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The world's greatest invention is..

The world's greatest invention is..

  The world's greatest invention is? If people say I am definitely not against the Invisibility Cloak. Invisibility Cloak, a trace of their own, although we can not say you can do whatever they want, but that is about it. Unfortunately, as I have such a super eager to have  an invisibility cloak. Do not ask me how come, because you are not satisfied with the answer. Really interesting is not how to get the cloak, but invisibility cloak to get after things, is not it?

I am a Yinzei, which were previously unknown, because I only dream of crime. Of course, in the future no one would know, because I had the Invisibility Cloak. Based on the above, people only know that I am a student.

I am doing on the surface of students Yinzei doing the dirty secret is, of course, has not just dream of.

I went to the classroom to learn, see a couple in the last corner of a row of hands and feet. Classroom could have been a place to learn, so they destroy the order of teachers, but also made me no effort, so I went to the toilet. Do not misunderstand, not to Masturbation, is to change clothes - for the Invisibility Cloak. Some, like Superman is not? It does not matter, make another one after the show, do not call "Superman" is called "Yinzei" have to. Haha!

Once again, I entered the classroom, of course, no one knows. 

I sat beside that woman, the same as that of her male manipulation. Here we must note one thing: the woman still beautiful, or I just ignore her.

Her face can not be ugly, but who is not the same: the rosy skin, a red mark by a shallow, blowing shells that can be described as broken. Small breasts, but the young to make them flexible. Besides I do not intend to pay with her milk, big it is. Her; bright spot in the lower body - has mature plump belly, while the private part with grass - really good luck, run into a non-hairy. Hips are smooth, shape better, the model can not be compared with, but the texture is excellent.

Unfortunately,Brooklyn pure escort girl was wearing tight jeans, although I would like to touch on her thigh, but unfortunately too narrow, the hand could not get into it. Although her legs are not very pretty, but that girl is full of flavor legs ah, how can I not regret it? Update Your support is our motivation! To more people, faster updates touched her, pressing myself up and I can not bring her into the big, I am anxious to finger as a weapon, destroy Huanglong.

"Ah!" That woman, could not and broke the teacher's quiet, Brooklyn pure escort girl stared at the young man angrily said: "When do I let you go in! Bastard, I must break you!"

In the eyes of stunned everyone, They get out of the classroom - the first woman, then men hot pursuit - and a look of puzzled and frustrated.

Poor kid, I'm not intentionally make fun of you Yo.


Since there baby, we must take advantage of, not bury it not? As the current economic system, the number of people buried it! I can not learn from these corrupt officials. Can not always use it to carry out his number Yongzhisufen that? So I decided to play a big - get the school beauty school.

What school beauty is defined? School beauty who is also the first beauty school. Regard themselves as noble, frosty, with a large number of suitors, but dismissive of the case and so on. Xiaohua is also true of our school. Just think, can be tipped a noble modesty of beauty, which men do not crossed your mind? Moreover, I now have this condition, do not get involved, not the fool that?

Invisible Man was a track, you tried it? Do not say so, because I only had to track school beauty, if you insist that you are beauty, then I have no idea, but you will suffer.

The so-called tracking, where is  she goes, I go where. But invisibility cloak so I can afford to enter the general tracker inaccessible places, such as women's room, such as the school beauty of the vagina and then, ha ha!

Indeed, there will be a day, I followed her into the ladies room, watching her pants off, squat peeing heard the sound of water. Also saw the way when Brooklyn pure escort girl got up and changed the pads. She rushed so I did not appreciate the action enough to have to stop. However, the toilet is not a good environment for sex - dirty, not comfortable. In my opinion, only really suitable for having sex in bed. Well, I do not have to get the bed? Do not have to. Because the school beauty is more than dorm bed.

Just that evening, I carelessly lying Xiaohua bed, bath waiting for her to sleep. I also love to her with a cloak of cloth specifically made a stealth condoms. Fortunately, that fabric is thin.

School beauty lived the four quarters, of course, are girls. Because she is more beautiful and several other relatively ugly, so she not very good relationship with them. Women are like this, alas. School beauty in bed that night, yelling for help, the other three only when she is talking in your sleep. However, if you have been raped while invisible cries for help, probably would have been this cold. But school beauty may be a little worse, because the three men are in the mind like: "bitch, then made a spring!" - I guess so.

It is indeed. Probably go to bed an hour later in the school beauty, but also I stood waiting in her bed an hour later, the action began. While knows will not be found, but I still a bit nervous - after all I wants is the school beauty ah. Trembling slightly, I went to school beauty of bed, opened her quilt to her clothes off. She is actually wearing any clothes: wearing a bra to sleep is said to make breasts sag, beauty school beauty then, so she does not wear a bra to sleep. Covered only a tiny white underwear.

Autumn cold lump soon put her cold woke up. Find their own quilt was gone, who is also naked, she seems a bit strange. But also a bit confused to see that, in addition to the quilt looked around to find no big moves - not even wearing underwear.

I did not hinder her, so re-covered in a quilt of her body. However, I reckon, when she fell asleep again, again lifting her quilts. Again and again, she finally could not bear up. Looked around to sit up and look around, find something. Unfortunately, she could not find anything. In desperation, she had to lie down again, his eyes open, hands clutching a blanket, sit back and wait, like, so Zhao Renqu lift. I do not want to make fun of her - do not get her a cold.

However, I got into her bed - from the feet that one - kissed her toes. She shuddered, they immediately sat up, slipped to quilt waist, exposing fantastic upper body. I was immediately back out from the blanket, one of the black tiger dig heart, caught her on the breast fullness tall. Up to this point, she could not, low voice shouting: "Help, ah, ah help!" While holding his hands in the chaos all around.

"Haha, who could not save you!" My heart said. Hands to continue the action, light look, heavy look, alternately kneading her Yu Ru, but also from time to time to play the middle finger on her small, round nipples.

I felt her breathing getting heavy up and cries for help are slowly blurred. Of course, I could not help, Ehupusi general, I pressed her suet-like body, with my lips sealed her lips.

"Wu Wu", her lips really very sweet ah! I do not know how to lip below her.

Her hands and continues to devastate the Dong body, my mouth slowly down the. Through her lips, neck, chest, waist, lower abdomen, she came to Grass.

Caress me, this film has already become a Grass lush oasis of. With peach fragrance of honey from Xiaohua Yumen slowly out. I again put her mouth to orgasm, while my little brother get bigger.

Free hand, I unlock the pants, to the lower body as hard as iron in her thigh to plan to plan.

Cry for help gone, replaced by "ah, ah," moans. I can not wait to enter her, but such a good opportunity, how can I do more than play for a while?

I have always developed a taste for milk delivery, school beauty that I am on Breast coveted. How not to try the line?

So I was covered with honey school beauty big guns in her deep cleavage in Choucha up. Xiaohua closed his eyes, it seems that this is a dream, opened his eyes will disappear the same.

I simply off the invisible condom, made with school beauty absolute intimate contact. Too cool, so beautiful lying on my crotch, but the mental stimulation that I have been fascinated by the. Before long, I could not resist, break apart Xiaohua small mouth, go into the big gun, I shot the accumulation of days of semen.

"Keke", she was coughing and choking me up, but still closed their eyes, seemed to be waiting for something.

Oh, does the following waiting for me to enter her?

She really had this as illusion.

So I separated her legs, will be re-resurgence of Yuzhu into her spring tide against the spread of Taoyuan.

"Ah!" She called out. I am really worried that she woke up the other three, although this does not bring me any danger, but habit.

"Is she a virgin?" Frown at her face I thought the pain.

In her private parts touched one, I put the finger on the tip of the nose and sniffed, with a faint smell of blood children.

"Picking up a great deal of this!" Tonight was her first night, which made me feel even more exciting. Whether she can not expect you to give us a lot of friends come in our web site, even if you only introduced a friend to come, the same site thank you very!

Bear, I sprint up more violently - to whom the whole bed shaking.

She tried lowering the sound, but "ah, ah" sound is still rolling. During which she tried to open an eye, but could not see anything - of course she can not see. Then she closed her eyes, a laissez-faire attitude of the way, seems to take this matter beyond our control to God. Of course, this is because the lower body is good enough for her very stimulating.

"She lustful Qi Zai? She had to have." I want these words to describe the current school beauty again fitting.

That evening, I "with her" continuous sex until dawn I never leave them quarters. Even after they leave the hostel to go to class, I lay in bed school beauty. I saw the school beauty has been red-face, got up and walked in the dorm, like what to look for, but found nothing, his face puzzled and shy. I have also seen the other three eyes filled with anger and contempt - do not guess all know, school beauty calls last night to make sure they also lust big time, sleep at night.
Write here, I want to sigh: "invisibility cloak is really the world's best invention. I love you, invisibility cloak!"

  but for me , i think the greatest invention is New york escort  in the world.

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