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My sister is mahhatan japanese escort

My sister is mahhatan japanese escort

      My sister and brother and sister is not feeling well, but unlike some deep feelings between the brothers and sisters in the family then do not say, even small talk between us, which may be the main reason is because of my personality a little bit eccentric, often people find it difficult to digest, easy to close, on the contrary, my sister has a lot of good friends.  In childhood, mahhatan japanese escort has been let me, plus I have more high-handed and sometimes vexatious so great a long time mahhatan japanese escort did not reply to my question. Now we have each married to sum up the feelings of our siblings so many years, I think only the word can be used to describe the cold --- although we should not have taken place in things. 

      My house is a three-storey building, the parents live on the second floor, my sister and I lived on the third floor, we have their own room, we usually do not travel, we have a shared library, but I often bored in his room playing games, watching martial arts, my sister stayed in the study usually learn only when the lunch break or at night to her room to sleep, so life continued for many years, so young our lives when the placid, until my last high school one night I wet dream, the quiet life has since been broken. That night I dreamed of a naked woman threw himself on me, then immediately wake up in a burst of pleasure, surprise, pleasure being felt hazy and moist cool earth in the crotch, I clawed through underwear underwear on one leg to see articles messy, cold heart in half the time, I thought I got sick, I put the panties off and stuffed into a bedside table, then went to clean the bathroom, go back to bed actually a good night sleep the next day not dare to say, This paranoid, shaken over two months has been nothing to even slightly at ease, when the idea is that no matter what disease are charged with this matter up. I will then masturbate, and that since the dream of naked women, you often masturbate in the room, every time shot, and then use to get my first piece of clean underwear and then still go to the bedside.

     sister grew very sensible, has been cooking and laundry to help his mother clean up the home, when parents are often busy and could not work at home, my impression of them are basically my sister wash the clothes, good food every day I am her watch TV or eat on the homework, she was washing clothes, brushing the bowl in the back room to learn, even if her performance is still so good and I just generally like the results. One night I went back to the room to prepare routine, open the bedside cabinet suddenly found missing piece of underwear, we all know that semen is sticky, piece of underwear for repeatedly wipe the semen, are glued into a ball, the fact that not the "section", and can only say that "group" underwear. I immediately thought of my sister, mahhatan japanese escort must take to wash, I put a good pants on the first floor rushed to my bedside to ask her sister's underwear does she have to say I went straight to the wash, so big, and their do not know do not know to wash clothes out every time, go to your room to find, after you wash your own good. I heard great embarrassment, I underwear that way, mahhatan japanese escort can certainly see it is not normal, as if she knew because of masturbation cause I do not know. There is a word called Xiufen endless can describe my feelings at that time, I yelled after her do not touch my clothes, she immediately has the mouth that will not let me touch his words, when I like to wash your clothes Yeah. I turned and went upstairs breath, down stairs to see the glass down, the hospital in my boxer briefs in a piece of light blue light on it is fluttering in the wind. I went back to the room angrily endless, and a little ashamed, do not want to sleep under anything, like I stumbled in bed naked woman that has blown my side, I suddenly woke up, when I listen to The water rushing to the bathroom in the ring, beautiful naked woman lingering brain again, I suddenly wanted to see her sister's body in the end is what, I quietly went to the bathroom door, my sister may think I fell asleep , the bathroom door ajar, bathroom frosted glass sliding doors are not closed, I unlatched the door through to a look, my head hum is heard, the whole body almost hit the wall to the door, my sister is back I painted for the wall facing the bath fluid, smooth and delicate skin on the bubble a little bit, sort of a small ass slightly tilted, the body neither fat nor thin, well-proportioned properly, leaned her son James finished the bath liquid bath liquid bottle into the hanging wall, I saw a pair of strong full symmetry of the breasts, thighs below the middle of a small piece of black pubic hair above the adhesion of white liquid bubble bath, I could clearly hear his heart beating, like the heavy drums like, I think my heart out to be terminated immediately ......bubble sister who is obliterated, I heard the whistle sound of the door, my parents came back, I quickly fled back to their quiet room, a long time can not be quiet, like Zhong Lexie, as her sister's lower body is bent to see what that black patch of hairy flesh is full of all my desires. Because it was too late, my mother and sister upstairs downstairs, said a few words, and I hard to wait for several hours, during which I masturbate a few times now is unclear, and has to sleep downstairs parents, sister The room has also long been a movement did not, I quietly opened the door barefoot, her sister come to the door, make sure everything is normal I opened the door quietly sister relationship, listening to my sister even breathing flashlight, she lying on his back, one leg curled just wide open thigh, body sideways a thin blanket to cover the thigh from the chest, accompanied by the sound of my heartbeat pound sister who will slowly Xiandao thin blanket on her stomach that night She wore a loose pink panties, I gently appropriated her crotch panties aside to reveal her genitals to a half, pink Rouban, shaking hands I touched, I think What kind of look at the inside may then be too nervous, finger ineffective vitality Road re-point, perhaps the sister hurting or how, and anyway, when my sister suddenly shaking a bit, I scared immediately retracted the arm, she a movement, curl the leg look straight, though, or sit with, but the face turned to me, and I was afraid she would wake up quietly retired. Back to the room I lay in bed desperately masturbation, then drift off to sleep. Since then my sister nude in my heart deeply taken root, so far I have met many a woman's naked, but still think that her sister's body is perfect.

      People's desires are not only off of, since the first time through, the idea of ​​evil has never been stopped on many time that he is very abnormal, it is shameless, even beat my sister's idea, although self-blame, but unable to control heart the idea that around the corner of the Yine. At that time my sister and my inner thoughts ignorant of everything, she still repeated the usual line of their own lives, and I started to use every opportunity to peep the secret of her body, I sleep early every night, etc. sister to sleep after a bath or a peep out of evil groping. So if you want people do not know, is done by night, one night I thought my sister was asleep, I sneak into her room the day she is still lying flat, is a white cotton dress pants, I went to to her and see her legs closed, good to see the inside, I touched her following across the pants, feeling the resentment of feeling she suddenly turn sideways ex cry later, I know that be a warning to me, I shocked, and turned back to the apartment, I was afraid he told his family, too-ism, the night the next day my sister what had happened, like what to do do, I take a bath the day before the change to take down the clothes she was still go to help me wash. While this, but after that I never touch my sister, she has been in the anti-me, take a bath every day when they locked the door, back room to sleep but also to lock the door, I lost contact with her the opportunity to really hold back not live, I will steal her underwear and sanitary napkins masturbation, but never shot over the top. A long time to see my sister, nothing in her will guard the.

      Later, my sister graduates to work in our office side of the business unit, usually more busy, more time at home. I know she talked about her boyfriend in college, after graduation he was thousands of miles away in a mainland city to work outside, I have not seen him, they call all day long, honey honey affectionate kiss, and I even heard some say clear of jealousy. After a period of time to see her sister, her boyfriend, the results come back soon, and then heard them arguing on the phone, I know that the dog days of lost and lonely after her sister left a girl and unit exchanges, and sister at home After a silent cry thrown directly to the phone, and that guy from scattered. During that time she has been a bad mood, I do not dare to provoke her, but his idea that Yine has never stopped.

     over time, gradually feeling better sister, she is still like before, graceful, pure and elegant lotus-like, fairy-like walking in mid-light, I caught that idea is increasingly unable to extricate themselves. Sister birthday, several of her close friends came to congratulate, because the play's happy, few people drink high, and my sister already light drinker, but she insisted to accompany friends to drink, to send out the results to a friend after she fell to get up. I locked the door, the sisters help them, she struggled to his upstairs, arrived in the side and down the stairs, I quickly hugged her sister soft body without bone, body of an intoxicating Fang Xin Hong pavement from, although the body has alcohol but still could not conceal her fragrant scent, in that moment, my heart Mengtiao a bit, I feel the body's blood went into the head toward the lower body, I hold wrecking the third floor of breath from her sister, her two breasts close to my chest, I gasped her into her bed, my legs heavy as lead off the same idea in a tight struggle, I want to know the secret in front, but this is a pro-sister Yeah, I watched the show, her slender neck, delicate as the skin, such as creamy, slightly faint trace of flushing cheeks, red lips outside Long, Xingmu Weibi eyebrows stretch, beautiful, and I was breathing heavy, I can hold out, I lifted and shoved her to understand her T-shirt bra, twist a few sister, I unlock the panic in the white bra, two round and full breasts proud head held high, Angela can be held, pink-brown nipples standing on the white tender Yu Ru Hong Yu Jiao middle, I casually rubbing his hands touched something, go to the solution of her jeans buttons, sister and twist a few times, or was I returned the pants, a thin white lace underwear tightly tied in her sister's thigh, buttocks and wrap her lower body, black pubic hair in underwear copy .

     Now, my heart almost jump out of his chest, and I pulled it off her underwear, wonderful moment came, my sister the whole body naked before my eyes, I stared at my sister's tight lower body, little black pubic hair Many of the distribution right in her mons, I separated from my sister's trembling legs, lying in the middle of a careful appreciation of her legs, really, little sister of the lower body odor, her labia are two pink, and I've seen, I hand clawed two meat in the middle of Roudong delicate pink Yan revealed, may be nervous, I shake may be excited, I get up at once and the pants underwear with drained away, clawed legs bulging cock sister to sister Roudong directly striking the inside, a terrible pain, sister ah bang, followed by the clasp my legs in the middle, I not a thorn on one hand and her sister's legs apart, one hand and unplug the sister of the meat, to the inside in the second stab, soft Roudong me dizzy, have never experienced a huge boost to my cock a direct shot into the uncontrollable , and all shot in the Roudong sister, my scalp tingling while, my sister a few times subconscious ah no movement. An ejaculation I immediately wake up, I'm doing Yeah, this is my elder sister, I'm the person or what, if family members know how to do, if my sister how to do wake up, I feel damn, I wish I killed a her room, but I was a coward, I did not die. I would like to help her clean up the body's semen, I remember I shot a lot lower, but damn did not flow out of semen has been, until now I do not know why the semen was not flow out. Sister drunk, but she fears a sudden I wake up, I quickly ism picked up from the floor to help her put on her sister's underwear, pants and then put the milk, put her bra back buckle up, pull down her T shirts, hastily left her room.

      a few days after the guilt has been spent in intense fear, I can not eat together, and sister, always dodging her, but only a few days during each encounter sister, I is the guilty conscience of not dare look at her again, but that one was watching her sister's reaction to trying to figure out whether she knew or remember things that night? But my sister has been calm water, she do not bother to look at me, more than a week later, I gradually calmed down from the rough anxiety, that they began to stir the soul of sin, and I began fascinated by her sister's body, her fascination with the flesh of another man hole filled with warmth, pleasure and temptation. One day after lunch, I took advantage of my sister on the first floor laundry time, I stripped his clothes went to his sister's room, the room all before, I lie on my sister's bed, towel wrapped around her lower body hard off to bed mattresses, fantasy sister, groaning under lingering in my body, I inadvertently turned to the window and saw the balcony where a lone white lace underwear hanging on the racks, I immediately get out of bed ran to the balcony, it is underwear That night I took off the piece was, already dry, and I won the underwear turned inside to look, a light yellow traces printed on it, my heart slightly Deng, that night I fired into the sister's body, the semen will flow out in the middle of the night out? Does my sister know?

  Look at my lower body go soft, I fear it, I hastily hung underwear back room, unable to lie on the seat of a sudden I was puzzled, because my sister was never the third floor of the laundry, washing detergent and the like are on the first floor of the yard, the family packed up her clothes are washed after going on the first floor, that this sister's underwear is how is it? I suddenly dizzy, my sister must know, how to do how to do? After a while I even magic calm anxiety, and is calm as it is can't more bad, anyway, so go by her, damn it go die. Two days later, my sister's piece of underwear has been hanging in there, did not mean it up, do not forget my sister? Sister would not be hanging in there intentionally, let me know she know everything? My mood a bit chaotic, but I decided to test my sister. To the bath back to the room at night so my sister, I deliberately trying to stretch the balcony, and then call her sister said, you do not accept ah how the clothes are dry.  my sister did for me. I Dailiaoyixia, went to the window to see her sister in, she was sitting on the bed leaning back with his legs curled in reading magazines, hair wet, wearing of a yellow sleeveless Duangua, dressed only in pants a red underwear, my lower body at once hard, rapid heart beat. I Xinyi Heng's underwear off sister to go directly to her room, when the weather is hot and I are basically in the upstairs bar Guangzhebangzi wearing boxer underwear pants, hard drums with my lower body, when my sister opened the door looked at me, waiting for her to please speak up some underwear I say to you, she seems to say something but finally did not care for me, I stay in the room, heart rate acceleration in the time I flew I really wanted her body up, but my heart there are some fears, my sister realized that I froze there, said an expulsion order cold: I want to sleep, I panic back out to the room I shot a lot of masturbation, the heart wants sister's idea was more intense, and I decided to test my sister. After lunch the next day I was in the room Wanchuan Qi, to hear her sister's footsteps upstairs, I guess my sister ready to pack up my room, I replaced the clothes, I immediately cut off power to the computer, the door unlatched, the took off his underwear pretended to sleep naked in bed. My sister really is to my room, she opened the door after the footsteps stopped, I can not open their eyes, may cause tension in my two eyes but unable to control non-stop twitching, my sister paused children , went back to her room to go, I hear her voice opened his eyes closed to see myself, my cock head is hunched anger, I sat up and nervous thinking about how to do the next step.

   About thirty or forty minutes the way, my sister's voice over the door, I quickly pretended to sleep lying again, this time my sister walked straight up to my room, I heard rustling sound of clothes to pack, and soon she out of the room downstairs. I am still a little nervous this time in addition to a little excitement and even pride, I think my goal to step forward. I went down to dinner, my sister has already eat well, and she still look calm and there is nothing unusual, but I think she was fitted out, I deliberately asked her parents come back, she's back to a simple do not know. Then we will not speak, but I secretly cheer up, my sister got the bottom line seems to explore, more daring them. After dinner I returned to the room to play the game, intentionally puzzling urine simmering, prepare the bath so my sister pretended to wait any longer, I rushed to go. Sister clean up after all no one directly to the bath upstairs, back to the room before going to the bathroom a long room, but I really want to wait any longer, I heard the bathroom door did not lock, finished off a good estimate sister clothes I went to the bathroom door on Jichong Chong, while repeatedly calling her sister in haste to open the door to wash, I wait any longer, let me pee, did not give a I had into it, and inside the glass door is not related to the bathroom, I saw a beautiful carcass sister, she has been naked, and are ready to face down face cream, she looked at me a look of horror quickly hid inside the frosted glass door, angry that my friends do to one you died, I quickly said was leveling and just did not come, she did not speak Qi Gugu, I deliberately urine in the toilet at the bottom of the water, and to get great sound, because it really hold for too long, it's time to pee bubble also expertise. She will be in the bathroom frosted glass sliding door, I urinate on the back end of the room. I am excited to return to the room masturbate once. Sister bath I wash a pass into the wild, she replaced the underwear are placed in the bowl, I picked up her panties and bra tightly cover your nose and mouth, her sister's body fragrance to stimulate my cock hard again up. Back to the room I never play mind games, like Zhong Lexie thinking of some kind sister, thinking her soft and charming Roudong breast, I feel like the devil has gone crazy human nature, I would like my sister, sperm on the brain what ethics do not want everything, I will sister's body. I am restless in the room, I decided to try, I went to the door of my sister, my sister has lights, and I opened the door, said her sister, and I think you said something, she did not answer me immediately, as if hesitated and said , nothing.

   I closed the door go directly to her bed, her sister come to see my bed asked me what I already tense speechless, I could clearly hear his heart beating hard raw sound, I think about heart stop, breathe, but I am almost to the gas to be stifled. I shoved it flew sister who had a sister, what frightened shouting, struggling with trying to push me, I hugged her tightly to her head and face pro, she kept the opposition, kick me, I was holding her do not let go, while she was exhausted, and I still tightly holding her, she did not move, I held her motionless, my cock off to her thighs, so we continued for a short time She suddenly get hold of me, and I like to get the reward immediately excited as I am a sister holding hands, a hand quickly took off the body the only pair of underwear, then hand it back to her sister's underwear, She did not meet no resistance, just like the fancy play with the lamb, I drained away her panties off her T-shirt, three buttons is the solution with a pull I could not even get opened, exposing the warm fragrance of the two groups breasts, my sister wearing bra, I also hold out, and separate sister's legs, bulging cock sister on the most valuable place to plug to the conflict a few times to find other people that revel in the warm nest, in my cock into the moment, my sister ah enjoin soon as the body like a shock of shaking a bit, to the inside top of my doom, my sister's Roudong very tight very tight, although she was not a virgin, but she was all over inside Roudong are full, surrounded by tightly bound with my cock, like a group of meat in front blocked off my cock will not let me move forward, every one into the glans should be severely to the inside top of the root into the whole, that I feel though in later years and many women had sexual intercourse, but have not come across like a sister like that.

    Although I just masturbation shot too soon, but I have my sister not long Choucha body sweat or body of a vent, such as injection, and I shot my sister with my cock was also the jitter Yichanyichan, and her hands tightly grabbed my back, I almost feel her nails into my flesh in the. Finished shooting, I also like the first time as immediately clear, and regret, I feel the devil is a beast, I thought better to die, this time it is still weak, still did not really die, I am extremely decadent back to his room, I heard my sister sobbing, I carried my sleeping dizziness. I was up late the next day, I went to pieces in the living room swinging, I suddenly saw my sister's bag still on the sofa, my sister did not go to work? ?

   I opened the door sister, sister woke up, she looked at me calmly put the eye does not escape blame mean, my sister who was last night's clothes, I again feel what I hold onto opinions sister to live off her clothes, what if she had not said any of my mercy, then, that once she and I made a very long time. Since then, my sister and I have been maintaining such a relationship, and each time the crazy desire to start is the last straw, madness is a deep regret, what we think of the moral and ceremonial throw away, throw away and then back We have to mind, we are very contradictory, but the desire to restrain the temptation of each other. We do in her room, in the bathroom to do, we do not love only nature, needed just one look we understand each other, done after the basic who does not speak, she's messy clean up his body, I turned back to the own room. This continued for two or three years until my sister married, the last time my sister told me that, in future we do so, or else not good for everyone. I said the word know. We will never happen.

      The real world who can not accept such a relationship, I do not want to mention that word, this kind of thing can not anyone say, but my sister and two secrets in this full moon night I sent to, I wish my sister happy life .

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