crack, the tongue moist ditch water hole swimming, her sexual secretion along the flow into my mouth, then her mouth also groan from the sound to excited voice said, my dear, your tongue.

Her legs slightly tucked my head. I speed up my tongue swimming speed to pay attention to lick the vaginal opening to hear her whining tone, when she sat up and his hand touched my head, charming tone of voice said, dear up and pull us having sex.

I stopped, and her charming smile said to me, dear you lie down and pull, I understand she wants me oral sex. I lay down, she sat on my right leg, with the clutch hard penis, mouth to mouth, the penis is very proficient containing licking up her side side containing saliva flow. I watched her enjoy it, about oral sex minutes this way, she stopped and picked up the condoms tear, smiled and said, dear to bring very skilled bring.

Then she lay down grabbed my hand and said, dear inserted to pull. I can not wait to climb up to the knees, from the top of her legs, she immediately grabbed the penis inserted into the penis slowly into the already soaked the Zhiyin said front Zhiyin mouth. Feel with layers of a sense of really good points.

Choucha up with the fastest speed. Her mouth with my speed issue the voice of the donkey-hide oh oh
Listening to the groans of strong attenuation of the sound of water watching her enjoy the expression. I am very proud to ask a cry, baby you're comfortable with, unhappy with a moaning sound back, do not speak very comfortable. I put on the pressure in her release jitter checks fast hurled itself upon her hands this time around my waist, mouth Li Ee Ya Ya Ah ah the Ayaya sound to enjoy the groans, continuous with the plug for 3 minutes. mouth moaning her eyes closed, his hands clutching a pillow body has penis with a go.

My hands immediately opened his legs slightly elevated, forced to use leg strength quickly hurled itself upon the deep to plug her Zhiyin probably plug 30 which changed the tone of her moaning mouth issue Oh, uh - oh ah hum oh high tone up, her head swinging up. I know how regrettable. I continue to withstand the deep plug speed of the fastest Choucha, her sexual secretion down my penis flow wet sheets, Aiye increasingly viscous.

Then I put her foot down, grasp the waist, then her waist force quickly hurled itself upon the
Obviously, I heard a strong attenuation of the sound of the vagina, then she has received can not shake up the body. Biting his right hand his mouth issued a ah ah ah ah ah sound. I knew her climax was near continuous high-frequency Choucha two minutes certainly the climax. This time preparing the final force, clutching hurled itself upon the legs to her vagina, her voice growing, sometimes biting the hand, sometimes biting his clothes.
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