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Travel on the way to win my wife'sfriends

Travel on the way to win my wife'sfriends

  Saying that this summer, more than two months before the bar, I once sent to the provincial capital on business unit, resistant to being bored in the car look in the phone book, suddenly heard a loud call me, looked up, a girl standing in front of grateful Tell me, little brother would like to describe what this girl looks
Characteristics, Wu Nai writing is good, a few hundred words omitted in this! In fact, hot asian escort in ny said she was not right, have been married in 2067, children in kindergarten, be it a young woman, my wife be with the students, the relationship usually good, tall pretty high, not beautiful nor ugly looks , hot asian escort in ny is also full, but definitely not fat, plump with a term called it, in a city hospital as a nurse, usually eaten with rice, the feeling is Taitailielie who the character is very active, she has had a brilliant character name We call her Yan-yan.

    Start the car, towards the provincial capital, we also bored resistant to chat with, to be honest, although a large group of people usually had dinner together, but I chat with her alone the first time, hot asian escort in ny was very talkative, his voice is also large, there Whether next to no one, and occasionally there is also talk with foul language, after all, is a nurse, who talk more casually. We chatted work and life, the organization started to talk seriously too, is slowly coming to chat casually, and she even had her husband how she has come up with in terms of chase, boasted how her husband loved her, how to listen to her words, However, I know her husband, in a bank, her temper can not blow so well. 

At noon, drive to the highway rest area, I asked her in the lounge area Chile Dun potluck, she very favorite, also accounted for a small cheap love, seemed very happy, eat when it told me a few yellow joke, they love talking about this piece of nurses, nurse molested nothing more than to those of the patient. Dinner on the train to continue, she was drowsy, chatted and fell asleep leaning against the seat, and sometimes the body directly against my body, arm and arm contact, I can clearly feel her smooth skin, I was somewhat restless, has no intention to sleep, staring at the car to put the garbage made the film, but do not know what place is.

Approached the car on the highway the same day the accident occurred, blocking more than an hour, until 7:00, when the car minutes to the provincial capital, I asked where she was ready to go, because the School of Medicine from the urban areas there is more than an hour drive, and where the buses run than the earlier collection. She asked where I live, I say live XX hotel, we travel all living units to the provincial capital, where the three-star, a system to open the hotel sector, we can discount. She looked at me, thought, smiled and said: Since it is a couple thing, I also live XX hotel. I laughed and asked her, to open a few rooms? The couple will only need to open the room Oh. She laughed and hit me, that you are not afraid to call you my wife complain ah?

    After the joke, we went straight to XX hotel taxi, car, I still think back two rooms can not be reimbursed if the open ah, it seems to open their own blood to help her friends house, that's what a few hundred dollars. To the hotel, I was planning to open a room, Yan Yan, said the initiative "on a standard room Well, you can go back and report, I will just squeeze one night you got," I surprised a moment, smiled and asked her, you are not afraid I indecent assault you ah? She said, you dare, I call you directly to my wife, I said, afraid of you anyway, I guarantee that looked straight ahead and take the Cup into chaos.

    A good room, Yan Yan open air, the habit of curtains, the mood even let me move some think Ru Feifei. I told myself, do not impulsive, others may not have this intention, after the other and made friends did not have to do.

Yan Yan, raising his hand rubbed the sweat, white with a few sparse armpit hair under the arms, that plump flesh. . . . . I think I have some unable to bear. She asked me "Do you want to take a bath?" I said the Ladies first, she was smiling into the bathroom, back told me the sentence, not allowed to peek Oh! I said, and so will you not tell TV staged as you asked me to send underwear to come Oh! She giggled laughed and said, you saw a lot of drama.

   Bathroom sound like rushing water of the provoking me mentally, not exaggeration to say that when I have an erection. The door opened, Yan Yan Lingerie wearing a sling on it, and perhaps the body skin Well, this woman likes to wear suspenders. I asked her, you have come to learn even nightdress with ah, not too tired? She laughs and says, not only with a nightgown it, I also brought a condom, you do not see thing. I say, bring thing to see. She shot at me, said: Miss you thought I was, ah, carry that thing? Then she looked at me and said: You wear what type? Do you want me to take boxes from the hospital to send you? I said, of course, large your friends. She Pooh a little, that you are not a small breath, go take a bath bar, a bromidrosis.

Out of the bath, lying in bed half Yan Yan is, if you're looking to see if I dress neatly, ask me how I do not wear pajamas, I said what a man like you go out with so many things a woman. She said that you can wear to bed so neat? How wrinkled clothes to go out tomorrow? It does not matter, you wear shorts, and I saw what did not? Have seen large numbers, ha ha. She said, the idea made me embarrassed, thinking not as a woman so relaxed, it really put off T-shirt and trousers, shorts lying on another bed. Undress, when Yan Yan told me, once in the hospital to help a patient shaving surgery when the patient's little brother erection, the head of elbow room, let her on the glans with a touch of alcohol, pain and immediately soft down, and finished her giggle laughing, asked me not to try the taste of alcohol.

   I sweat that, ah, was only dare to listen to people say that nurses in particular, is experienced today, finally, the moment I do not know how to react, and had filled it is natural to lie down, said: take a day car, you do not Leia? Sleep, we still have to work tomorrow. Lying sideways, little brother has been hard as iron.

Yan Yan to see me do not speak, and also some boring bar, will, if you're reading, but also off the TV to sleep. Bathroom the lights, the room is slightly soft light, the night is not too deep, but I clearly hear your own heartbeat. A long while, like Yan Yan turned lower body, said softly: you want to come over?

    I suspect that his fantasy was hallucinating. Yan Yan to the inside and Nuele Nue back to me, under the nightgown was extremely plump buttocks round, want to come to come, she said softly, I will not tell your wife.

Brothers, you may not understand the feelings I was, ah, in addition to excitement is excited wow, blood in that engraved Chung, souls wow, I am not a man in battle! ! !

I jumped out of bed, and jumped onto her bed, holding her from behind, one on the. People have taken the initiative of a woman, we had a Tate's husband would not mention it. Lingerie Now, Yan Yan did not wear a bra, my hands can easily touch her breasts that sort of, well, feel really good! I like kneading dough, like rubbing, feeding off the young woman nipples look great, I gently pinching them, waves of ecstasy occurred Yan Yan groans.

Slowly, Yan Yan also reached out to me that the evil of her hand, she reached into my shorts backhand holds my little brother, whispered with a smile: You did not lie to me, it is also Big deal! I smiled and said in her ear, the room is no alcohol, you do not get soft it it! Yan Yan pinched hard, to say that I put the sperm inside out to see if it is soft not soft. I asked her, what you squeeze? Said as he reached into her nightdress on the inside.

What you want me to squeeze it? Yan Yan said with a smile on my glans with your fingers on the paddle ring, itching. This course is crowded with friends, I said as he reached into her pussy, there is fullness, bulging, labia four weeks have been some wet and feel out of Yan Yan's hair, small, sparse handful of pubic hair long in there. Do not use your finger to finger with bacteria, Yan Yan whispered, rubbing my fingers skillfully little brother. What hand do not? Big sausage with it? I asked her. She said, and so will you, will be the first to play do you lick your mouth first thing, I wash it very clean!

   I said with a smile, not right, you called me the first time we kiss you following, told me later how to lift up their heads in front of you ah. Fart lift head, ah, I turned to Yan Yan, Mei said with a smile, tell you parents is to give you face it, so I do not want to kiss someone, today you are either pro, his aging mother would not let go of your sausage. Come, first kissed the mouth, slowly play was comfortable. Then, she kissed up, and some frantically out into my mouth and tongue, I have some trembling like an electric shock.

Shortly after, she and I have no film strand body, I lay in bed, she on me, big white ass in front of my face, this is a legend among the "69" type it, it really is a nurse, not the wave of kung fu very catchy title, my little brother in her mouth to melt like normal, she's extremely smart tongue, my feverish moans like a woman up. Comfortable owned comfortable, work ye have to do ah, my tongue is also her labia up and down to hard work of their lives, although clean, or a sense of salty, slightly fishy point, but okay, nothing else odor.

     for the first time into the time, we resume the tradition, I pressed her, her brother was holding, pointing into the hole click on the slide, which, as moist as the flood, she is Caesarean section, the following is still very tight, very comfortable, I suspect that her husband did not my big thing, because I go in, she apparently shouted, swelling!

The next course I do not thin sheet, the altar where the faithful should be very skilled wolf. That night we did two back, the second to do, I opened the lights, tried many tricks, posterior, female on the chair. . . So, I can think of patterns, are all exercises, she also co-excited fought everywhere with me, watching her white light plump body, I have a passion to strive to rush ahead. Finally, following the shower in the bathroom, I pull out the little brother take off cap, spray the ten million children and grandchildren in her breast above.

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