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The passion of the train toilet

The passion of the train toilet

 That I was a freshman, just go to college, but also more love at home, when the November holiday so decided to go home. To save money, I decided to take the train back. However, when I went to the train, I found I made a rookie mistake: at the wrong time, wrong choice of the trips home, and bought standing tickets! 

    On the train later, I found that sad, even a station where I can not find! Full to the brim inside the station, the men and women crowded into a pile, reminds me of a pig truck pull. Fighting back the hearts of frustration, I squeeze in the car twenty meters, and finally a few more pleasing to the eye of the little girl appears in front of stopped. Hey, because we are predators, of course, looking for a woman to find a place in many places, ha ha. After a long wait, the height of the bull with a loud cry as if the train whistle, difficult and I began a journey of happiness.

    All in all, open up after the train is fairly smooth. However, if too many people, and then smooth the car and ultimately friction. In such crowded circumstances, as a pervert, I do not know if it would be too sorry we took the opportunity to mooch the name of head of the satyr is not. Ever since, when the train started soon after, I will already eyeing my body close to the beauty. Hey, this woman about Yi Miqi zero height, tight hips, tall peaks, plus glamorous surpass Muto blue face, let me look at her impulse had once dry.

    At her side, smelling the sweat of her body reveals a slightly fragrant, I secretly used to rub her breast arm, with a strong feeling in the TV drama soft to the touch, I really want happiness immediately shot her a look! After the initial test, Queens independent asian escort did not feel any violent reaction, I had more insatiable. Not only relies on her more tightly, and still no trace of the hand to touch her on the buttocks. Wow, I feel, I just turned cool day! It makes enjoying the ecstasy of pleasure, I found out that my choice was very wise ah. 

    So sneaky beauty of eating tofu, my dick like a javelin in the same stand at the beauty of the lower body half an hour! Perhaps tired of being harassed me, I may be a desire to grind, that I am a beautiful white, then lying in my ear said something: a small predators, like Gengshuang it? Come with me! Heard these words, originally thought to eat tofu was arrested after going to suffer, and my heart drumming I could die happy. Such as a roller coaster of change is not part of the action heart is unable to appreciate the beauty of it. Beauty in front to clear the way, I followed closely in the back, we pushed the toilet next to the other people do not react, we wear very quickly into the toilet and plug the toilet door. This creature in front of watching, I can not wait to hug her in my arms, her mouth to bite to Yingtaoxiaokou.

   In order to enjoy this beautiful lilac second tongue, my hands while roughly kneading whom the soul of this just let me fly Jiao milk, my dick, curling a higher and more firm. I may have been stimulated is broken, trembling small beautiful small hand untied my belt, grabbed my dick quick Taonong up, I obviously feel her body trembling, her heart was moaning, Queens independent asian escort is in somewhere the body of the urgent need to make up my emptiness! To repay the favor of beauty, after ten minutes of kissing up, I gently take off all her clothes, real shirt and pants, and then bra and panties. When I carefully watch the semi-perfect by carcass on me, my lower body began to replace the brain began to dominate my body. Nothing flirting foreplay, no nothing Lianxiangxiyu, lifted her legs one, holding firm 2 more than the old steel door in her jade smear a few mussels, my back straight and hips, look into her the deepest, Siegen did not enter! However, the insertion of the moment, I seem to hear the sound of breaking something!

    Fighting back into the pleasure, I looked down beauty Qiao Lian. Amazing, is not the point of it I was too rude, how do you look like a cry ah? We closely look at the site, oh my god, how bloody the ah? Millionth of a second in this short time, my brain turned countless years, Maya, I this is what hit the Grand Canal you? Or how casually molested a beautiful virgin ah! However, Queens independent asian escort Shoushenruyu so long, Why must the car in this shabby cheaper my toilet? Can not help? I see the portrait of? Or this guy look really handsome, so strong-willed beauty met later and I could not help but to love? Pretty amazing, too puzzling! Shuaishuai some faint head, I decided not to think these make the greatest philosophers of the problem difficult to understand, to concentrate on enjoying this unexpected scenery.

    Microstrip apology red beauty chuckle about, I started to pull out my little some of the root. Although I try to make some of my gentle and playful movements, I still see her little brow slightly wrinkled, she grabbed my fingers feel more force, maybe my arm would also like her as a part of the bleeding it! Strong encouragement to see her eyes, I began to worry the twitch up. The beginning, she is still some pain from time to time the issue slightly painful groan, but when I slowly but firmly under Choucha more than twenty, I feel dry and astringent stagnation of the trail had started slowly wet up, Accordingly, her moans from the pain of change is also cheerful and looking forward to.

   This undoubtedly gave me encouragement to continue. Good sense, and I began to slowly increase the intensity of Choucha This is a very technical content of the work, neither let her just to ease the pain of relapse, not let her have the pleasure subsided slightly, I patiently, step by step Choucha with. Hard work pays off, and after dozens of under Choucha, I finally felt the response from the depths of the deep forest, her moans growing, and began twisting my body to meet the pumping. To this step, I know I can start lambasting the unscrupulous!

   Use a little more force, under my top two or three, each and all to the path of the deepest depth. No pain to see her reaction, I began a harsh campaign the old two up, look under the Choucha a clash next ah her belly and stuck his bottom, I feel I am now so full, I know, and I feel she is the same. Like the hard-working bees, my old brother in the muddy trails 2, the cheerful busy, sprint forward.

    Return was a secret even than the waves of sweet Huayu. With our lively action, he calls into a long moan from the howling, the howling of extreme freshness. Oh - ah ~~~~~ Oh ... ... ..., and then forced point, hard dry me a good brother, a series of such sounds in my ear recall. In response, my dick harder the work. When our body because of the excitement and hard and sweat, I felt a sharp burst of the muddy trails of contraction, which made me unconsciously to speed up the Choucha rhythm, the same as Liu Xiang sprint. Ten seconds later, I felt a few shares of a hot liquid poured vent on my dick bald, it could not be a foregone conclusion already almost certain to fall to spray into her path. After it is comfortable to cramp spasm.

    After the Passion, when we have to go clean up the toilet properly, I found around the audience with extremely lustful eyes staring at us, pulled her into my arms, my head held high the car went inside, leaving the audience a back of the head!

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