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Eating aphrodisiac father and his poker buddies mad dry

Eating aphrodisiac father and his poker buddies mad dry

Husband but also a business trip, when the airport to bid farewell, some sorry husband said: "During this time, I travel home to trouble you." I immediately said: "Do not worry, I will take good care of his father. bid farewell to her husband, I answered the home, to see the father is in front of the computer to get what I went back to the bedroom, for a sling Lingerie modeling, usually viewed as early habits, and so at home very exposed to wear, plus the father-in-law not an outsider, so I wore a nightgown, two white thighs fully displayed on the outside. Also can vaguely see me inside the bra and panties, I came to the kitchen to make a bowl, and then end to father's room.

Father is still playing with computers, I said: "father, I have to do to your face, you quickly eat." The father said yes, I then stumbled on the computer stood next to a vial filled with pills, I feel in what somewhere, helped myself up, I immediately tense up, the original vial is not long ago her husband travel to bring back the male aphrodisiac prolong sex time drugs.

Father to see me take the bottle to read leisurely, said: "Oh, the bottle is in English, I do not understand, so I tasted one, not to mention, the taste is pretty good, I ate a few slices This is what candy Yeah, really delicious. "I foolishly did not know how to answer the father, we can not say that this is the aphrodisiac pills.

I had embarrassed and said: ah, yes imported candy, but you better not eat too much. "My breathing rapid, and face some red, and quickly returned to the kitchen, while preparing lunch side from time to time secretly watching with father-in-law, my God, he ate several pieces, if excited, will not I thought, my face is red, and secretly blame their own have such absurd lustful ideas.

But when I accidentally saw next to the mirror, I am more embarrassed by the reflection of a mirror, I happened to see the public fair next to the computer from time to time secretly looking at me, staring at the lunch in the kitchen of the graceful The charming back fierce look to sneak up and down looked at me a pair of slender white legs and my chest that towering high-rise huge rounded Rufeng, my breathing more rapid, red face, do not know at this time What should I do.

I also immersed in the emotions of nervous excitement fantasy, father called me loudly: "I have here some files will not be finishing the format, you can come and help me see?" I had to blush agreed to father-in-law's room. Sitting on the father side, began to teach the father how to sort out, the father-in-law at this time actually took a pill containing in the mouth, edge and exciting side to sit on my right rear, and this position so that he can not only see my snow Fufu, overlap with the charming thigh, so that he had no difficulty to look into the micro-open robe, and that the semi-implicit Banlu shore water blue sexy bra rounded big wave, as I breathing and arm movements, constantly rising and falling, and squeeze out a deep cleavage.

Called father pleasing my beautiful Jiaoye, he has never been so close to appreciate Jiao good face of his daughter-in-law, without evasive enjoying my delicate, straight nose, and I always that faint, rosy and attractive lips, I like a pair of flirtatious talking, always languishing, revealed such as a virgin as shy with a timid look; in During that time, I do not just once a father to see the powder face Fei Hong, a little embarrassed uneasy lower Zhenshou, I would have found the father-in-law from time to time in staring at me, and kind of searing vision, clearly revealed belong The emotion between men and women, rather than father-in-law daughter-in-law care.

Father quietly watching my face for quite a while, also seemed to hesitate what, only one side close to my cheek, side and take my hand and said: "Come, let us take a break outside." I hesitated, her mood became know what to do, but I always blush, after all, not negativism father insisted urged turned out despite the father holding my hand out of the study, came to the outside through their own bedroom, small living room, the father let me sit in I was number one fool, and quickly end to two cups of milk, I hasten to thank you father, and his drink.

While father sat beside me, sipping quietly enjoying my glamorous face and the introduction of reveries hot body, although sitting on my ass of, but my slender and exposed to the outside of the gown white legs and plump and attractive chest is still the graceful lines of shock with the people there are convex. The father secretly looking into oblique open Lingerie collar when he saw my half-naked in Lingerie plump breast mound, and when they do finish a cup of milk until the fast until suddenly they feel that hot scorching gaze fixed on his body, I have a tight chest, gratuitous would face was suffused with red clouds a breathing more rapid, heart start restless, I secretly wonder how such a strong response, but or said: "The father gave me the milk taste really good."

Father also quickly against the background, said: "That would be great, I'm afraid you do not like, but also specifically to put up a few tablets, I want to taste better." One father said these, I head Weng rang, God, father-in-law actually aphrodisiac pills on my milk, I said at this time why the inner restlessness so powerful.

I had to fight back with the desires of the heart stood up and said: "Dad, I advanced to go study."

When my father also stood up and said: "Well, we continue with the finishing." But when I just stand up and immediately felt lightheadedness, dizzy, the whole person immediately stand up, I think that the father must put in their milk many aphrodisiac tablets. While the father to see me to pour immediately hugged me, but I fell to the ground. Father desires at this time incomplete combustion up, holding me has not let me go. And single-handedly has been in my ass.

hot asian escort ny blushed moaned "Oh ... Dad ...... so ...... bad ...... not ...... like ...... I ........." While the mouth is to say, but my body still move in father's arms Zealand with.

Father holding me, see hot asian escort ny did not resist the meaning of, and immediately know that I have accepted him, going to the toilet mouth easily open bite my nightgown on the name of bow belt at the moment the Lingerie completely open, father will see to bringing a carcass of another man down from the clouds, shining presented in front of him, full and half-naked peaks, such as from the water blue bra like jumping out, gently in the cup under the sway of brilliance, father desires of the eyes at this time even more blazing up, he said: "daughter-in-law, your body is really too sexy, is indeed a model, my son every day, do what you like beauty, really I envy you."

I finished face toward me that deep cleavage and buried deep down, side to lift the left hand going to unlock the clasp of my bra in the dark, when already tight breath screen, trembling, ecstatic But hurry Di Hu Tao: "ah ...... ah ...... Dad ...... No ...... Do not ... you can not do ...... Oh ...... Oh ...... do not ...... Dad ...... really ... can not come again ... ... "But Yinxing blooming grandfathers and how might stop there? He completely ignored my struggle and protest, not only the right hand is busy to get into her sexy underwear, the left hand is also rude to her nightdress a Chela in the dressing chair.

At this time my heart want to enjoy, but did not dare to cater to my own nipple hard convex sky, every licking and tongue, call me vexation shame, channeling heart burn the desires of the sky, burning my intellect and soul, I know that you are going to collapse, but also understand that you are going to sink, but I do not want to go against her husband, but Want to go to, the body is completely contrary to the I. White flesh New York and moving with the father-in-law took off my bra and panties, my naked show in front of his own father. Father a moment stared! Breathless appreciation that I called the heaven on earth, a rare aesthetic expression for a moment before the issue of heartfelt admiration: "Oh, daughter-in-law, you are really beautiful ... really good! You is my life seen the most beautiful woman. "

Father said has bowed his head to kiss my sleek beautiful delicate shoulders, I sent the croon and low Well, his face red tide increasingly Sheng, I am excited whisper said: "Oh ... Do not ...... Dad The ...... not really ...... ah ...... This is how you can ... Oh ... quick stop ... I beg you ...... Dad ...... Enough is enough. "But I speak, let the father kissing up. When four lips firmly imprinted with two tongues will have no choice but more tangled, and finally just listen to the house was full of "Zizi's tongue" kiss of sound.

Father single-handedly cuddle Xiangjian of the daughter-in-law, first-hand from the breast touching down across the patch of flat, smooth belly, unhindered probe into my sexy genitals, his father finger felt it was wet and sticky sexual secretion, bold in his index finger down my Roufeng face, began to pull the light slowly digging slow inserted fine poke up, even though my legs are disturbed by the more folders and more tightly, but his father the palm of your hand more and more wet Hot Strike The trick, he knew immediately bowed his head to suck my nipple already hard convex, when his mouth size particles like atoms cap is so small meatballs, and immediately found that it is so sensitive and hard The father at first gently suck the moment, and then they gnawing teeth frivolous and Kenshi, so, I saw did not dare to hum out loud to the could no longer stand to send a shame groans.

My hands and clinging to the father-in-law, the mouth diffuse humming, said: "Oh ... Oh ...... God should not be so bite ... Well ... Oh ...... God ... light point ...... I beg you ... Oh ... ah ...... Do not ...... so hard! ... Oh ... oh ... up dead to me ... woo ...... Oh ... God ... Dad ... you told me how to do ah? "father heard I earnest of the mercy of the waves sounds, this satisfaction to relent said: Baby, Dad, This is to meet you.
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