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Married cousin is a Promiscuous Escort in new york

Married cousin is a Promiscuous Escort in new york

     Hello, everyone, let me say that I have personal experience of incest brilliant things, such things can be luck, so I went through after a lifetime, in addition to say to you, this will be forever in my heart can not sue a people's secrets. Also to remind you that incest is no better way to write novels, not to try, or else you will regret, guilt for life.

      That first introduced her, and Promiscuous Escort in new york was born my father's elder sister's daughter, I want to call his cousin, are close relatives. Because my dad Younger relationship, so although my cousin peers,Promiscuous Escort in new york is 10 years old than me, but a parent has a pair of lovely children. She is my cousin all the most beautiful, and although older than 30 years old, has aroused woman, but still very pure and beautiful, she is also standard fullness. I remember one time she wore a dinner coat revealing low-cut cleavage, my eyes never left her upright on the breast, and later and later until it was discovered cousin, I began to converge. Sometimes the relatives of the party, open her joke, Promiscuous Escort in new york will blush shy, cute ah, so it is in line with my aesthetic, in my eyes she is the goddess ah, but because it is close, I have been to suppress this ideas, vowed to find a time when the same girlfriend and cousin, sometimes a little bit envious of Table brother. 

      If you live on this smooth, that her cousin is definitely a happy woman. But I would be born unlucky so-called multi-roots experience, is unfortunate Table brother had uremia, or better look at the mid-kidney transplant can be good. Friends know that the disease should be understood that this surgery is very expensive not that optimistic about the patient will become a basket case, unable to bear children and sex life, that children already have, do not worry, the main thing is the cousin was more than 30 years of age must widow ah, this is indeed a tragedy, but the cousin is indeed a pure good woman, from the spent healthy to see a doctor to later life to widow no noise no trouble, has been accompanied Table brother came over, really I was She moved (of course, is now feeling, then just 16 years old is still small, they just feel sad, this what God).

      But the table does not believe the cousin of her husband seems to think that they are not, cousin on the outside to steal a man, so often cursed cousin, cousin once was on the toilet when her husband rushed to the table, do not ask thirty-seven twenty-one on beat him to the cousin, saying he heard someone talking about the cousin of the baseless rumor. I do not believe the cousin is the kind of person, but in the domestic violence, the cousin went out on a fit of anger in our home away from home.

     I Aventure good show from the beginning also, and that is one day after dinner I went to cousin room to play, but opened the door to see cousin naked standing in a bath tub, her head down in the body with a towel, I saw the cousin of the skin is very white, very upright breast, below which there is a black forest cluster, and I was shocked, this is the first time seen outside of a woman naked except her mother, but also my favorite cousin beautiful naked ah, but the instinct is to quickly make way, this process only 56 seconds, I stopped feeling the same time, my brain is just beautiful cousin naked. I do not know the cousin have noticed, anyway, I look out of panic when it was my mother saw, and my mother looked at me did not say, but her cousin, then into the room, you should be aware of the reason I have a panic. I believe I really was unintentional, although I am happy.

      In the evening, my parents are out to play, I lay in bed in the bedroom watching TV when the head is full of naked or just that it seems to have fixed in my mind, and keeps repeating itself with this process, I laugh and think at the time, bedroom door flew open, cousin actually wearing a pink dress pajamas come in, because the relationship has just had a bath, a woman who exudes a mature atmosphere, very fragrant very intoxicating, cousin smiled and asked me: look at what TV ah? Watching ah. I said: no favorite, the cousin you see, I will rest. Then come and sit beside the bed cousin left relying on watching TV, I sat next to the smell of a woman lying cousin enjoy fragrance, little darling thump thump to jump, because I have not such close contact with the cousin, or a solitary man alone woman. I suddenly found that his cousin did not even wear a bra, pajamas propped upright breasts, chest 2 small little bump, I watched my little brother is very good showing of hard, painful death, and desires will be flames ah . I must try to hide my ugly, and the cousin did not have a ride a ride chatting. Although I was only 16 years old, but early development, the body has matured, right, and parents often peep porn, but also very understanding that respect men and women.

      My heart for a long struggle, finally changed the action independently, according to the body over, head in cousin's lap and lay down, and shut our eyes and pretended to sleep. Cousin was surprised and asked me: how? I installed uncomfortable to say: a little dizziness wanted to rely on lie a lie, cousin I'm fine, you see, you, like me a break. Cousin See I say: Oh the sound, take a rest, then a hand on my head to watch TV, I was thinking if the child lying on a lifetime like this, go fuck beauty, to his Mom's money, all I do, I want to pause! ! ! I do not know how long this lie, anyway, I was really wait any longer, has been unable to control himself, wanted to go threw cousin, cousin finally have time stroking my head, I got up very seriously and and a little begging to say to the cousin: cousin, I want to hug you, can it?

      Cousin curious and very seriously at me, said: Yes, how? I was bad music, suddenly rushed on to the cousin of the past, clinging to her, she threw herself into inertia, I have taken advantage of pressure on her body, lower body to the hard top in the cousin of the lower abdomen, I feel people are comfortable with the dead, I want to pause, and I have never tasted such a feeling. Cousin just started also with a smile: I was too naughty, and get her hurt, get up. However, I later discovered that gazed at her eyes, and my erection that wore her lower body, I realized that I was in the spring of the hair. Her tone is serious, call me up soon, I was already unable to control themselves, they shouted: No, I do not die together, I will hold you in such a manner. Although the 10 old cousin than I, but my strength is not great young man. So do not struggle to move, cousin can only lie I said: Kobayashi good, then so be angry sister friends. And she did not know I am not that called Kobayashi's children, I would not listen to what is now, I simply said: cousin. I love you, you immediately do as I see porn in the circumstances of the cousin, cousin while that with the right hand rubbing breasts, left hand holding down cousin, the cousin of paste on the mouth lips, tongue force stretched into the cousin's mouth, sucking crazy cousin that sweet saliva, tongue licking cousin of the tongue. The first cousin was shocked at first for a while, then hand hit my head a few times, I do not know see I feel bad I have no reaction or, instead retaining the chest with both hands let me touch, I can hand to grasp her hands, and flew on the next hand, to touch the genitals cousin, my cousin into his underwear, and soon touched a Roufeng, fingers stretched on into the Framing, Roudong inside the water of the, Later I realized that this is the response from a cousin.  cousin calling to do not side with both hands to push me hard, but I feel cousin almost no effort, only where the tears to cry, and I like a mad bull, hand the cousin of pajamas Push up, has been pushed to the cousin's head there, want to wrap a cousin of the head, then flew the cousin of the white panties off to the next, and I put a small underwear in your hand when wet underwear has been one of the. Then quickly put my underwear off, not the slightest hesitation, according to porn on the lower body to my cousin's cock this Nuele Nue, the Roudong big cock at me, and then half-kneeling with hand with my big cock to Roudong plug on, although I have seen a lot of porn, but to their own personal practice time, there are still difficult, and even then I was excited and nervous, so the lower body with one hand hold the cousin, hand leaning on a good cock inserted into several times before, when the cousin did not cry, just a long Menheng a bit, I was very deep. I am very excited to finally get my heart dreaming cousin, my dream goddess, I can not imagine things ah, but for cousin's struggling I really thought I was dreaming ah, and chicken bar inserted inside feel very comfortable, the water of the inside, although there cousin's two children, but the vagina is still very tight, my big cock was tightly wrap, my cousin took the body to the pressure up with fast hard cock to the cousin of Roudong Choucha, sent a body that I am familiar with the flap crash, but also that the crunching sound of crunching the bed, of course, cousin whispered cries that his hands to make a fist on the mouth, blindfolded I lost cousin of the head dress off the side, stuffed in his mouth again, weeping cousin, his hands are not parked, forced to rub a cousin of the big breasts, I This pressing force to stuck cousin cousin. Not long to wait any longer to feel a kind of vaginas pee feeling cock is also very comfortable, and this discomfort instinct led me to not stop more quickly, increasing my range of motion in his mouth The breathing is also growing, cousin seems to understand what the industry once again forced to push me, hit me, cried shouted: stop, Kobayashi, do not like, begging you ... cousin has not finished, I feel warmth from the cock that was launched out of a sense of the same kind of electric shock, fire of my legs after the legs also automatically shook my whole body feels numb at that time, no effort to spread the cousin's body , two hand still grasping the cousin of the breast on, close your eyes and feel thrilled, also died in the value of ah ...

      Later, I was scared up, knees begging a cousin, that I just do not know how, this impulse, I could not help myself, do not tell my parents, cousin you let me do whatever ... listening to my cousin cry tears unmoved, quietly wear their own clothes, when I decided that this dead time. Come back at me cousin is severely slapped, shouted crying to me: you bastard, I committed any wrong in the end, you have to torture me so, ah, ah God, why so ah, you to me how ah? The more that the lower the sound. I looked at the cousin, the heart is afraid Youteng, face to not feel pain, mainly cousin so I have never seen before, I was I think she was mad now! I really a bastard ah, just want to rewind time, I just do not know the root wood how to do the same! I prefer to let the cousin called me and beat severely meal, I will not hum the. But then the cousin vent emotions after crying on his hands across their chests out, I still afford to sit on the bed a mess, discomfort disappeared long ago, but a sense of guilt and the unknown, I hate myself so bastard cousin is a hardy woman is a good woman, she's the phrase I have done wrong in the end, you do this to me. I will never forget her..

      Ending: after the cousin did not anyone say this, (she thought may be many, her children, her family, do not know if I have considered Hai You ask my future), but no longer look at me cousin say a word, I also Mo Lianxian her, he found the opportunity I have to go out, the best two non-contact, afraid of his family to see tricky. On the third day, cousin brother was picked up by the table, and I was not at home.
     Still later cousin and have not the time to participate in our New Year gathering of family dinner, and I did not see her again until now, listening to the family said cousin has changed, I hope she get better, the table is good for her husband, I In this silently bless her. This thing changed my life, and perhaps cousin's life, I would swear, as long as I Kobayashi light of day is when cousin enjoy life. I want to gratitude, because I never forget my own sins, and that "I am in the end where they went, you do this to me." I'm sorry

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