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Emergency control of the magic bullet before ejaculation

Emergency control of the magic bullet before ejaculation Ater a lot of movies,i totally understand why famale wanna be independent escorts new york,because it's no a big deal,and also
they get the things they want,if you think the way as me and also you're female,congratulation,you have a chance to be an
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Sex if they can temporarily stop breathing, both men and women can inhibit sexual arousal, pleasure delayed arrival of. However, it may be God's plan, women are often difficult to regulate their breathing, sex will feel short of breath very quickly, meaning that women will be short of breath to the men that they have reached orgasm. Men after a certain amount of training can be freely controlled breathing, in addition to the piston movement can be severe, to enable women to achieve orgasm, but also can control their ejaculation before the emergency, this technique is the men's patent.  The regulation of breathing by men to prolong sex time, this is the ancients called "gods of the Law" is the highest state of love, the essentials of "Do not pull out and after three tests," but this does not mean to be three times ejaculation .

First of all, to reach full erection of the penis inside the vagina moist, it should be careful to use techniques, insert after the men can not only consider their own pleasure, but should be moving as the female response is the best policy. At this time, men learn to adjust the breath is the key to success. Because of this can induce multiple orgasms female, or male once the ejaculation, sexual intercourse is the end. Men, the penis should be placed in the vagina at least twenty - thirty minutes five to seven minutes per repeat for the piston to the female four or five times before ejaculation comfort. Women's movement as a result of the male sex, and soon reached a climax. To meet the high tide, men should be able to clearly confirm this situation, this is the men's skills. With ejaculation, the penis while to soften, but this time the convulsions will give the woman's uterus with a strong stimulation, both of the coming pleasure. new york escort

Women at high tide, about three to five minutes will recover, recovery after such men should be repeated up and down movement, the women into the next high tide, which only two sides to taste experience to experience.

If we get this sense of climax three times, nine out of ten women will cry from the heart: "I die!"

At this time, a large male sperm can be suppressed breath injection. So, your woman will be your loyal servant of love.
we all need to admit sex is very important, and  no everyone can have beautiful girlfriend or sth.Don't to refuse the basic desire,order new york asian escorts ,it's the easy and fun thing.

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