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Noodle female boss

Noodle female boss

Because they were recently transferred evening, working always from the afternoon until midnight. I had missed breakfast and gradually began to eat breakfast the day. The back of a noodle house, a not very eye but to eat from the count quite a variety of noodle and wife is a 30-year-old middle-aged woman, her husband is working in Chunghwa Telecom, had two children, like the boss fifth of it! This noodle stand is open until today, I heard that because of her husband's income from work is not child's expenses, so that Brooklyn vip escort put noodle business, anyway, do have to eat the food also lacks a well, before the original just after, as now, never thought would eat every day, probably because it is cheaper!

    After all this time around is not Tingduo income, plus they are neighbors to eat on every day and join in with the patron and wife is a standard middle-aged women, there is no version of the same good friends that when Aventure body, but rather 32B and weight loss is probably about the body, never showing his face because of work one day more beautiful dress by Wang Li's eat something, because it will not get paid enough to eat the bowl, and thought to myself Do you want to add pieces of spiced corned egg, it seems, I see through the Xiangsha boss, said: eat, stewed very tasty today.  should be able to eat my math, and find a seat to sit down, waiting for when watching the boss .. Huh?

    Today's dress very young, although only T-shirt and jeans, but I feel by the very young, looking to squat Shihai underwear, eating and watching on the side of the boss, said: Today, no one seems to see my boss arrested a chair to sit down and chat with me, after eating I went back after work to colleagues set out to corner, no way a car tire, but had no money for work colleagues, was walking home through the alley, through the boss at home see the boss is to shut the shop, with her say hello, Brooklyn vip escort asked: earlier today from work ah. I answered: Yes, ah do not get a job! She asked me hungry, indeed I'm hungry, but got left 11 pockets, not to smile! It does not matter to another day in the boss said, I sat down and waited to eat, while eating boss he is busy, although Brooklyn vip escort has not eaten in a busy but the sound is also quite embarrassing, we casually asked, said: your husband has not come back ah?

   She said: He read a friend's house with kids today lottery. I thought to myself: Oh - that are keen to hit a guy eating .. ah go say hello, took a bath after returning home, open the drawer to see plus some change, though they are some of the $ 5, $ 1, hit one side just enough to scrape together the money, or, thought not owe people money so they went, noodle around, go outside her house when the iron down the left half, I called a few times out, the low head and looked, without thinking of the drilling to go into the house while I go inside while yelling boss, can have no unsuspecting boss rushed seems to be shocked out of like, the body only package a towel, I saw a kind of awkward situation I do not know how to do.

     I spoke said: sorry, I have come to face money .... boss also set the state of inner peace with a smile: Fortunately, there are around towel, or are you see the light, I can head with a wry smile: I put money in here. Boss did not say what would go in the bathroom, and had wanted to leave, but look what an heart there is a desire to tiptoe into the bathroom next to the crack, looked inside and saw boss is wash your hair, and my heart desire to ignite the physiological response to lower body swelling has been eroded to their own rational animal, I went door to door, mental confusion, I walked back to the bathroom next to the still quietly watching Fortunately, I opened the door to go after inside, the wife suddenly see me from the mirror, turn around and looked at me surprised, I do not know what to say, a boss like to stay like this, barely a few of my words: I really was to see the light.

    Originally I thought that boss will fire, but no one thought she just laughed a few times, I usually say that they will obediently even peek woman bathing. I would be embarrassed to say this up, she went on to say: good! Eat also eat, see also see the full, and soon go back! I blushed expansion, said: I can touch it? She looked at me surprised, and then asked you not girlfriend ah? Touch girlfriend thousand million! Well - I think, ah, but no money, but not a big guy, how can there be a girl like me ..

   I smile honest answer, perhaps because of excessive irritation or swelling of my lower body, I care if no one spoke that boss in the eyes .. Oh oh you excited? I was embarrassed to say this do not know how to do, but added jokingly boss while holding her hair while talking about: I have your old lady will be excited. I looked at the boss rolled up a shoulder-length hair, holding hands and showing a twist from the armpit of the armpit hair to see my heart beat faster, I listen to see their own heartbeats, Zhang Hong face off with the lower body to me through But the gas, and does not know where's the courage I hugged her boss's back and lower body against her buttocks and wife shocked me to let go, my hands rubbing her nipples, lower body stop dawdling.

    Boss opened my hand and said girls do not like people so hard, I think this sentence is intuition suggests, it will slowly release the boss hand turn over, looked at her body lower body swelling more uncomfortable, he took her hand to touch my lower body, boss is not very willing to start, I was forced to pull her touching up, I am more excited about the clothes in a hurry to hold the bathroom naked and boss She thought the door did not break me, hold out after she glanced at the door, telling me: I am in the end is to pay back the money, or look at?

    I did not ignores her, she was on the table and opened her thighs force of sucking her lower body, I have been excited he just can not get away pressing her head to rely on my lower body , the wife seems to be carried away by this betrayal of the atmosphere did not say what the first had started sucking, as she moves constantly rolling my lower body numb, can not stand! She picked up her directly on the table, opened her legs close to the lower body, slowly insert with the insert, the wife's face from fear to joy constantly changing. In the fall, after several pumping the fork actually vent out, perhaps awakened by an hydrothermal let boss, happy to say: Why shoot in it, and if pregnant how to do?

   I think said: If Mr. can you say it? Boss unhappy, said: long time did not tell her husband did, how could her husband's. Boss thought for a moment, said: Forget it! Go to the hospital medication like, anyway, she is old lady of the people will not ask. My heart suddenly put down a stone, I asked while wiping the sperm side, said: Mr. Nani do not you do not want to do thee? Toilet paper she handed to me while his mouth she would not like old President, more than 30 years old who want to, but not Chen Mei's body. I side dress says: In fact, you body good, given birth to two children can also be thin, others may become fat, and good friends! From the boss's face seems to look out like the praise. Chat a few words after the home, before he asked the boss if we do not make things out later you can always like this? Boss stunned Lenz said: Of course we can not say, say on the dead.

   I interrupted: I will not say went! After thee .... but I want to boss said nothing, but that the future can not be found in the home. After I went back home that day, or just chewing things today, and after a few days later I still eat the same thing, because I feel embarrassed to go the next day, it touches boss at the very start to ask: how did so many days to? I smiled and said: no it! Remitted to eat things that come a few days, so it did not come out to eat, as usual eating something, is not the same thing to the end boss when a voice said to me down: After 7 am to 9 pm this time she was fine.

    Having left back is busy, and I also head around just that sentence, to pay a low voice when I say: Every day I will be 7 to open the door, came to me early in the morning the next day ... 7:00 to open the door I will not wait, really could not sleep all night, had almost exhausted after working back, but today it is so looking forward to the morning, less than for a I opened the door, is the boss, wearing very plain clothes came in, see that she was nervous, I asked, how empty this time, she said her husband set out the morning the children go to school on the way to go to work, so this time she can, over 9 going to buy food back to her shop, I did not say anything after listening to a hold her over, touched her hand did not wear underwear, pants, and I stripped of her clothes and a smile, began dating my friends who I do not claim absolute strong sexuality, kinky sex and no noise in the language, did not target users are not the good fortune body, to not look good people, and my story is absolutely true.

   , absolutely extraordinary, and she has already spent my nearly four months, or I am most looking forward to, although she is aware of her husband, children, but this time to gradually recover her own self-confidence, her face had a glance, I am 25 years old and my 36-year-old she was, our difference of 11 years old, but we remain the same for each other's needs, from food to the physical comfort and even the heart, only we were only aware of it, today the story is written in a version because I and her first time out to date, this Saturday I told her to go to the movies, two days before the morning he let me see her specifically to buy clothes, she so beautiful, really, at least I think this two hours she is my everything, we share each other's heart trouble, joy, to cherish each moment of embracing the body, This is her story belongs to me.

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