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The Xiaohui University of spring break

The Xiaohui University of spring break

Today is Xiaohui in the United Kingdom l University after spring break, had to buy a ticket back to Hong Kong but the tickets are too expensive trip only to shelve the hold nostalgic feelings of her and the students eat in the cafeteria would not be able to focus on the topic on.

"Hey ~ ~ Xiaohui, you go tonight do not?"

Xiaohui the expansive Japanese girls in hai abruptly thoughts pull back.

"Oh? What? Where?"

Go Fraternity!! And S of the boys at the University of Friendship it, you did not listen to? "

"Oh, sorry ah, different colors, I just think these things would like ecstatic, S large heard of the school spirit is not very good"
"Do not worry, before dinner to talk, but this time the boys heard the honors, and or the student union president, the total is not too bad, I know you are committed, when is chat with me, I spent a good spirit time to contact to such a good condition boys ~ ~ worship? you come ~ ~
Xiaohui looked reveal pray that the eyes of different colors only helpless nod "Great! Tonight 6:30 waiting in front of the school, I'll pick you in the past, it is so decided."

Yarn around 18:30 driving her mother's car to the agreed place, but the same girls only Xiaohui arrival, the yarn had to do anything to drive to a British bar with restaurant shop to yarn a into the store to find the appointment of three boys, sit down, they start to each other self-introduction up.

A blond has a pair of blue eyes the boys first began to self-introduce them: "My name is jack, I am a student of the Department of Economics, is also student council president S

Followed by a keep black long hair with a Japanese accent, boys are also self-introduction: "My name is transverse to keep you, you can call me to defend, to study Art and Photography Department of the

Suddenly rushing to cross the defensive side of the dyed pale blond short hair black male students: "Do not look at him as? Cut, he was able to put me down to the ground, he seems to have learned to live together, something."

A frown of fighting is the words of the black cross to keep wrinkles: "Iaido.! What co Gascoigne Road, you dig this thing of the past come out and say do we introduce yourself?"

Black boys slap his forehead, said: "Oh! Almost forgot to introduce myself, My name is Du Yi, S-large super sportsman I

Du Yi also said, forced out of his biceps to Xiaohui they show.

Yarn looked at four weeks to jack asked: "there is a?"

jack replied, "he suddenly uncomfortable, exposing the smile of the sunshine taste to rest in the dormitory, to less than
Different colors, relieved, said: "We here have come to missing only the two of us."

Du Yi laughed and said: "It does not matter, it does not matter ~ two great combinations of three pairs of ~ ~"

Three of them men and two women beginning in this topic to more mixed and more cooked last yarn also think of the jack outside the rented house to see his medal was Xiaohui would like to go back, but in different colors and three boys forced to go under the rope in the home of Jack pretty far, they're out of town and have a 20-minute drive to reach, Jack be regarded as wealthy people, rent money is paid by the family, so this is indeed gorgeous, is a two-storey hillside cottage, jack and Du Yi enthusiasm and yarn character exactly match, so the three of them talk about anything even the first night have come up with for, while Wang Shou and Xiaohui playing video games in the hall, I do not know how long Xiaohui is a bit thirsty, and ready to go to drink after Pianting drinks on the table saw does not see their sight, when the drink just getting the edge Xiaohui the soft side of the hall at the same time, I do not know why the feet of the soft eyes of a black collapse.

A house no windows, the middle of the room have a big mattress.

jack sat on the mattress and asked: "keep a long time Oh, I thought this to fail."

Transverse keep while holding Xiaohui came lethargic side, said: "This woman wary and heavy, do not drink to give her wine do not drink and even the water, but fortunately finally get jack brother's secret weapons stir until set.

jack I laughed and said: "Of course, life does not hold back how Yes, but you that yarn to protect themselves even betrayed a friend."

"That is ... Today, only one chick to eat?"

Cross-Shou said, fiercely Xiaohui flung vacant mattress up, this rejection Xiaohui silk one-piece dress will turn up the thigh, white and tender thigh now horizontal as possible to keep the eyes , Wang Shou from his pocket and took out his mobile and took a few photos after the knelt on the mattress up, dress, shielding the the Xiaohui underwear most of the breath and pulled the waist go, to Xiaohui that white underwear Da Cici ran out of horizontal to keep the nose hit the triangle of nearly Xiaohui underwear deep breath, and reveal a little disappointed expression.

jack and replied: "Yes, today only this chick, Duai that Japanese girl sent back to the first open for this little girl bud

"Open bud Ah ~ you look at my face to know it, is not a virgin!"

jack said in surprise: "What!? think of her look simple, even long gone, really want to know who is so blessed."

Horizontal to keep the tone of the experts said: "according to the taste point of view should be lost soon, to try only the following judgment."

Language can settle down, the cross will keep the merciless white little panties pulled to the the Xiaohui ankle and exit into the nose to smell a few thrown aside, and sparse pubic hair soft white skin, collect all the cross to keep the fundus, Xiaohui feet to replace the M fonts separately, sparse pubic hair can not be completely matte finish and rose big the Xiaoxue cover such an opening the size of the labia can be seen very clearly.

"Wow, this woman seems to rarely use this place"

Cross-Shou said, finger the Xiaohui vagina to a sudden lack of reaction Xiaohui cross observe this behavior and the end of groan a bit "... hey ..."

jack asked: "hot chinese escort drank what branch? and how much to drink?"

Transverse keep that thought for a moment he said: "is the branch Coke, as if to drink a few mouthfuls of fallen

jack Yin Xiao: "Haha ~ What a coincidence, hot chinese escort even drank that support collection of Coke, the support of Coke mix is ??not available sleeping pills, but a with a small amount of hypnotic the ingredients and confession agent, aphrodisiac water, I have been left to the the most valuable girls give her a drink, think of this chick was chosen, all this is God Oh, small to keep you really luck. "

Continue his hand movements the transverse keep hear, and sure enough fingers to plug moved a few more pumping more smoothly, because the sexual secretion has a lot to stay in the vagina from Xiaohui, while the cross to keep the fingers also feel the Xiaohui vaginal wall more and more hot.

The Xiaohui like woke signs: "hey ... Well ... hey ... hot ... do not ... hey ..."
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