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Life the most exciting of the most memorable things

Life the most exciting of the most memorable things

    09 years ago, it has been a good and decent and zz close, frequent contacts. She is a primary mahhatan female escort, her husband is aluminum workers, need to explain that her husband is at work 4 shifts.

      Day after to zz, meet good and decent, she told me her husband for a 18 o'clock to go to work, I went to mahhatan female escort's home to find her, and personally I do the kitchen to eat.

    Half the afternoon, I went to her house downstairs, in the shade watching the old man old lady downstairs playing mahjong, by the way, mahhatan female escort's husband go to work. At half past five or so to see him go down the stairs Huangyou her husband went to work. Then turned to go upstairs. To prepare dinner upstairs to see what is good and decent. 

    Determined at this time how the first meal ah, holding beautiful first kiss, with a bath, in the living room, kitchen, bedroom, dry upside down. Everywhere traces of love and the young woman's Jiao Yin, the only regret is that when holding the beauty for the room, beautiful back in the door hung a bit.

     Toss for nearly an hour, I lay on the couch watching TV, beauty prepare dinner, two Eau fried dishes, and gruel plus pickles, relish it touches food, unique style. 

    After dinner, watched some TV together, in the Han rice can not naturally honest, I will return and touch her, one she will eat me for a while I buttoned her for a while he licked me. Strong affection, and to hold beauty on the bed.

     Even dry with sleep, unknowingly into the night over 11, and her husband work 12, 12 and a half home. Because even two dry beauty, body more tired, and beauty to discuss on that night do not go. Began beauty spade do not agree, then I could not even tempted threatening. I finally agreed to stay. But note that she and her husband had to sleep three or four years of housing allocation.

    We chatted softly, until 12 o'clock, when the sound really came to open the door. This time my heart is suddenly accelerated, it is estimated the arms of beautiful women should be able to hear. Beauty sleep because of the lower, I'd failed to hear the young woman's heart is also accelerated.

     Had wanted to, her husband went to sleep for a while, we also can take a sleep, while tomorrow morning I left early in the morning. Who knows her husband has in the living room watching TV, eating, drinking tea it. Toss to toss.

     This time I Annaibuzhu, and her husband began to eat in his time, I slowly stood ready for implementation began beauty Tuiju, but did not dare to come up with the sound, ah, on my insistence, beauty, or separated legs, I slowly inserted into it. I gave her to a shallow insertion slow roll. That beautiful face, ah, really rich, stimulation with passion, with heart, even with a lightly fear. But I did it is that great, or the beginning of two people holding dry. Later, her husband and tea watching TV, I am letting the beauty stand lying there, I insert from the beauty behind, this feeling is also very exciting. But beauty, but this time holding his mouth so I did it, I think this time will also cool beauty, afraid he shouted come.

    Later, her husband finally returned to his room to sleep because the bedroom next door, I dared vicious the toss, will slowly dry out back, beautiful but also took a deep breath, after all, been shot twice. If re-shot, really afraid of the man next door alerted.

    The next day at about six, my beauty will serve up, wash, and then I go out. But I have breakfast in their cell door in such beauty, to 7 o'clock, when out with beautiful women eat breakfast, take her to work, I left

    This woman has been good to me, I always miss her!

    what the hell is this feeling, i need to call an angel, i have to call New york asian escorts.

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