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what should i do, she's my brother's wife

what should i do, she's my brother's wife

 When I read the eleventh grade, my brother got married. Wen Wen my sister quietly, are virtuous lady type of woman. They got married brother is a white-collar workers, his wife taught in the evening, where she helped her mother during the day cooking in the family, and I only get home from school when his wife, but pure escort girl in new york was always eager to catch up after dinner in the finished work, so few opportunities to meet. As the elder sister married, I have very few people can talk about some private savings, then it is natural that the desire to put these sort of things over to his wife who had! 

    As the eldest sister get married before I saw those sexy underwear, so I use the things these women have some idea, very strange, why my family is always on the drying racks to see his wife's personal underwear it? This raises my curiosity. Butpure escort girl in new york's wearing a very conservative daily, except when wearing a skirt occasionally exposed outside, there was no chance, I think pure escort girl in new york should be all the things hanging in their bathroom or room, right?

   I remember one day I put the temperature of the book leave, travel to his brother, sister with the mother jolly, I took a spare key opportunity to enter his wife's room, the window in the room I found her "secret" again! Size 34, wow! A total of three, white, black, red the set.

   be an ordinary set of white, red set of very hot, bra cup is very low, it should be semi-cover, underwear is the only positive so-called lace pattern, but behind it all is transparent to it! The black was a very strange, the bra cup is transparent, all underwear is a combination of tape with a fine, did not know what that stuff? Now I know called "thong", several of these than my sister's good-looking and more!

  I am pleased to hear for a long time, I think, should not only three sets of it! So I started to open the drawer chest of drawers, but only some Jujia Fu, closet most of the more formal clothes to go out, and finally I was found in the bedside cabinet! His wife is really educated people, her underwear is really regulated by color were placed in three categories of income nagri! Roughly estimated that about two thirty now! ? Of which there are some sexy underwear and the like.
  these things I'm just looking through it readily, not Ganluan take, but I discovered a great secret ° ° with a roll of tape. At that time my family has a VCR, a place living room, another is on her dowry to her room. I think the family should not come back so early, so I put that video up view.

   on when the image appears when I surprised! Although the picture is unstable, the background is her bathroom, then she's wearing a wedding dress, swaying go the bathroom before, but has pulled the zipper behind the hips, exposing the inside of the red underwear, and then her face I am flirtatious with a hook, really surprised me! e

   shoulders brushed aside her own clothes, so dress fall to the waist, and she wriggled then gave the whole dress off the floor, then kick their feet gently, when I saw her body to wear bra, panties, and tights only! Then she slowly into the bathroom and elegant, face wash station, unplug the fork in the hairpin in her hair, then Shuaishuaitou, let the hair fall, and then looked at my side.

   I look at her waist tights off, off to the bottom on the lower edge, her face and a very lewd gesture several times shaking the ass, and from the front of the tights off from one leg to the rest of the side is hook up the other foot back and then she then pulled back out of tights. Wow! What a beautiful gesture! I can not help but see near the front of the TV, would like to see some more!

  suddenly I heard the voice of her  paste, said: "nice?" Also mischievous wink tongue spit on the lens, and then facing me, with fast speed to open the bra of the anterior cingulate, and cover ! I had a chance to see it has been obscured by the.

   She turned, then the upper body of the bra on the matter, and began to pull down underwear, her first ass panties off to the back half, then roll in the side off the bottom side of the case exposed the whole piece ass, pure escort girl in new york took off again to the whole underwear. But to be completely off before her, she put on the underwear to stay in the left thigh, then his legs crossed, one hand holding two cups covered breasts, then cover the following other hand, slowly turned, After she began to like the dance they are now very popular as a burlesque pole dancing.
   her bra when she took it off the whole time, but also get hands waving in the rotation, then I will enjoy the appreciation of my family other than the woman naked, bra also thrown into the lens to the final, but I see picture, but the floor, ceiling, pass back and forth for several laps, which also saw a hairy Bigfoot, when the lens is stabilized, she was naked in the sink wash the ┅ ┅

   then came downstairs to open the door to the sound scared me and I quickly remove the video, off the TV, back into the video, and quickly left the scene of the crime. I have to cover up, ran on the top floor balcony to take a deep breath, after a while I just forgot to think back with it! In fact, this kind of situation with no time to rewind, Now I play on over. Ah! Seems to have forgotten to lock the door, over, over! !

   next day because I have a guilty conscience, fear his wife to know and become restless, but as seen the picture of her sensuality, in my eyes she had in fact appeared to be excess clothes, though she is wearing the external dignified ┅ ┅

    relax , take it  easy , call new york escort,you'll see what's different.

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