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Female students forgot to bring the key

Female students forgot to bring the key

Queens escort agency is living in my house four weeks of a junior female students, but also just moved to near neighbors, live in my house upstairs, which is the top floor. In recent years, child growth and development and more, only the third year, she has been slim. Long hair, Queens escort agency always pony, people clearly saw her fragrant white neck. 

Every evening I came home, saw her sitting on the stairs is always around, I understand that Queens escort agency forgot the key. I asked, looking at her "parents are not home you??" She looked at me shyly smiled and nodded to me, her smile is very cute, always make people feel the sweet feeling I took out the keys to open the door and let her into the apartment stairs, etc., she obediently went. In this way, a week class for five days, she always has a band is to forget three key, plus her parents go out to work, come home late, so she probably is to triple the wind outside until her parents came back to sleep.

   Sometimes I eat a little something to her, "you eat this." "Thank you!" "A person will not be too boring ah?!" "'s Okay!" She sighs with a smile. Is such, She is very easygoing, but also not afraid of life, excellent harmony, that is, we know each other slowly. To her in high school, Queens escort agency attended a girls' school is that school, she was as before, five days into the three days with no day, I came back early because of nothing but, I have found a man she stayed on the outside sitting ┅ "Key has had forgotten it?!" she habitually I nodded, my habit is to let her into the apartment downstairs door.

    She first on the floor, I looked up behind closed doors after they saw her turn under the beautiful dress, high school girls' uniforms are not always give people the same feeling, coupled with the development of more mature, she is more beautiful and moving, I With the giving of her heart suddenly the claws of desire. After I got home, put down the things on hand, eyes closed, sitting on the sofa, but my mind was full of her cute appearance, coupled with her school uniform to wear that beautiful look, even my dream to move to weigh the soul, not their own. I simply

   got up and left the house, upstairs slowly. I came to her door and found her sitting on the stairs, leaning the body leaning on the railing, on the day of class is probably tired of it! She is a nap to rest, to move closer to the bag is on her lap, I found I did not see her go on her, do not want to wake her, but slowly, slowly close to her, gently and quietly sat in her side. Moment I am close to her so close, that she really is Meirenpeizai, face scrub, and a little thin, rosy mouth, coupled with her a pair of beautiful eyes, close your eyes can cause even can not help but fall in love with her. I told her already involuntarily, unconsciously leaned slowly to her face, and finally my mouth in her mouth on Qingzhuo bit and found that she did not wake up this light, it will continue to deepen the depth of the kiss suddenly there was a small resistance force will push me. She looked at some resistance and fear, "You want me to do?!" I found her a little scared and tried to comfort her and said "all right, but I can not help you, afraid you are a person too boring, to accompany accompany you. "

    " I'm still young, do not tell me to make such a move, otherwise, I must tell my father said. "I hate I feel her move for her, but she out of her father to complain to the speech , apartment living, I believe that soon I will be treated as predators are reporting, the heart does not have a courage to make a pound, since to do it more thoroughly. I sneered, "is it?!" I speak in my hand while she has been quick stretch skirts, across her panties rub her vagina four weeks. She scared endless tunnel, "Do not!, No!" She said, I want to block with a bag, and I want to Dangxia violation of her hand.

   I feel funny about her innocence, then with the other hand grabbed her hand bag, and take advantage of to plug back to her. She found my hand weapons have been easily won, kicking it with me, I want to stop this drink, let me stop her abuse. Although she is kicking kicks, but I easily caught her slender legs and broke out of her white panties have been greeted more aroused I want to destroy her actions.

   Advantage of the opportunity to move my body and the middle of her legs, which would arch her whole body, like the thigh inward away again want to resist, I will be seeing the body pressed to her body leaning against her legs on the ground together . I arrived with the left shoulder with her right thigh control her, although she can be free to move the other foot I do have no alternative but to continue to play my back and my hand has reached into the vagina four weeks continuously under skirt to fondle her private parts, stand in her other hand rub on the chest. She cried, crying, "Do not ┅ ┅, help ah! ┅ help ┅" I see her the more we cried, afraid she would live with other people, this apartment is noisy out, they blocked her mouth with the mouth , so that she could not say anything. When my fingers into her private parts came induction moist,

     my heart can no longer stop her assault, friends of friends opened a chain of pants so that they stand little brother stuck his head out long, and Her body righting, and her legs stretched out to half-sit for her situation, she set her feet off the ladder and sat in the same ladder, and I knelt on the low seat her on a ladder and broke her across the top of her underwear vagina, penis near her vagina then crossing Yam, all have been in position, while the busy movement of her being helpless? weep, suddenly saw my cock is her vagina front, and my heart is anxious, my hand trying to open, originally opened in the thigh outside inward is rapidly shrinking. I see she had the open door about to close, but also gave her pain, the glans has arrived at her door on it directly destroy Huanglong, cock directly into her vagina, she then covered her how to think into her vagina can not keep my speed, will immediately even shouting "

    ah! ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ Ming hurts ┅" I was afraid her voice will be straight to the sky, wake the apartment tenants, covering it with his right hand her mouth, her left hand to push live close together in front thighs to her breasts, waist and continue to move forward Choucha. Her virgin tight vagina really close, and found I just did not make my cock Choucha entire corridor into her mouth, plus she does not want to be in violation of the thigh to move closer to shrink, so that her vagina more compaction. In order to break the hymen high school girls, I gave up nothing, and mouth to block her mouth to prevent her screaming, grabbed her legs and forced his hands broke out,

  when her whole mouth wide open vagina, Sure enough cock has some depth, but has not yet been entered, the rest I had to squeeze down hard and with all one's strength, she'd rather die, began crying, and said to me for mercy "Please put me? ?! I promise you do not tell my parents, good! "where I care so much, continue to pressure down the right hand close to her buttocks, my cock hard to go the direction of the collision, after finally breaking her hymen, and she in that instant the whole body shaking so badly she wanted to scream to understand, he was to live my mouth defense, only deep kissing in my room Well squeak out loud.

   Just break the hymen of the vagina really close, it is difficult to spare. But heaven on a willing heart, to matter sorted out her extremely cool, I still continue to depths of as much as possible to Choucha, twisting the body will continue to vigorously penetrate. Sure enough, dozens of Choucha under another pound after a few more along the more push, coupled with constantly pouring her vagina moist Aiye, I saw her covered with blood red Aiye Fallen flowers, but also smell the virgin taste , little brother is to enhance the hardness, continue to move inside her vagina strong attack.

  I have every Choucha, her back will be back off to her bag, the bag so that she reduce her impact on a lot of my strength, I believe I told her she should be aware of and considerate. And from the beginning of her vagina slightly dry to extremely wet now, I believe I have contributed to her Choucha. She is a perfect female high school students, the first time in her life so I am forced to be captured, although I feel so cool right, but her soul is still somewhat apologetic, had to replace all of the best services, sorry. To the last moment, I realized that I would ejaculate, they never gave her shouting, hand left her mouth, his hands holding her waist ring.

  And then when I found that she did not sound, replace some Shenling sound, I put her bags to move to her waist, she leaned against the stone steps where nearly right angles, and lifted her legs to my waist and cross-pinned, so holding her hand waist and the bag in one hand and holding her head in position and strength of continued perfusion with the body in her genitals, the fast inward vigorously Choucha, I found her voice more loudly Shenling, but I did not stop her, because I like her so cried. I finally broke out all the white liquid to her womb, she unconsciously body cling to me, and I go in the final shot, while his hands on her plump ass pressure, so I stick to more internal inserted into her vagina. Although I have shot the semen, but I still did not set aside from her vagina, to continue in her vagina moist tenderness and pressure, so that all the semen a clean vent. Met, I whisper to her ear next to the authentic "comfort you??!"

    She did not directly answer me, just looked at me with moist eyes and face, and my cock slowly shrinking inside her vagina . "Even with your father that you??" I'm sure she did not give the answer. I set aside from her vagina to my little brother, little brother is the moment to soften, top covered with her red Aiye. I looked at her vagina constantly surrounded by a red liquid out, know that I am hurting her, then bent over with, with the mouth tongue constantly licking her vaginal injuries, and swallowed the red Fallen flowers all make my mouth.

      After a child, I finally finished with a paragraph, I looked down at her street, I held her to lean her head on my shoulder, she's perched on my chest and gently with your fingers in her vagina mouth round draw, she started Shen Ling eyes closed, I will be accelerated to make up for her a circle of speed, and finger into her vagina once again let her climax. Finally, she finally could not help but arch the body, but also Lengheng a cry, before I stopped fingering her vagina in the mouth, fingers into her vagina but not Choucha. After a child to see her meet before leaving. I put her panties and skirts are the property locate and hold her gently in her ear and asked, "and also with your father say that?!?"

     She finally smiled shyly shook his head I said "not a . "I heard her say, harder to get hold of her and kissed her mouth down and said," I will not let you after such a door, I will accompany you until your parents return at home. "" ah! "She finally revealed her sweet smile. I told her after the relationship is very extraordinary, and sometimes she would come to my house, our relationship is always unknown.

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