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on my godness a beauty girl in the bus

on my godness a beauty  girl in the bus

   Summer evening, though already receded day of hot, but still like an oven, thanks to the cool breeze blowing from time to time, giving the slightest pleasant. Internet cafes are just out of the whole body of heat by the cool evening wind erased, only the second child does not live up to expectations, not on the page that passion from the scene of the pressure of cross God, in the crotch between the eager. Fortunately, today I wore a big brother clothes, clothes down to the bottom, you can let the second child in it arrogant.

    Came to the station when the day has a little dark, which is home to the people during the peak period. I could not help thinking, they can wipe an oil, and my heart feel secretly pleased. Other car, looked around, wow, good blue sky Yeah, there are few stars blinked in the ground where the ghosts. 

   Vehicles finally came, I entered the car with the flow. As the bus just after a few stations, so the car and not many people at this time. I look around for a week, searching for targets. Wow! The back of the car has a beautiful sister, the faint light through the car window, I looked carefully, cheap asian escort is really hot, and very sexy. Keep her shawl hair, the breeze blowing her black hair, exposing her pretty soft white face, can be seen,cheap asian escort was a student. 

    Her upper body wearing a tight button-down short-sleeved shirt, smooth and well rounded arm attractive Yeah, but even more fascinating is her big busty, unusual because of her plump breasts, almost make clothes button to open the top, like the shape of the nipple is clearly visible.

   Then look down, cheap asian escort is actually wearing short skirts, and abnormal hips Alice, from the Internet, hip girl Alice is very powerful, sexual desire must be very strong, do not know is not true, it seems today to be small scale chopper the. High tilt of the hip and her curved waist, the fullness of the chest formed a graceful curve, and then staunch admiration of men will for this purpose. She did not wear stockings, white and tender, smooth and slender legs could not help but to touch people.

   While I appreciate the time, the car went to the next station. I turned away and looked under the car people, a lot of people, my heart can not help but think that chance. So I followed the flow of people on the bus from the front of the car pushed the car back until the front of the body to her place, because too many people, my body tightly close to her, close to her in my lower body The hip moment, there is a trace of her body shake, but she did not look back, there is no means to avoid.

   I was secretly pleased that she is a sister bar wave. At this point, I looked around, we almost final part of the car, black car, difficult to see things, and this wonderful opportunity.

Wind blowing from the car, her hair mixed with the unique flavor girl under the jaw in my sweep to sweep, sweep of my nose itch, and I sweep intolerable desires, plus car dangling, close to the Her soft buttocks hard up her second child soon, especially as a thin summer pants, even through pants, I can still feel the softness of her hips abnormal elastic. Her hips unusual Alice, I tilt of her second child just wore her ass.

   See that she does not resist wrong, I boldly up, I deliberately use long pants across the top of her second child's buttocks, and the same as sexual intercourse, about what to contradict, the top every time I look forward with second child further retracement of the time, her hips close to her second child also responded.

    At this point, her hands hold the window side of the armrest, head buried deep in the arms room, I guess she has into the role, and getting more and more bold.

I grabbed a hand railing, the other secretly from her hand around to her chest, back, and I untied her hands buttoned chest, slowly stretch into it, because she is a low of head, others simply can not be found, but this time, her body close to my body, we are more like a pair of lovers.

    At first, she seemed a little resistance means, looked back at me, I smiled to her, her blurred eyes and turned back. I withdrew her hand bra, her chest good fullness, good flexibility, good smooth Yeah, my hand on her Suru slowly rub up, I can clearly feel her nipple slowly become hard up, so I squeeze, rub, rub and other techniques to fully feel her breasts silky, delicate. Meanwhile, my dick still contradict the rhythm before and after. Unfortunately I was not able to use my mouth feeling her breasts, otherwise, they will Shuangsi her.

    About this in ten minutes, it was on and off, this did not affect our business. At this time, I put my hand out of her clothes, she thought I should get off, and looked back at me, eyes full of prayer that, eager look. I rushed her laugh a little, in fact, I do not go, there is such a good opportunity, how can I easily let go of it?

   I just want to further attack, and I put your hands up her hips, gently off her miniskirt, Moqi her abundant buttocks, her hips skin delicate, smooth, flexible, and gentle, by touching I can feel her wearing only a thin underwear, I will hand across her pussy underwear dawdle, wow, where she has been wet, and I could feel her panties across the flow out of the sticky Aiye sticky, slippery, and then, my hand and from the edge of her panties stretched into it, wow, where she has lost a lot of sexual secretion, the panties are wet, my finger in her first slide to slide near the groin go Rounong her pubic hair, then gently rub her labia majora, labia minora her, her hips in my unconscious writhing under the rub.

    After I use the index finger and thumb to gently separate her two labia minora, while her middle finger inserted into the hole was full of honey hole, inside of her slippery, hot, and sticky, Slowly, I turn the ring finger inserted into it, my middle finger and ring finger on her hole Xue Li Choucha faster and faster, while the thumb rubbing her clitoris, then, is her point Xue Li Torrents of Spring flooding, when I rub her clitoris, her body would twitch it. In this way, my dick against her ass, fingers in her pussy Choucha with about ten minutes, I felt her body twitch a bit dramatic, Xue Li also points out a lot of honey, I think she was the climax of it.

     Then I pulled out a finger, and this time her second child is unbearable, I carefully opened the zipper pants, the long dick (my dick foot 15 cm long) from underwear to get the edge out, and then I dragged her panties aside so that her hole to hole facing my cock, as my cock foot 120 degrees and tilt her hip and a special Alice, so, just arrived in her Xuekou.

   Worried that she was a virgin, little by little I will cock inserted into the insertion process, I feel the cock and the pleasure of the vaginal wall friction, wow, Zhenshuang, long cock was a mass of warm moist fine meat wrapped in feel. A result, I did not encounter any obstacles in her efforts to reach the touch, ha ha, she really is a lustful younger sister, picked up cheap count today, I was secretly pleased.

I grabbed a hand railing, into his other hand and stroked her clothes to rub her Suru, so up and down the attack, Zhenshuang, and in such public places, really exciting! Since I was wearing clothes particularly large, so no one found anything unusual.

By this time, we were simply a pair of lovers had. After I insert the second child, first child after a pause in there, though she has not a virgin, but her tight hole or cave, bustling, skateboarding, and slowly, with shake the car left the right Akira, my cock also Xue Li and out of her hole, as my cock is very long, when I entered, can plug into her efforts to reach the office, at a time, she was as light croon a cry, because it is in the bus, so my range of motion, not great, but I could not help myself slowly, from my glans, coronary sulcus, penis uploaded to the friction of the bursts of pleasure I am slowly getting the rhythm Choucha fast, arrived in time to the glans can bother her, every time she must hum, it also aroused my desire, my spot checks faster and faster, I seem to hear and out of the vagina to cock issued the sizzle, so they Choucha ten minutes, when I feel myself to diarrhea, I would pull out her cock bustling vagina, so that her second child slowly Jin at this time, I deliberately covered cock Aiye contradict her ass, she seemed to interest again, he kept to her second child on the buttocks by, I do not want into her anus, I always think there is dirty.

   When my second child back to life, I once again inserted into her tight pussy, she and I play with this shallow a depth of nine games, I used the first cock in her vagina vestibule to Withdrawing inserted eighty-nine times, and then deep into time, it did not last into the roots, and whenever I plug into four or five times, her hips back the old roof, and I chosen not inserted, when the ninth deep into the second when her body whom shocked, when the cock each time with a lot of Aiye always, made my pubic hair and her panties are wet, so to ten minutes Choucha I feel her second child to be shot, so to speed up the pace, and she with me, finally, my whole body twitch, wherein the thick semen bother her.

   At this time my second child and is not throwing in the towel, still strong, I know she is not a second climax, so I continued Choucha the same time, more powerful stroking her breasts, about five minutes but Choucha My penis felt something hit there was a bustling, she had a dozen seconds, convulsions, twitching in her when I was still Choucha to increase her pleasure, her orgasm.

  My cock slowly out of the above Nianman Aiye, I carefully collated clothes. The floor and cried to see, wow, a sister stream to the Yin Ye.

By this time, under the car people have almost, though not home, I get off next station. When I get off, with the attachment of the vision and sister looked at me, ha ha, this lustful sister!

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