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Urban girl Akei

Urban girl Akei

"Bang, Bang" sound came from one end of the tunnel, a shuttle is ready to stop, the platform is ready to ride commuters who invariably looked towards the same direction. Subway stations on the platform, the sudden burst of high-heeled shoes sound from behind the rapid came, several workers men with the sound looked, everyone's eyes are suddenly a bright, immediately targeted.

Turned out to be a beauty is coming from behind, trotted, flowing hair, fit suit, white skin, close the mini skirt, long, slender legs, shiny high heels, armed with brand-name bag , a confident, fresh Huanran looks like.

"That was close! Almost keep up with, should not be late."

Looking at the door rapidly closed, the train slowly left the station and the beauty he can catch up with the train can not help but smile. Carrying a briefcase on the platform only two men, staring at the train to leave. Disappeared., One turned around just with another eyes intersect, I suddenly realized the reasons not to catch each other, are invariably turned to smile, a bow looking at the newspaper in the hands of a fugue aftertaste just see the shadows .

Zhang Yaqi this year, aged 26, a highly educated, bright appearance will be pink-collar workers. Just out of the envy of everyone in a large company as an assistant, just two years was promoted to the top of the business Commissioner.

Outstanding achievements and harmony, making her colleagues and customers received.

"nyc hot asian escort should be the first female director of the" ° this statement is not only popular in the office, is Akei their own considerable confidence to think that this is a matter of time.

Career achievements of people think nyc hot asian escort revealed the strong and the message of self-confidence, but in the nature of these strong women, Akei showing the charming woman's feminine, it is no wonder she got married only three months, "wash your hands do soup, advance sister taste "of the bride.

Seven months ago, the college boyfriend proposed to her, Yaqi "Gum held for three days, happily agreed to the marriage proposal of her boyfriend. After the war, up to now only a year and more time for a boyfriend of seven, had slightly critical of her parents, but Shen Mu love Akei that will listen, fail to beat the sad eyes of the apple. The two old nodded.

So the couple rented a small studio apartment in Taipei suburb. Married Houya Qi did not quit his job and still commute daily to her husband stay in a private company, only trade he not mention the circumstances of the work, and Yaqi are busy with their careers, so no more attention.

After one year to buy a car, so you can pick you up from work, such as a few years after you buy a small house, and then ┅ ┅

Akei and her husband, careful planning of future beauty.

Akei find a seat and sat down, his hand covered her mouth and yawned. Wedding night, of course, every night Spring Night, Akei think of ┅ ┅ last night Oh, right, should be the "Today" morning lingering, micro-Ma's private parts, as if her husband male root of the remaining temperature still remained deep in the lower body. Akei cheeks can not help but be a little flushed, his legs could not help and more rope.

Yaqi wedding actually not willing every week there are always four or five at night should be OK with her husband Dunlun of things, after all, they are white-collar workers, the next day must have stamina spirit of the challenge. But her husband's harassment is often all Au.

Akei also a bit strange how he came back from work, the spirit is good, also sometimes frustrating lethargic. Probably caught essentials, the feeling of intercourse Akei satisfaction, recently Akei morning are beginning to rush to work in order to avoid late.

Akei magically transported back to set eyes glancing suddenly found standing in front of the passenger lower body from the point of change, look on Akei slightly, turned out to be a face with a childish high school students, two are unblinking look with their own legs.

Yaqi annoyed by this rude gaze, but a little vanity flattered. Akei natural beauty, a brand-name wearing, charming perfume, brilliant matte finish, coupled with the natural noble qualities, making her go are the focus of it is no wonder this adolescent boy would STARE wrapped in stockings under white and thigh; especially in tight mini skirt to sit down and then up to shorten a few centimeters, leaving this little boys heart beat faster, down from the clouds.

Akei Qingke shrink the skirt, pull down on the little boy was looking out the window blushing. She also discovered that the male passenger in the same compartment also coincidentally the same move.

"The crow of the world are generally black." The Akei psychological thought, and so the hearts of the angry disappear, but also put the feelings of helplessness.

※ ※ ※ ※ ※

"As early as Liaojing Li!" Smile greetings Akei front with chunky man to take the elevator.

"As early as Miss Chang." Pudgy man smiling response.

This man is Akei the immediate supervisor, surnamed Liu, a pair of standard fat middle-aged appearance, with large glasses, height is not only on the shoulder to Akei taste of clothes it is not compliment with human speech with a tightlipped about the smile.

Entered the company, Akei not familiar with the environment, always respectful, of course, respectfully to his boss, a special courtesy. Experience and female colleagues just a few months down the warning, they would understand that he was only dressed in human skin color pig. The only color pig is often beautiful female subordinates, by the opportunity to harass the Liao Jingli commonly used method is something all right and often went to the office "inspection".

So-called "inspection", it really is, not standing around with your eyes the female staff working behind the corner of the remaining light to peek under the skirt of the legs, staring at the collar and solid chest; or else pretend greetings stand on another shot back, intentionally or unintentionally, deeply moved by the shoulder straps of the bra. Results each time the only color pig appeared in the office caused by a burst of small disturbances, each female staff whether there are correct, that is, pull down the skirt and good feet, so Chunguangwaixie not quickly check shirt.

Akei remember the office a week later, a squat rummaging in front of the data cabinet meeting information, but why not find due to hurry to add, so impatient Akei also forgot my manners.
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