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The story of the University

The story of the University
Home that male dogs old tide (because the eggs too much, hence the name) and I Gezhuochuangzai in the eye, and then very puzzled rip two, tucked its imbalance penis Britain a dent and ran away.

Still visible in the window and looked out, in fact, I did not see, I do not even thinking, emotions and emotions are like a zombie.

At this time yesterday and I ended the final course exam Hantou skirts from the county in the examination room to catch the ten miles of road home, the sky is already dark, and then I could not eat or drink to sit forward to this day.

I am not well out of the examination room, I clearly know that this time I will be able to high school, let me pain just easily pass the examination, it is because I am a poor child:

I was born in the mountain an impoverished family, when I was young, my father went to the northwest, and then heard from since, at home by his mother's support, and good mothers Marketer drugs of unique skills, I am also a very amount to anything child, the family can not hunger satiety maintain, I had to have been read to high school, but I think the house is no way for my university, because his brother he was still in secondary school, to get out of the farm gate have their own way.

I grew up is a great idea: in primary school, I also facing the risk of dropping out of school, the mother bent on me home to see his brother, had just lost her husband, the mother is so unreasonable, I do not struggle with her. went straight to my teacher cry teacher while holding my side to persuade me, I am blushing with tears in her arms, crawling around.

Do not hold it when the teacher put my rape, I suffered a half-hearted, after completion of the incident, I fell to the teacher's breast on the cry aroused her strong maternal instinct, she personally finally said that dynamic mother.

After every time I leave home, nyc virgin asian escort pulled me into her house for some days, others straight when feeling good teachers and students, who know what we are doing nasty things, I was in high school physical relationship has been intermittently to .
After I admitted to the County in the township, the first results, I have to pay most of the costs, of which a teacher sponsorship, but also my vacation money doing odd jobs.

High school life bitter like silence, but I survived, I secretly vowed to get out of the farm gate, some large as in the future.

Who knows, the last to take the exam, the mother reacted, nyc virgin asian escort grabbed her brother said to me: "You have to for the sake of his brother, academic call it."

Regardless of whether my teeth right at home alone to participate in the college entrance examination.

When I finished the test, accompanied by the dark of the night to get home, the mother opened the door and looked at me then shouted: "You come back to do the wings hard, you pour out the Fly!"

I got home he hears is silence into his own house.

The brother is not, and probably to the village classmates home.

The mother said a few words on the back to the house slept, I sat on the kang thought crest, the mother is a poor man, but also a ferocious people, so this for many years no one would dare to play the mother's idea, I told her first poor slowly irritated her, and now I am afraid it is only hate.

Visible in the window wanted to slowly crazy.

I was a little alarmed the mother woke up, she was carrying a bowl of rice on my door looked at me surprised, I react: I have not eaten.

Suddenly the feeling I kind Taichetaiwu the, to the mother smiled, and then simply pick up a bit on the back of the bags toward the door.

Mother angry quiver, she grabbed a small bottle thrown over to me, I glared angrily at her and then goes out, the mother stare at me to leave, suddenly she ran up and grabbed my the The schoolbag screamed: "Where are you going!"

I turned to the mother said firmly: "I'm going to struggle!"

Mothers fear to say: "Are you crazy I do not malicious. And you are not studying would not?"

I was suddenly restless, I suppressed a distraught mood grabbed school bags, mother clinging to my arm crying: "You have to leave home? Me where I was wrong?"

My head suddenly exploded, and one to get rid of the bags and then picked up the mother went to the house.

Mother taken aback and lay said: "What are you doing!" As is heeded, I lost his mother on the kang, rudely stripped of her clothes, the mother punched and kicked against me, this channel that I can act, my mother was stripping only a bra and panties, the reduction in the angle of the kang looked at me with fear.

I to San Liangxia to get rid of the clothes, then to jump Shangkang toppled mother. The mother eyes closed not to see me naked, her head Do not drive, his mouth could not curse me.

I she Siyangbacha the spread on the bed, his hand on her labia pull a few times and found that already wet, and then picked up her ass on the positive point of view, a cock ramming into Mother Canhao cry, shed tears, and then blissful silence.

I mention her mother's thigh, and began frantically do the piston movement, is about to shoot out, I flew the mother body, rubbing her breasts side to speed up the movement frequency.

The mother has stemmed from my situation, crying: "Do not!" Fine off of a loose, wild shot in the mother's body.

The rest brush it off, I got dressed and then lift the bags out of the room, I have no way to stay in this home.

I just opened the gate to hear the house ring, I turned and saw his mother dressed in coat, bare buttocks, ran from my house stumbled kitchens, underground passage: "Oh!" Followed ran.

Mother holding a bottle of pesticide want to drink, I won the pesticide at her mother finger I broke down in tears Road: "You are a brute!"

I shouted: "a three to die!"

The mother remembered his younger brother, sat down on the ground crying, I restrain live bestiality turned away.
I came to the county, ran into the ruins of the dormitory, and pack up my belongings, and then moved to the school porter spend the night, the gatekeeper is no stranger to me, nodded in agreement, but also agree with me to join as a partner.

My day was filled with the county to find a job playing nonsense evening and the janitor, the days passed, the results would be released the day is coming.

That day, I was about to go out far to see the headmaster rode over, saw me on the unthinking cried, I heard a long time before to understand, entrance examination results came out, I was the first in the region, the whole Province, the third, the City Board of Education of the car early in the morning Ben I go to the good news of the Director without any explanation to pull my car ran home, I was a mixed picture, I do not know how to deal with the mother.

Came to the door, has been around crowded, I was surrounded to the house, in the next over one hour, my head is a chaotic, the last leading leave three thousand dollars to go.

Mother severance neighbors, the full House of good words, and Zhizou brother, and then the moment and I, I said softly: "You first sit down."

I looked at the mother embarrassed to sit down and understand, I saw the mother is actually from a pole out of the door, I looked worse, and hurried to cover your head with his arm lying on the table, pole, like rain falling, my teeth hum, is not for mercy, I will lose consciousness when the mother lost the pole, I was relieved fainted.
Wake up when the sky was dark, I lay on the kang body like fire I reach out and touch a few times, not found brother, the mother seemed to have fallen asleep sitting on the kang angle. I would like to turn over and do not want the hands and feet is not difficult, and I fell in bed mother woke up, she moved to the side face tears and said: "... you beast, you worthy of their ancestors?"
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