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[Next door to the nanny]

[Next door to the nanny]

Seen too many babysitter erotic articles, has been on the nanny has a particular preference, may regret that the home never hired a nanny, do not know someone's there nanny, nanny preference can only be the same as the unrequited love the deep bottom of my heart, not to vent, I did not expect a chance I got it.

That is because I moved house last year, previous address is not very appropriate for a primary side of the road, rent a store. The landlord is an old lady, 70 years old, live behind a small set of leased to Menlian my business, from both of us neighbors. Neighbors, in fact, are separated by a door, door locks, two, opened the door even a.

Has been such a quiet peaceful coexistence, a young man open the door to do my business alone, big tit korean escort was an old lady who lived a quiet life, and occasionally all right to open the door to come to chatter and my idle nibbling, and sometimes the way to help I brought rice to eat together. The easy life flies are also considered smoothly. Can be two days before the Spring Festival the old lady is sick, it became my one Aventure.

The old lady was sick for ten days and discharged later in life can not take care of themselves, called me to help find a nanny, which I have done this thing around looking for Britain ran a few employment agencies, saw more than a dozen The nanny is also inappropriate to not me picky, mainly looking at is not pleasing to the eye, for a total after had every door cohabitation, hard to read I looked uncomfortable.

So two or three days, the nanny is also not invited, the old lady got a little upset, I said, do not get too picky, easily find someone on the line, I also intend to give up, clean up after just starting ready no matter who first encountered the nanny took her hired back.

To employment agencies, which first saw about a 35-year-old middle-aged women, dressed is a general, but the relatively tall stature, and very plump, wearing flat shoes also about Yi Miqi the chest very high , wearing a very simple way. To tell the truth, I have a fancy, because she looks very clean, but also makes people very reassuring.

"Nanny?" I walked up to her to ask.

"Well," big tit korean escort looked at me and nodded his head.

"Experienced? To take care of the sick?" I asked her to take care of old patient is not generally nanny able to give more money we have to find the experience and patience.

"Yes, the old lady of a heart attack care." She confidently looked at me.

Good landlord lady is heart disease. "I was together with," an old lady, a monthly salary of four hundred, food, accommodation, do a good end bonuses to not? "The old lady and I said conditions she said.

"OK, one day at work?" Told me go. "I was anxious at home a lot of clothes not wash it.

"Yes." It seems that she is really a lot of experience, and immediately agreed to put away the things in front of me.

Us the name of the car to go home, the home of a station, the old lady is very satisfactory, as soon as you took a month's wages four hundred dollars, and then to one hundred dishes money, she paved the bed even if the formal work a. I am also happy to lightly to the back of my own shop to do my thing.

Since the nanny to the future, I relaxed a lot, an old lady does not need me to take care of, and the nanny is very diligent, timely laundry cooking, clean up the house very clean.

After two weeks, cooked, she often came to help me do the laundry, cooking, also with me. I looked so bad, and I eat together and they take the fire dish money out of my nanny is responsible for doing, we unanimously adopted, even take the fire before the old lady and the landlord.

When I went to the nanny came did not look carefully now at the day long, but also have a close look at, found that the nanny looks really ugly. A little black skin, but face the same good, not long hair, tall and about Yi Miqi. Great breasts, very very high, but there is no sagging mean, is bent over the laundry for the rice can see the heavy rock in the chest with two large meatballs, very nice. The ass is also a great round, slightly upturned.

That truth great an impulse in the past, want to pressure her severely dry meal in the body, seen from behind, but it is not the nerve, after all, neighbors, Bukai a bit on the face. Occasionally, when dinner is sitting around, to linger on her lap with my legs, arms over the chest, accounting for cheap point of what she did not feel anything unusual, a smile would pass.

The night I live in the store, and the back separated by a door, sometimes I total, if toilet can see her in the bath more than Well, that is, do not do anything, accounting, eye cheap. ~ But to be honest this is really not much chance, because she is very fine, also have a strong sense of self-protection, each taking a bath regarded the toilet door there is my side of the door lock is very tight, wash your own underwear when very careful hanging in his room, try not to expose their privacy in front of me.

One day, I discovered her secret. No matter what the weather, she must go out every weekend afternoon for two hours, then a back hummed happy back, take a bath, change clothes, do meals are extra delicious, the old lady asked her she said over the weekend to improve, do the points delicious meals.

I how can the old lady stupid ah, immediately determine that there is definitely a problem, one hundred percent go out "homework". You think she was 35 years old is the tigers of the year, one week to several times shall not be suffocated ah, just men Who do not know. So I had an idea, is to follow her, take a look in the end is hanging out to go and which wild men.

In one weekend, went to her "homework". Noon meal, she escorted the old lady sun sun, and wait on the old lady came after a nap and I say hello and tell me she wanted to go out to buy food to improve the living come back to us, so I helped the porter, I speak a lot promised, and then look in a good mood to go, and immediately closed the closed shop, track the nanny to see her in the end What the hell.

Followed her Zuoguai twist on the road to a small alley, I found that there are a lot of cottage also very remote, and every door is piled up a lot of cabbage, broken wok, it appears that the peasants and workers areas where his nose, I followed her to a gate painted red paint, may be she was too happy, did not even notice that behind tracking my distance she is only a few meters away.

At the door to see her go, I go around looking for the most appropriate observation of mouth, the left to see the right to find to find a brick stack, pile, quite high, estimated to climb to be able to see the yard. I pushed the brick pile, very strong, climb, tummy looked at the yard.

The more remote the small courtyard walls are pricey, may the people inside did not notice someone climbed inside peek, even the curtains did not pull on the brick pile, the kang in the house lay a man, probably less than 40-year-old, skinny and bony, like his fellow like. Nanny entered the room, sat on the kang, gentle look at him, held out his hand groping on his face. Appears to be her old lover.

This month to earn much money? "The man seems to be very familiar with her, the first sentence directly asked her income.

"Wages 400, finished not you? Next week to one hundred bonus, when I brought it to you." Nanny cautious answer.

"I am not you? To buy food when you leave chanting, salary and bonuses alone do ah, not pay school fees?" What I understand, turned out to be her husband. there seems to be a school child.

"What you do, what we capable of that ah, the old lady of people good to me, very good to eat, and gave me to buy clothes, which I Helenians nerve Boyd, it was not mourning conscience?" It seems that this nanny good eye, and refused her husband's request.

"Pop." Scared I hop a look at the men the kang up playing a nanny and one mouth, "You pretend to be kind-heartedness of her mother, you do not wait on her? Is only normal to get some money." "You Do not said, I certainly can not Helenians money, say you Tate's husband can not find something to do, ah, my month alone several money enough to spend, say you smoke so much smoke, and more much is the fee. "nanny hand to cover the face, still stubborn answer.

"Fuck you bitch, gives the nurse told you to take the money you do not get, the Five take you to sell you not to go, went good, dry point gave one hundred, than giving nurse to make money. "said the man up and kicked her foot.

"How do you then the nerve? Anyhow, I am your wife, you kept told me to sell you as a bastard good and loud noise?" Nanny took a step back, tenacious retorted.

"Bastard ye? When a rich bastard than money chastity female, you then have no money to even the smoke pumping on, then you do not sell have to sell, or I take Han Boyd. men Mamalielie also playing nanny, but she quit, loudly shouted, then ran out, all the way to the home run, I hasten to Tibet, but fortunately was not found, then I went out wandering tap long time home.

Today nanny and her husband broke up, came back, did not bathe, did not do anything good, I'll tease her: "Sister Zuosa today delicious?" Had nothing, do not eat. " she pouted answer.

"Which line do not eat, or I ask you to eat it." I smiled and said to her.

"We two out how the old woman to do?" Look at her heart, but rest assured that looked at the old lady asked me.

"Never mind, old lady sleeping less can not get up at night, of us back on the line night before her medicine.

"Let's go." Well, you wait for me to change clothes. "Said close packing.

Bin, I was really surprised I never saw her so dressed, although it is ornate, but not the kind of rural nanny again. White shirt, white vest obvious with no bra, nipple tilted wore clothes, it is clear to see two Alice, pants, beige pants, tuck your shirt in his pants seem waist extra fine, chest extra, extra ass Alice, I almost did not the "Yizhuqingtian".

"Come on, silly." Look at me blankly like, her chuckle at me and said.

"Silly silly, beautiful, big sister before me ye did not find you so nice?" I have the honor with a straight face said.

"Less funny, insulting big sister, go." Then we were out the door.

Simple meal, drink some wine, go look at the sky too early, I propose to go to the movies, she has no opinions agreed.

Watching movies when I try to ring hold her hands on her shoulders, she struggled a little to no success, compromise, head on my shoulder, his hand on my leg, I fight back with two the impulse of the legs, arms around so watching the film, the sky is too late to go home.

Home has been more than eight to the old lady feeds the drug, to see the old lady slept very fragrant, and I proposed to the nanny to come to my room watching TV, because the nanny is sleeping in the room, it is generally early to bed, but also not watching TV, so I invited her, hesitated, and said, After changing clothes and bath we came.

I am pleased that the door locked, and transferred to the closed-circuit television, and has long been ready A film into the DVD machine, waiting for her. Listening to the sound of rushing a bath, I could not resist a hard hand to fondle a long time did not subside, and finally go on, she came out.

I turned to look, could not help but hard, saw wet hair she had just finished washing her face, redness wash his face to look good, wear loose shirts and pants, the upper body can be seen that no bra, two large breasts in a shirt, tall, left shocked, and lower body light-colored pants can see the flowers between the legs underwear, very sexy, I hasten to clamp the legs to avoid that he saw me drooling.

"Come on, sitting next to me." I patted the side of the sofa, her submissive sit next to me, shoulder gently leaning on my arm, watching television from a different angle, the side of the body, a big, soft breasts against my arm, really comfortable.

I reached out a hand around her shoulder, his left hand a remote control, A film without passion the bedroom scene at the beginning of a period, so she looked normal, head crooked on my shoulder, I hands groping under her arm, she did not refuse.

A moment, appears on the TV a man and a woman of passion clips, the first warm kiss, and then undressed intimacy, I feel that she's not natural, her arm hair gently in my hands with shaking, it seems very excited, legs shaking does not seem to want to see may be reluctant to give up like. I saw the plot succeeded, the bold one hand on her thigh, across the underpants with your fingers scratch the inside of the skin touched her leg, she hid to see my hand any connection with the past did not insist.

My hand stroking her thigh and down the touch of a hand on her arm along the back and forward, from armpit held out, stroking the outline of her breast, she was trembling, when you see on TV The man took off his pants exposing up big cock, she snorted, his head buried in my arms and hands to hold fast to my waist not looked.

I did not force her head down to kiss her neck and bite his mouth to her earlobe with his teeth. She gasped dodge, you may feel too itchy head from side to side dodging I can twist his head and face met I played hard cock, she did not dare move, hot face close to the cock not move.

I kiss the bite to his mouth to her earlobe, hand out into the chest from behind and seize her heavy breasts Zhuanie two fingers pinching the nipple pulling, she twisted the body, breathing heavily, when I hand shoved hard pinch clip of her nipple when her legs a folder, a soft body, rule of thumb I know she went to, It seems that the nanny is really a strong desire coupled with is not had an affair, so a little boost to an orgasm.

I get hold of her shoulders, her soft body to pull up, she is really high, stood up and I have almost as high as, precisely, the two tight hug, two large, soft breasts top my chest, my hand holding her back, one hand on her ass back and forth Monie, I stretch out my mouth and kissed her lips, two tongues warm intertwined, she excited his hands scratching my back, head from side to side, and I push the bed around her.

She saw my intention to easily push me, breathing heavily, said: "Brothers, not enough, we can not do that." While pushing my shoulder, I can why? Force to seize her hand, straining to push the bed side with his tongue in her mouth to kiss, she confused response.

We embraced and kissed the fierce side back to the bedside. I checked her body and pressed her body in bed, head low down in the bed, ass, Alice, back I was standing on the floor. I stood behind her, holding her tight, semi-physical pressure on her back, his hands clutching two large breast, kissing her earlobe, her loud panting ass non-stop around twisted wore from my hard cock.

I really can not stand one of her underpants faded to a hamstring at the, opened the zipper of my pants, pulled out the cock to the top of rubbing on back and forth between the groove of her ass, her ass kept dodge twist loud humming "No, I can not stand that kind of thing, probably, she had no idea that they have wet into what looks like floral underwear has been soaked in the middle.

Me a Grilled her the pants to the side, so that her buttocks bare to tilt, and then hand on my stiff cock, pointing to one. "Oh mother!" She cried out, the whole cock is fully inserted into the

I immediately started violent Choucha up, guess she is Biede unbearable ass magnitude of the swing with the. Shaking his head violently around two large breast rolling back and forth on the bed rubbing on the ass before and after the very moving very violently. I am also very hard, speaking in her, doing the ringing of the bed creak Ya Ya, we were both very excited, less than ten minutes, respectively, to the climax, also her orgasm, vaginal violent contraction of the injection Today's the first time, and then I comfortable around her breast, standing on the ground lying on her back.

She is also very comfortable, breathing heavily, big lips Zhang, sweat from his face to hair wet rumbling of straining hands clutching the sheets. I looked at her cool extreme fatigue like the cock could not help but soak in her vagina hard, they began the second round impact.

(B) said that night we first all kind of thrills and excitement, so soon to a climax, after shooting, we were so arms around half lying on the bed, from behind, pressing her plump body, his hands one by one, clutching her two big breasts rubbing her humming the panting, chest heaving violently, milk head have my hands full of sweat after strenuous exercise.

After a while, subsided, she pushed me, faded to below the knee pants pull up mentioning shirt buckle buckle neat, his face red bow sitting on the sofa, did not dare look at me.

Looked like she was shy, I also love and pity, sat down beside her hand whisk to get her hair, she Enliaoyisheng did not resist.

"Sister, tired?" I asked her if she whispered.

"Nothing." Face more red, head low, very deep, and dare not look at me.

"All right after we came to, I will treat you well." Looked at her the way I touched her face.

"No, we should not be so." She looked up at me, eyes very firm look.

"You just uncomfortable? Unwilling to join me?" I do not understand her.

"Did not mean that you are well, I just feel good, but we should not continue to be poisoned." She is very serious look.

I advised her a long time, she is not promoted, the chatter will be busy nibbling. After a while to understand, I know that this year 18, have two children, both in the rural school, live with Grandma and Grandpa, they couple into the city to earn money to support their families during the day I saw the man who is her husband.

Her husband a few years older than her, when in rural areas is also quite able to endure hardship, but the city later met some friends to start gambling, drug use, work to earn some money are not enough to suck powder all day long the mouth, and her money she worked so hard to give people the babysitter some money to give him all day also cried enough to spend.

Her husband several times, said she went to sell their bodies to earn money, can she refused, she went out once a week and her husband married life to go, although the old couple feelings in general, but fairly harmonious sex life, she is also very enthusiastic about this weekend the couple's life, living in the landlord home very satisfied.

After all, she is a respectable family, just now and my first passion is unthinkable "deviant crime, so she said that the future is absolutely impossible, and I then continue to tear down go, otherwise I would be sorry.

To see her embarrassed look, I really don't wanan heart she agreed to her request tonight thing of the past even in the past, we have forgotten all when ever happened. She was grateful to look at me, said I well take advantage of lying into my arms around my waist, his head attached to my chest, listening to my heartbeat.

We hugged so sit A ??film of the television continues, the heroine babbling Oh cried, she listened very strange, and looked up at the TV, enlightened and this look really scared jump, I saw the TV is performing 5P.

A white woman was kneeling on the table, his mouth a black cock hard sucking, lying on the table a white cock inserted into her forced inside, the ground was still standing tall and fat The Blacks violent Choucha her ass next to a woman squat, while touch rub dig the hostage own Xiaoxue, while ah ah Jiaochuang.

She was seen blushing like a red cloth-like, can not see they could not bear his eyes off the watch and breathing heavily, chest heaved violently, I could not handle on her chest, hold clutching her breast spinning rubbing.
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