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beauty girl Do not wear underwear in the bus

beauty girl Do not wear underwear  in the bus

I was a boy, a few days ago I went to work (hee hee, is not the kind you want to Oh! Official!), Way back when the bus in the air, because it is not hot April day, so there this story -

Two high class asian escorts in front of me that is really cool to wear! Jacket is a windbreaker, wearing a white vest with spaghetti straps, thin out wearing a long sleeved sweater, lower body is the material soft and ultra-short tight skirt! They have been on the pretty long, with 165 of the slender, slender legs and slim waist, elegant looks and shy intellectual Mo Yang, maroon dyed blond hair, is my favorite of that type!

After the car tightly against me from my past that dyed blonde beauty behind, because it is the weekend, the people of Trinidad and Tobago, almost did not even standing position. So I deliberately bumps through the bus behind her rub, what, twice ... ... look at her red face slowly, how my heart is really a cool Zile! 

Hee hee, a penny, in for a pound, I simply hand rose from her buttocks into her skirt, the tightly attached to her thigh, sliding a good tender ah good, strong fingers completely into the meat tenderizer, or light or powerhouse squeeze, as if to taste the best bottom sensuality and flexibility! Covered in a beautiful town that, to her watery eyes to me of a cross, both as Jiaochen and as I looked pleadingly toward, askew Jiaoren whom the pretty kind of limp, so I had to suspend the magic hands, I am smiling the mouth to her ear, said: "Sister, what name you call?"

By the way Tim about her ears.

"Wu Yun Wu ... ...." Ecstasy sound Jiao blow said.

"Go there?"


Evil! Cool! Road from the air to know there is more than an hour to Luxiang way Jesus! My magic hands began to slowly move, Zhenshuang ah, smooth skin, delicate beauty can not help people to ecstasy? Addiction? How not met underwear? My hand more and more presumptuous, more rise above it until ... ... until the encounter moist petals! Oh yeah! All of these have pointed out a fact: She, wearing briefs! Ah, it was great, my little brother straightened half high!

My crooked smile at her: "You naughty yo!"

Her flushed cheeks, how can one not like the kind of swing do not wear underwear female thing! Looking at her shy Mo Yang, I could not help Yinxin big hair, take a look at the people around did not pay attention to the two of us (Oh, look at the kind of intimacy we all "know" we are couple thing). I put the suit pants zipper pull, put my little brother liberated! Quickly pull her coat, put my little brother to hide better! When Wu Yun has not come to understand, I have inserted my penis inside her petals, and thick penis is almost wore her chaste flower directly in the friction! Anyway, her lips are stealing the. 

Look at her surprised and white because the white face, my heart could not help with a trace of guilt, but soon disappeared in the turbulence generated by the pleasure of the.

Wu Yun efforts to move forward to the waist, trying to endure from my honey lips of the glans hot run away, not enough time to rejoice, between the legs of a cool, I pressed in the past, it was pressed in the next Wu Yun on the side of the chair, no little activity remaining land.

Wu Yun immediately found a more terrible thing, I used the moment to escape her forward in her right hand inside the skirt to lift up her skirt to the waist.

This time, my thick penis, and her bare thighs and buttocks, completely naked contact.

She could not help Jiaochuan uttered: "Well!"

Her companion turned a surprised look, just see my contact with her lips, blushed immediately turn over, I did not expect with this sexual harassment.

In for a penny, in for a pound, I just put a hand on the ring to her slender waist, her left finger to the peak from the sweater outside Saint inclusive, really paradise on earth ah! So I kiss her lips one side, touched her breasts, one hand still in the car bumps through the following plug her labia, but did not at this time to see us one! And she began to have some instinctive resistance to disappear as the sample slowly, she almost whole body against my body, and my hips began with the very small movements and do move! If I had blocked her mouth mouth, she will loudly cry out, and now she only sent out twice from the nose Jiaoheng, but even so I stimulated.

But this is only insert in the surface of the unhappy, because I can not force car from side to side, inserted a bad standing, her position is not good, just in the corridors of communication at the seat and we sat in a large range of motion for people to see will find.

Do not know if God heard my prayers, she sat next to two people who get up off it! So I deliberately said: "Wife, we take a seat, make a to your friends!"

Ignore the hum of her (when she probably has half a coma) and her friends surprised, I hand her slender waist with both my arms to a hold, with her little brother to move a into place to sit inside.

Fortunately, there is her coat and my suit to block my little brother came to light! Hee hee! Sit down, I separated her legs, from behind once again into her body, she involuntarily twist my hips and waist to meet the offensive, so to make her more comfortable, except this time I am the way with fast Choucha hum outside her straight out I also put my hand on her right breast slowly touch.

Left hand from her waist into it, wow parade! Bra because she did not even take! Oh! Cheap to me! I greedily fondle Wu Yun's Ru Feng, Jiao Ting's breasts did not know the owner is facing a crisis of ignorance in the magic show of hands kneading his under pure soft and abundance.

Fingertips stroking the nipple turning, I can feel to be playing with a slight tilt of Rujian start.

So the clothes in her left hand up and down inside the cabin, sometimes with her little brother, and the upper and lower petals attack from attack from both inside and outside, so from the beginning to sit down on the Yangtze River Bridge has been inserted into majiazhuang I ejaculate, just an hour she climax within six! Oh! After I finished the gentle, quietly sorting clothes for her, and she took a tissue out into the paint to the petals on the semen.

She blushed so I serve her gentle, Oh! After finishing, I looked up and Wu Yun said not a word, I saw a pair of beautiful dark eyes staring at us! I surprised my heart, will not have anyone see it! Made, Hi, fellow Wu Yun originally looked at us puzzled, not knowing when we have such a close relationship, huh, huh, as long as she guessed!

Haha! However, she also full of beautiful long ah! Watery eyes flashing like a misty rain, like Lake Mi Meng-day charming, revealing healthy and youthful face on both sides of the bright red, her white skin in a particularly moving, body white and pink, convex, delicate skin extremely, exquisitely beautiful figure, I'll sit and light drooling! Partner in the arms down and kissed look, think, and she soon broke up, looked at her face, the iris has not completely subsided, I really do not want her to leave my sight ah! Meng's flash, hey! Well I followed her, anyway, nothing I do now, back to the company's do something tomorrow, can ah! Haha! ! ! I was so impressed I had!

Tim Tim mischievously cloud of Erzhu, restless hand magic in her skirt moving downstream, asked softly arms baby: "Baby, I am okay with you tonight?"

She covered a town, turn around and stare at me - shy charm of the stare, sad and moving stare, like it seems like the angry stare - like a flash that is over thousands of years, a shy coquette's voice the sentence: "Good."

And what a beautiful blush and like low down.

Cool! ! Haha! Out of the car, with me and they walked toward the place where they live.

Along the way side and my baby gentle, side cover her.

It turned out that they are college students, do not want to stay in school, so rented a suite on the outside, Bedroom, with kitchen and bathroom (it seems they are very rich head Oh! Ha ha!).

Her classmates called Zhang Qin, the north, she is the South.

A few days ago they bought a CD, did not think there are explicit content, especially the high class asian escorts talked about wearing a skirt without underwear if you light the streets, then there will be very comfortable, so they wanted to try.

I did not expect not try one day, it hit me, pervert, harm twenty years she was ready to maintain the purity of my virginity was broken! She spoke she was hugged me cry! Which led me to accompany the hundreds of careful, said hundreds of jokes, made hundreds of vows, and finally made her smile through tears! Then I carefully asked two questions: "Well ... ... do you feel cool? Also you who is out of this idea?"

She blushed, lower down, the first Han slightly, to hear the voice with the mosquitoes, said: "I did it!"

And then ran forward and shoved the girl in front of frivolity to go.

And I, standing under a gentle sun, really think - God be my great! ! ! ! Back to their nest to live, Zhang Qin went back to her room, I and my beautiful baby side frolic while cooking.

When I come back to make a good dish to wash the hands of Wu Yun, I was dumbfounded, OH MY GOD! This is how beautiful a sunset beautiful figure ah! The sun through the window to Wu Yun soft shines in the body, students have an oval face, two Liu Yemei, a pair of eyes, clear and bright eyes were the same, not high not low whistle, as Yuzhuo into, Cherry small mouth, not an inch; white face like a transparent, as in this, among the delicate pink in flash, face skin, white in the rosy, red transparent white, Run extremely tired, blowing shells were broken , the amount of overlying bangs look at a few sparse, the more show infinite grace; her slender Yu-yi, a wave-like ups and downs, the skin exposed in the gold shirt is distracted wildly ecstatic.

Wu Yun's not strange that I went straight to her fried dishes, mouth still says: "Quick! Tablets! Get out food to me ah! Quickly paste it!"

She turned to look, I found my Daitou general stood, angry, funny and good reminder me: "eh! Hurry it!"

She was tall and graceful, fascinating and charming Jiaoqu fans get confusing, I hear the sound when the sounds of nature in general, no longer bear it! ! ! I want to! ! !

I rushed to a, touch her hand from behind the breasts, by rubbing gently, murmuring: "Oh, my little baby, let me take to caress it."

Left hand out into the front of her shirt in the culture was changing around her graceful waist, with the index finger and thumb back and forth to light Nianzhao attractive nipple, right hand touching her hip in her pants which to explore the beautiful the prairie.

She soon could not resist, Qiao Lian Xia sounded, Jiao blow, but still say the words: "Well ... ... ... ... Zhang Zhang Qin also ..."

"She seems to sleep." I lied to high class asian escorts.

"Food ..."

"Ended up this cucumber cucumber bowl of soup, fried ..."

No worries, cloud also acquiesced to my intrusion.

I Yanshang Men, marshy spit tongue probe into her mouth, call the East West pick, her tongue continued to tease the tongue.

I kiss his head and was cloud Wei Chuan, desires burning between us up! I rolled her tongue out, keep sucking, hand up again does not rule in her firm breasts to rub on without fear, and slowly stroked all the way down, she makes a feeling the abdomen, navel, lower abdomen, and finally into the probe into the tight pants, bold with your fingers fiddled with the grass under the Huachun.

Cloud body shocked, quickly clamped slender legs, but my fingers like a terrible weapon-like, constantly Tiaonong her Rouchun, gradually wet the entire area up.

Constantly fiddled with my fingers, tongue is hard to crawling around, two lips desperately to suck her spit and incense smoke, kiss and kiss, cloud is my attack was without any defense effort.

I take this opportunity to "brush" sound cloud put the pants pulled down! The cloud against me, looked up, wonderful head slightly parted, glistening red lips sweet to humming, the body, mind completely dissolve in joy, waiting for the storm of my Dragon! At this point I pulled out from the crotch in the erection of the stick, holding the hand of cloud, let her hold the rod up and down Taonong with anger; the other hand from touching the breast down, through the abdomen, navel, plump Congcao zone then stay in Taoyuan hole, fingers skillfully and fiddled with Huachun, sweet honey keep out, the grass was glistening stick and shiny.

Kiss me kiss all the way down from the chin, Fenjing, shoulder, armpit until the vibration of the breast, I will nipple in his mouth, tongue enjoy Tiannong, this time the cloud, deep feelings of TV drama pleasure of caressing and unbearable to euphoric waves cried.

Finally, I am excited and said: "I'll take you to heaven now!"

Cloud out of his hands clinging to my legs, across her back to me sitting in his arms; clinging to her abundant buttocks, her exploration into the position of the glans after her gently down, cock into flower lips, lift up.

"Oh ..." cloud can not help but escape from the mouth of the sound, the body began to move up and down in law.

I held her abundant buttocks to help her twist, he also began fully to Choucha.

However, a door was suddenly opened! Zhang Qin dish turned out to be how not to run out, when she saw us, could not help but cheeks burning with shame Xia, "Yeah," called out cloud has even shame her face back, I rely on to between neck and shoulder, blushing to the breast has been the top! She would also like to escape the grasp of my magic, but how could I give up in Hing head! I just put the body turned to Zhang Qin, elbows clamping cloud, cloud of the thigh with both hands raised, let us completely exposed to the junction Zhang Qin, under the eyes! Only one pair of lower body half-naked men and women, in the eyes of others, cloud constantly Gao Qiao ass pressed against my stomach, and I ride the more desperately.

Suddenly, the cloud the more moving faster, more dynamic the more hard, a little while, the whole body shiver, she grunted low, Private Parts and finally again and again and again to a lot of thick smoke flow tilting ! She shot here! I picked up the cloud, into her sit on the edge of a chair, then my big bulging cock, so shy but curious Zhang Qin toward the storm went after the three of us lying naked cloud of small bed rest for a little while.

They are going to get two dishes on the nude go to the kitchen (actually I robbed them not let them wear clothes, anyway, no one visible in the room).

After a while, cloud was Qiner pushed in. Xia saw her burning cheeks to rely on over, let me say a lot of words to shock endless E! Originally, they wanted me to - to do the human body table! This is how the line! I also intend to enjoy the great blessing of Qi's yo! But at the cloud temperature and savory like the former color of jade, plump breasts tall, I do not know how to engage in the promised! Holy crap! But I asked my hands the right to freedom, Xiangmo it will do, Oh, they also agreed! So, I lay in bed, his head resting on a gentle cloud of the legs, hands and body travel in the cloud, leaving them on my belly on the Cook.

Watching two beautiful women in vain-inch strand of walking around the embossment of the body, graceful posture, moving glow of youthful beauty yo! Ah! My nosebleed flow out! ! A meal, just laughing and joking, tugging back and forth in the finished, they have to drink - I am the essence of the ah! Poor me, the body can only hard to shift manually, I see V to a burn! It turned out that this is just talk of their "obscene" seek!

Wow! ! ! ! I want to! ! ! ! Come Help me! ! ! !

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