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And a female high school teacher, absolutely true

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   And a female high school teacher, absolutely true.
This story is true, it happened to me, and only some of the most pro-buddy I know, I do not know if you will think after reading this story, but my feelings is, in fact, serious and rigid on the stage teachers are people, but also women in their prime.

That is when the sophomore, holidays making up the afternoon. Make up classes during the holidays, teachers are generally left after class, usually not in the office, move along.

I was a chemistry class representatives, one afternoon, is the last lesson, and a half hours, just the chemical, I quite did not give teachers face, lying on the table to sleep for half an hour, also had a dream or a very erotic dream (no way, is a coincidence), the teacher saw me sleep too outrageous, I was called up, so I went to take the examination paper when the students work, and the examination paper seems less a few, If less let me go 200 meters away a few copies of copies community, by the way sober. I shook his head took the key (our teacher thought that no one in the office, usually the teacher this time to go), come from the fifth floor classroom, office, took the key opened the door.

I first saw a pair of frightened eyes, belonging to a same-grade chemistry teacher, tell us about it, two teens, just married, is a very professional kind of cold type. Then see a man and a woman is in motion on the computer, and headphones from her head and groans coming from women (no wonder she did not hear my footsteps), then out into the underwear from the skirt below the hand and white lace panties and her rosy cheeks. I was stunned, she stunned and speechless, then that is her mouth to say what it is choked I could not hear the sound, I went instinctively into the house to shut the door. Then a few seconds, I seem to hear the whirring of my body's hormone secretion sound mind blank, but her feet went over her first cover the private parts with a skirt, eyes slowly turned from panic confusion, when the thigh is also kept rubbing back and forth, I said I think I said until now the most appropriate sentence: "Teacher, I help you?" and then walked in front of her, the younger brother of the straightened stretch to her eyes, she first looked down, then nodded. I ran past the door locked, the back, she also played the body does not know what to do, I took her back to the bench by then, took off his pants, put his brother out into her mouth, she was very hesitant, but still with I live in the glans, my face is very comfortable, but her face is very painful for unspecified reasons. After about three minutes, and I put her legs apart, took off his underwear, pubic hair found in her very thick, is the first time because I could not find the vaginal opening, I fumble back and forth, surprisingly touching her moan, later learned that the vaginal opening, I reached into the film school was to go back and forth Choucha, Puchipuchi water sound very loud, and then I can not help, the brother put into it, as I was feeling? Sorry, forgot, was really a blank mind, I remember then I want to learn pieces with your fingers to house people stretching her ass, but it looks like this was very uncomfortable, she would have looked very comfortable in my extended into the point, just very painful to my hand away. I remember when I was shot twice, the first shot, she soon felt out of my brother out hitting the ground, the second is a direct shot into the specific processes are forgotten, too nervous, huh, huh . new york escort

After she was done sitting in a chair deep breaths, and expression is still very blurred, I use her underwear clean his younger brother put on pants, took the examination paper left. I think it was estimated that after the sudden sober done a little afraid of me, after all, this kind of thing in any case I made a mistake, a kind of corrupt moral feeling, as she was, I do not know how to deal with, all along The naturally normal. In later days, I have met her several times, but all the time so it is no clear what happened, she was still cold, I see she is a good teacher nodded and said, in short, everything had happened like . new york escort

After graduation I have read several teachers back to school, every time I see her think of that day, but I appear to be more intimate with her, other students did not understand, I said I had her head out of extra-curricular classes. new york asian escort service

Her name and school I can not say, but the left block her ass mole, in the piece below the waist, do not know if I have ever seen.

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