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Some of my past

Some of my past

I called Liu Ting, 28 years old this year. * Hospital last year after the internship, here to open a small medical clinic, employed an assistant nurse. Usually the business is good, very busy.

One day, when I read the last patient, taking a break, there is a girl came to see a doctor, said that the stomach pain. I looked at the medical table, this woman named Lee, 18 years old. I looked and found her body, about five feet six inches. The place of the concave is concave, the place of the convex convex, not fat not thin, just. As the saying goes 18 no ugly woman. Her skin rosy, slippery slide lost, lovely pole.

Because of her stomach pain, I probe overheating and blood pressure, he told her to lie down and to the examination table. Then, the assistant nurse put her shirt opened, so I checked. Through the column to press her stomach, liver, and intestine. I deliberately slowly to enjoy her tofu-like tender skin. Finally, when I click to the position of the uterus, she "Ah," out in pain a. I "" sound, say, appears to be a gynecological disease. So I asked her menstruation, and of amount, she said two months did not come. I Do pregnant? So I said to her: "Miss Lee, here, pain, things can be very flexible, because the position of the uterus, cervical screening," she heard Dailiaoyixia blush. Assistant nurse to let her get up, pants and panties off to the locker room. I sat and waited for her. Out from the locker room, Lee, accompanied by assistant nurses down to the front of me, her head down, blushing, his hands clutching the edge of the jacket, desperately hold down, to cover the naked lower body.

I told her to relax a little. In her lying on the exam table, I told her legs propped up out at the feet flat on the table. Her legs are white and slender, and even a little scar. Oh! I watched, I'm actually a little excited. Finally, I saw her genitals, vagina closed.

It seems at the child which So, I carefully hand stretched her vaginal opening, and then open the flashlight to the inside photo. Oh, is that the hymen is too thick, blocking the blood, the blood flow back into the uterus, so the pain will be.

In fact, which, as long as the hymen with a scalpel strokes of a plan to get, but I am not willing. So, I would like to have a financial, I told her: "this disease is very serious, But hand tail longer nothing to follow-up consultation. Two days later, come back!" Finished on some painkillers for her. So, I began to plan. I think Lee, the little guy is a bit hard, it seems, well miss approach. Thus, in Lee to follow-up consultations the day before, I said to the nurse: "Tomorrow let you take a day off." Nurse Coke died, because her six months to not let false. Later, long island hot asian escort asked me: "Doctor, you a pedestrian not ah?" I said: "Tomorrow is Tuesday, the number of patients would be less, you put a Bai heart." Tomorrow is Tuesday, the true and exciting miles.

That night, I sleep how to sleep to feel, so he went to my good friend - beautiful. Unknowingly came to the Paradise Club, the mother gave birth to one to see me, on a beautiful point for me. Into the wing to sit for a while, the door opened, a beautiful one, then do not say, flew into my arms, offer kisses. The one hand I kissed her hands to her tour.

Soon, I almost began to light to unlock the beautiful clothes, when everyone's body are not an obstacle, we began. Two hours later, I have fun with the return, lying on the bed asleep.

Morning, as usual, plus chocolate milk millet to eat my favorite film, but an additional two eggs.

Extend our impact, and wait for the next to know. My heart wants what, I'm afraid I know! Ha ha.

I Chunfengmanmian land, came to the medical door, Zuozhen,. There know that before the morning at ten o'clock, under a heavy downpour, the rain falls to 2:00 pm only slightly smaller.

Alas! It seems hopeless. , One patient did not really give me. Really boring, or surf the internet! Heart care, so that the time is too slow. Looked at the clock, half past four, and was thinking what to cook food in the evening when suddenly Mao Zhaoyu rushed in. Closer scrutiny, the original is what I wait, ° ° Lee. I immediately the spirit of Bai times, quickly installed to do the busy look, Lee knocks twice, and asked her to come.

After a greeting, a chair, long island hot asian escort sat I front of the stage I asked: "Your circumstances surrounding it?" She said that the efficacy on pain. I said: "That in-depth check to see may hurt.

I give you painkillers to stop. "It was not painkillers. Take off the lower body clothing, she lying to the examination table, I would pretend to check it out.

Until she fainted, I can not wait to finally the fastest took off his clothes, threw herself into her body, and then only then to take off her shirt and bra. Oh! The girl's body fragrance, let me kiss her Xiangchun left hand attack to her breasts, soft shells hand, right hand to touch all over her body. And then down to kiss, kiss you kiss, bite nipples, kiss kiss, kiss a belly button and kiss kiss, and finally to the last of the Holy Land.

Lee closed the vagina after my stimulated a little moist, it seems the time, I try to separate her thighs and then take a pillow into her ass for better. I prop up the upper body with both hands, use right hand the starched brother righting at the imports, slowly, slowly sinking. Oh!

Brother's head touched the vagina, hey! Can not find the entrance of miles! Forced to help brother's hand, stretched labia, ah!

With the.

Narrow point, my boy but slowly, little by little into, and then a little before going into that. Made me sweat. Finally broke through her hymen. I have desires hearts and minds, refused to take a narrow, forced into.

At this time Lee, the issue Wuwu sound. Evidently she quickly woke, I was shocked, sub-Wan and Sun break off out. Hey! Vent!

No way, I had to put my boy out of her moist vagina. Look at her pussy, red and wet, vagina out of her blood's fine too! Then I went to the pharmacy between down some of chloroform in a handkerchief, cover your nose of Lee, she did wake up fast, but the smell of chloroform, again faint in the past. I call the breath, a good insurance!

After this round of sports, I did not re-enter her intention, then took a emitter mounted a saline, Lee carefully cleaning the vagina. I stuffed the tip portion of the emitter into the Li Yue vagina, and then press the saline slowly enter into her vagina, cervix.

I almost pull out the emitter, the vagina was filled with water of course, the outflow coming. I quickly absorbent throat next to her hole, siphoning off the fast outflow of water, then slowly into the Portal, of course, when I very carefully, otherwise it will hurt her Roubi. Suck some water, I once again filling.

Repeated four times, I look at the original outflow Choshui lighter crimson, becomes transparent. I put a pillow under her buttocks to move to the waist, the lower part of the Lee down, so the remaining water out.

Well, finally the great work was completed. Rub some anti-inflammatory drugs, her clothes, and fell back to ammonia in the handkerchief, get her to wake up.

Lee slowly regained consciousness, she asked why fainted, I say you may be tired, so sleep.

She looked down embarrassed.

I said: "I find your blood collection in the cervix, if you do not put it clear, I am afraid will turn into a tumor disease, so I cleaned it." Li Yue Dailiaoyixia that said: "I ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ I comforted her and said: "What age? no one will care. Moreover, you are forced to for the body envisaged. If your boyfriend is in doubt, I give you card, okay? I have now the anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers to give you, if the discomfort can be 24-hour call me, I immediately look at you. "Then, he showed really smile. Lee listened to poetry, happy thanks, got up and put on underwear and pants, to pay took a drug to go home. Ha ha! Done! Go back and readily readily lot. I was ecstatic!

I go home, eat a meal, a bath. Sitting in the Court of shook his foot TV broadcast that incomprehensible, noisy show, look at me dizzy steering. Is took the remote control, you want the turntable, and suddenly the phone to them.

I'll wait for it to more than few times, just lazy to pick up.

"Hello?" I said.

I heard a familiar voice: "Hey, longevity, I'm back! I see you, come to me to please? I just got off the machine, tired yo!" I said: "Ok, I immediately rushed to the scene, goodbye. "Then hung up the phone flying the never ending clothes.

It turned out that my girlfriend took the degree of Doctor of Laws to come back! She was small I was three years, three years ago, she went to England to study law, Dr. At that time, we also reluctant to part with surprise, gone on for three years.

Finally, the only escape out from the crowded fleet. Parked car on the lift to my girlfriend's house. I pressed the bell, put in the downstairs florist to buy the bird of paradise stand in the face, so she was pleasantly surprised.

Sure enough, she opened the door met with flowers, very happy to accept. Then, we came to the French wet kiss, we almost breathe when separate.

Then I gasp and said: "Ye Fang, I want you!" And then looked at her and said: "you." Ye Fang said: "You too." We phase looked a long time, I suddenly thought: "hey! Are you hungry? go out to eat or takeout? "Ye Fang said:" called to come back to eat. "So I tried to call the downstairs tearoom called the dish her favorite Sin Chew Fried.

Ye Fang said: "I take a bath!" I asked: "how do you just not wash?" She was at me, said: "I'm afraid you do not have the door into!" Soon, Sin Chew Fried sent up, I went into the bathroom in her bedroom to call her out to eat. When I want to knock on the bathroom door and found the door did not shut it, Ye Fang's body for me is a familiar and simple, but I still can not help but stand there looking. Her uniform body, long shoulder-length hair a little volume, the breasts of moderate size, the micro-protrusion of the lower abdomen, sparse pubic hair, ah! To die, see my desires high.

Then Yefang also aware that to me at the door, and deliberately turned to the front towards me. So, I finally take action. Yin Xiao side took off his clothes, and then slowly went into the bathroom and let the warm water to wet my body against her back, so a little erection little brother to rub her buttocks, waist. Hands out into the front, touch her breasts, rub another twist. Mouth busy biting, licking her ears, neck, shoulders.

Get get with her soft, said:   devil! Do not so keen on the color good? I have not sex, hate. Wu Wu ┅ ┅ "I said:" you mess with me, did not talk about the price. "I took her hand, I sit on the toilet, her legs apart frame to my waist, her hands my little brother hold the alignment of her hole. Back straight, his hands one of her ass, the younger brother gone into her vagina her "ah" sound, I would stop their activities, quickly asked her: "how do you now?" She calls a few tone: "Never mind, sometimes can not meet the monster about to break into." So I let her sit on my body, lower body does not move, my visage forward to kiss her breasts, neck.

But soon enough, she said: "We continue.

Engage in this way, an hour later, when we dressed, the Sin Chew Fried cold, Ye Fang twisted my thighs look, said: "If you just mess things up, I can eat Sin Chew Fried! "I quickly said:" The reward Miss Ye Fangda loss in order to fill, I would like to eat seafood dinner and supper, in straight sets. "Ha ha! That night, I am of course in Yefang home overnight!

The next day, as usual to return to the clinics, the nurse saw me and asked: "Dr. Jiang, yesterday, no one to see the doctor.?" I said: "Of course, do my patients to see you come ? "She said:" was not a na! yesterday, rain, no people is nothing new. and inland downtown floods landslides because of the heavy rains of the even field, I heard that there are casualties. "I listen to into the interior, well! Inland. Heard here, I have not listened to what she went on to say.

I slowly sat down on my chair, his thoughts drifted on a rainy night five years ago in the inland ┅ ┅ At that time, my medical last year-end leave, in order to properly relax, and several a students together to inland travel. A classmate surnamed Ye pressured to bring his sister counterparts, we are against, because we all want because of who is no reason why a girl close at hand? His sister know that we are opposed to her to, and their CD, I followed the lead of her by her brother about me out in order to convince me. This unruly girl is Yefang.

Appointment that day, I'm used to early to set about location, that is what I love to go to the teahouse, ask the next set of tea between the number, I directly went to the one opened the door, saw a short hair. The oval face of the woman sitting inside, she also happens to look over, we played a side photo, she gave me the feeling, the people of one refuse to give up until all hope is gone. Thus, we introduce each other, and sat down, I'm not a hard-hearted, after a heated debate, let her join the.

That morning, they came to my house, and then got into my pickup truck off. We have a total of six people, five men and one woman. Because the seat beside the driver is an independent, so let Yefang sitting next to me.

The four boys to squeeze in a pile. Because, I want to concentrate on driving, so drink plenty of water, eat biscuits should help from the people, so Yefang busy delivery handed it to me.
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