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Rain Aventure

Rain Aventure

Just when the troops retired, because society coincided with the economic downturn know, the work can be said is very easy to find, especially people like me this is only high school graduates, it can be said is the high fragmentation, low on.

While I lingered at the crossroads in my life, my Lady Luck has come quietly.

Which Tengen under heavy rain, I was out from the house in preparation for a big corporate job, although the weather is not ideal, but I think today will be something special, so I put on my most decent suit and time of departure.

Go in the Chung Hsiao East Road Section 4, the overcast sky was raining, the road only thirty-two pedestrians, while I was thinking of how to face interview, a black Mercedes car suddenly beside me hurtling over dodge is less than under the road water splashing all over me.

While I am ready to curse the occasion, Mercedes has been a sudden stop, the rear window down slowly, a woman wearing sunglasses out of the window, then door bradycardia open, the first thing that catches my eye is the legs of one pair of of Calendula fiber heterozygosity legs wearing a transparent flesh-colored stockings, sexy thigh covered with a fire red leather mini skirt.

Just as my eyes flow ripple in her beautiful belly, and if waspish generally Man Yao, nyc korean escort called out: "Sir."

I wake up totally in the eyes recovered to her upper body, Lordy, look more incredibly, nyc korean escort was dressed only in a black chiffon shirt, inside the black half mask bra then clear note can be seen, two white meat ball can not seem limited and ready to come out.

Rain and her black tulle jacket consultation intended to abuse her body, making the already almost transparent clothes more closely aligns her male impulses of the flesh, my penis can not stand the high top.

nyc korean escort said: "Sir, you want does not matter."

I tolerate the burning of the penis in the crotch, to recover the sight of her face. Physiology has been a change, I only dare to scan her with peripheral vision, although Banlaoxuniang but no reduction in the glamorous the picturesque eyebrows, small nose, sexy lips.

Truly is a God-given human grace. I think if we stripped her naked, making love with her. The fact is the earth a great pleasure.

"Sir, I'm really sorry, I'll pay for your cleaning fee."


I have enjoyed a world stunning, how the nerve to want people to re-compensation.

"Sir, you measure really large, you want to go there, you take my car."

I want to promise not to, she took my hand and drilled to the car, her little hands as soft as onions, ride in my arm, I do not know the heart and or unintentionally, her breast like a ball is touching me elbow, causing my cock, too much stimulation and slightly oozing liquid, I muddle got on.

In the car, because there is a driver in front of me hath slightly convergent, but the eyes still circulation in her flawless thighs

"Sir, you have to go there?"

"Never mind, I mess it can not apply for a job."

"That you may wish to me that to go, I ask Lisao will sort out your clothes, beating to compensate for my fault."

Wang, less than my company to the first to send this gentleman and I go back. "

"Yes, my name is Lin, not to ask surname.

"My name is yellow," I replied.

"Mr. Wong, your shoes wet, or to take off, seems to have a pair of slippers under the car seat."

Then do not wait for me to answer The passing bent down to look for when she is busy, in-depth gaze from her collar openings, deep cleavage in the two breast towering pink areola from the edge of the cup twilight, my positive reaction is more obvious.

She suddenly looked up and found I was not honest, not bland colors, but revealing white teeth with a smile.

"To find and put it

It touches my head in shame and quickly bent down changing his shoes to hide a blush.

I was about to replaced the occasion, unexpected write from her red leather skirt to see her white lace Xieku of outrageous transparent thin, faint fade out the prototype of the Black Forest, looming Mixue in front of that obscene, twelve gross exposing pants outside.

She seems to know my motives, but not expose, but more open thigh so I enjoy some, my penis becomes hard and feel the throb, this Spring under full fly to her place to live .

Wang, first company, 12:00 come pick me up. "

"Mr. Huang, please come with me."

This is the seven sections of a high-level buildings, her hand around my arm, like a pair of lovers, the Xinhua ladder straight on the 10th floor, came to Block B, the door is a four-year-old woman.

"Li Sao Wong's underwear to wash."

Then they pull me into the bathroom, and seems to command the children of the way, I took off my jacket with the pants off the rest of underwear, the glans has been exposed crotch, red front end of the glans there is water seeping, her eyes Fei Hong, Yin Yin smile, I quickly explained the rain. Believe it or not tube her.

"Li Sao, clothes to the laundry, wash a chance to come back."

Side bath, side note outside seems to be no human voice, the woman is already out, I was uneasy, just want to "wash.

Suddenly the door swipe open, the forest has been naked in front of me, and my chest with a soft breast friction.

"Let me wash it, so that it washed clean."

Her hand rubbing my penis, left hand rubbed my scrotum, and then with your right middle finger, index finger, three fingers, painted with soap rub soft above the forest looking at the stiffness of the stick in its diameter in the end how to be outdone, I then grabbed her breast, rubbing off the hook, and fingers into her small hole. Up and down to pull to get.

"Well ..."

"My small hole tickling."

"Are you good or bad, to pull people itch is dead."

His mouth side to speed up the movements of the hands.

Suddenly the forest crouch down to get with the mouth containing two testicles, hand and rub my cock, her sensuality sexy lips, tongue licking around the edge of the Rouguan sucking cock from time to time made me more excited; a and then spat out the penis root around in my flesh, and friction, and then with spitting into my male root absorption.

Quickly, I have the impulse of ejaculation, my hands clutching her head, waist, back and forth to twitch, I cry in the forest charming mouth, injection ...

Refused to take the body of water has yet to dry, I have a Pick her up, went straight to the bedroom, I put her in bed with both hands, her legs a beautiful Xiaoxue, clearly before my eyes. I was trying to go with his tongue to please her, her response has been very intense, and also lightweight models swing her waist ... side of licking that plump the labia and tongue f # # k into the US-hole

Forest abdominal peristalsis Rouxue to meet with the tip of my tongue, his hands around my head I do not know to resist or more try to be her more I continue Tiannong, more and more the honey in her Xiaoxue I Roubang restored erection, her legs in one fell swoop, waist lift of a cock homeopathic sticking her Xiaoxue

She ah bang seems to take her mind all the pleasure to let it out, and she automatically with both hands to choke to get his own breast, gently rub my testicles in one hand to pull the touch of her Xiaoxue

I felt the forest should have a very rich sexual experience, but her very tight Xiaoxue This is one I am wondering, anyway, this time to control her so much, a hole can be f # # k Jiuhaola ...

Forest has been lost three times, her hair has been excessively promiscuous and pulling together, two covered their names,

"Ah ... ah ... ah ... ah ... ah ... ah ... ah ..."

"Oh ... Oh ...... Oh ...... Oh ...... Oh ... Oh ..."

I see she has shown the absence of the phenomenon, but also gave her if she would be my saliva is completely moist sex fluid taking advantage of my cock to keep the forest in her backyard flower is dry, will Rouguan alignment atrium inch by inch in depth, looking at her lustful looks like I forced a f # # k her after court Yinxue of forest screams because my hands held onto her ass, began a series of fast pumping, she quickly waves , and the wave of the degree than just to be strong, vaginal suppositories and out of tight flesh, and I was even more happy, I will cock through the insert until after my positive roots completely not into her temple prostitution after resulting in a greater comfort!

About pumping more than two hundred the next, she and I both climax and launched into the warm sun fine depth in the depths of her Yinxue with paralysis on the soft bed and fell asleep.

He sleeps long, white chiffon pajamas and sitting on the bed when I woke up, the forest has been wearing a thin as onion skin like mother, like looking at me, she saw me wake, mouth smile, asked:

"Do you want to drink water"

After a just war, it is also a bit thirsty, I know the Italian nodded.

She stood up and walked toward the bar, I rubbed his eyes, looked at her back, through the gauze that are convex body exposed, thirty eight inches of big tits did not sag because of the ravages of the bucket of years, the woman's waist is insulated with her, her black soft pubic hair, and bright white thigh in a light projection in front of me, I instantly felt throbbing, cross under a big chicken Pakistan but also around the corner.

She handed me the water and sitting next to me, against my chest, like a submissive little bitch with her kinky milk friction my arm, my side of the drinking water, watching it on Breasts lustful shaking.

"Yellow, How old are you

"I just turned 25."

"Young people have the capital, just cross my Xiaoxue, I almost fly overhead

"Your cock is eight inches long, right?"

I see her eyes with the spring, looked at my penis, like not wait for a big cock deep into the throat, I would like to be missed, put the thermal expansion of prostitution root into her mouth and took her first-hand hair die f # # k with sweating, looking at the lovely face, Zhang red wet mouth with his mouth to my penis, my penis in her warm mouth beating dexterous tongue rubbing my penis. I quickly put the pressure her into a 69 position on the bed head at the foot of the two labia plump middle of a red tender Confucian wet overcast vaginal suppositories with both hands, poke two kinky meat and exposing the entrance to the Black Forest, Mixue entrance share a touch of sexual secretion Hong stimulate my sense of taste and smell, makes me excited. I f # # k with Xiaoxue tongue, then in her mouth and sent the obscene calls, I quickly finger there for press meat intersection clitoris rough mad Roudong, I see her sexual secretion more flow, the more may be about to vent fine I quickly Cock from prostitution mouth out of breath into her plump Rouxue fiercely to her the Juhua Lei severely to expose and then expose the the lustful vaginal suppositories meat tightly latch onto my thick cock, greedily I inhaled the the prostitution physical deeper ...

"Ah ... you ... the second Haobang ... I am almost crazy ..."

Ah ...... ah ...... "

Intercourse with the yin and yang at the "puffing" sound coming from her Jiaochuang Sheng is so touching, I held back vent, f # # k her kinky Rouxue hundreds, straight to the top of her uterine cavity meat. her lower body with the rhythm slightly on the very top of my very comfortable; see so immersed in To the sea, she and I plucked another Choucha ten, and finally to ejaculate.

"Ah ... ah ... I ... I die ..."

The strong surge of tingling pleasure straight into my lower abdomen, hot semen shot into her body. She has been unable to move, the forehead and body all at risk of Weihan, a moist genitals, her sexual secretion mixed with the outflow of semen, the sheets get like a moving landscape. I got up to take the bed of tissue paper to gently wipe for her body, she opened her eyes, affectionate look at me, grabbed my hand and gently: "I'm so tired ... hold me, okay?"

I gently held her; I know I have been to her heart

I hugged her and went to the bathroom wash the body, she relaxed body lazy let my hands in her walk, I leaned against her behind coated with a hand shower gel gently blot her Haoru right hand up and down rubbing her pussy, when my dick is not honest to resist her sexy ass want to f # # k to get her back hole, she grabbed my penis smiles

"Lisao fast back, after plenty of opportunities, right?"

Although I was not willing to, but take into consideration the forest and the difference between the year-old Li Sao come back to see the obscene picture, I do not know what will happen, but to fight back the cock swelling, hastily washing Bi.

Li Sao come back, we has long been put on the clothing and sat in the living room to talk about down to business

"I hear you seem to looking for work."

"Yes, I have just retired, so it did not work ..."

I experienced this a few months to lay said Lin, after listening to, without hesitation told me

"I come to my company to help it, first as an assistant at my side in the company on track, I am up again you do managers.
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