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Have to say something with a senior

Have to say something with a senior

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   Ten years of pent-I breathe slowly and career, and finally a home test to a university far, suddenly discovered that feeling of freedom is wonderful.

Just go to college when it is exposed to the Internet, to know not just call to chat, as well as mobile phones, as well as facebook, MSN and so on. Through facebook, I know her, because it is new to facebook, typing speed can not keep up, but I am young but had to pretend precocious, talk to her every day to be put on a long list of great truths, and occasionally can She fool the leng leng. The result, naturally a few people have sent me a message and his truths have not made the last one, quite embarrassing ah.

With the chat go slowly, I became aware that she is the city of a medical undergraduate college students, calculate the time of enrollment, one year earlier than I am actually in college, I naturally yielded slightly, sister school, learning sister called it really affectionate. no way, adolescent tail moment I always have the urge to close the opposite sex, though that impulse is very hazy, and sometimes even a little bit a little guilt.

Is a weekend afternoon, I was online again "happens" (to wait for sister school, a class on the Internet on the look of) met a sister school, speech science between sister revealed a trace of lonely, "Maybe I should go look at her, look what happened to her, "I am naturally think of.

Sister school to hang up the phone, I confirmed my guess, she is now the mood is indeed very low, we asked sister school in Which Internet cafe, and immediately excuse yourself something, go back there time to contact. in front of her immediate concern was thinking to give her a little unexpected to me how much she added a bit to make a good impression. (Now think that time really is incredibly naive) out of the school stopped the taxi went directly to the destination.

When he first entered the city, the phone rang, the sister school of exclusive ringtones. "Is my little sister trick is learning to see through?" I think of the case.

"Xiaoshuai, where are you then, I want to see you" learn a little sister's voice tremble, what a surprise that I have already stopped, and quickly said, "sister school, I was five minutes after you just wait for you downstairs cafe "

Bad, I have never seen sister school, how do know which is the total can not simply put the familiar voice of sister school who come to find that black unrealistic ah. Early to know just ask the sister school on the number of machines in a few online, so find it more convenient ah. Now only a phone call to ask the resort.

Is preparing to pull out cell phones, Internet cafes on the second floor down a student dressed girl, about 160 tall, somewhat thin, apply a powder looks very handsome face, a black off the shoulder long hair straight and smooth. "The hope is her" secret prayer.

"You are good, school girls" "You are Xiaoshuai?!" 

We talk for a long time already familiar with each other's voices.

"I see you found that this is my beautiful sister school, because only you will have that silvery voice" (bold but cautious thick-skinned, because of who Twentysomething mantra ah!) Accompany the sister school in the park turn one afternoon, she did her best mood improved a lot. We arrived at dinner time, learn to ask my sister insisted to eat, respectful than from life. After dinner I yielded to your sister school to see the film.

When we have to have the curtain for a movie, the theater was dark, my sister took the hand of the dark come to learn of our box. The pattern of the box is not big, you can squeeze three people, we sat down, leaving the middle of the bottom half of the distance. What is the film to see that already remember, I remember the boxes in front of us a pair of men and women have been kissing, I see a bit distracted.

"Handsome, let's go, I am a little uncomfortable, a headache." Sister school my arm in my ear. "Then I send you back to it."

Out of the theater, she said Tuesday evening, do not want school dormitory, and how can I say that I am not on your side, you are not comfortable with a person who will care for you? I finally learned sister agreed bay in a small hotel room, while I was distracted and excited, it seems to accompany tonight I keep my 20 years that what goodbye.

To the room, sister school offered to lie down for a while, I would say you have a good rest, I give you a prescription to the pharmacy for headache medicine.

Sister back to school is not in the room when the bed, the bathroom came the sound of water bursts, it appears that she was taking a bath.

"Handsome, help me win my clothes What, in bed"

Bed, a black lace underwear appeals to the imagination, as if there sister school clothes that attractive body fragrance. When I handed the clothes sister school, she pulled my hand into her beautiful sister school in my carcass on the front of the white skin, breasts like most of the two hemispheres, slim waist if one can grasp the grip, naked. I was really hard, dick is not hard, it is the people are hard.

Sister school ring on my neck, tiptoe to kiss me, breathing, such as blue tongue dexterity, such as snake bites do not generally squeeze into my tight teeth. Pompon head of water sprinkled on us, but poured our hearts desire the eternal fire. i kissed her greedy side, while Rounong the breast, the white breast meat slipped from the fingers, the metamorphosis of different shapes. Sister school in groping me, removed my coat, neat little hand into my underwear, I was caught up in can not rise, can not be hard hard back and forth Cuonong Bang Bang. "Handsome, to me," said the study's sister ambiguous. Also refused to wipe the body of water, I picked up the sister school, put her gently on the bed, lying flat endless glamorous of school she said Tuesday. I snout her breasts, her tongue kept Tiannong pink nipples, her areola is not large, for a nipple on the stiffness up. Sister school comfortable moaned, back and forth in my hands caress.

  I kissed all over her body, stopping to her beautiful pussy, gently separate the labia, exposing the inside of a small clitoris, I Tiannong with, pussy out of a transparent Aiye, I wrapped her clitoris back and forth with congestive sucking, she has been unable to control, and took my big cock inside will lead to the pussy, I slowly entered her body, a slow-faster, faster Choucha efforts, sister school let out in the following groaned, but increased my desire to conquer, I hard a. Because it is the first time, only 10 minutes I would like to shoot, and learn to see my sister means to ejaculate I hurriedly pushed up, mouth latch onto my big cock fast Taonong with, I forced the Tiannong horse eye, but also vicious in the suction, under 30, I turned my life honestly the first "homework."let me to lie down and learned her sister into a 69-style, she is still relish eating my big cock, licking the top of the body fluid clean, one hand under my scrotum rubbing back and forth, a hand inserted into their pussy, gone Choucha with, not 2 minutes, I was hard, leaning on big cock sister school, the pussy alignment, slowly sat up, took my hand and put in which the kneading of Haoru kept on, swing around the waist, and slowly increase the magnitude and speed, let out a groan. This is a full half an hour, slowly I got used to this pleasure, simply to learn sister down on the bed, lifted her ass up from behind into the wonderful Rouxue sister school, the hands from behind extruded encircling her breast shapes. I am doing the crazy, are also slowly learning not hold sister lying on a bed, a flood of pleasure drowned us, sister school turned desperately to kiss me, tongue in the mouth constantly stirring, not his mouth still vague Qing said, handsome, dry me, ah, Tajiri my pussy, pussy is for you, I am also you! I finally broke out again, learning once again climbed sister climax. Ah bang, I feel warm again glans poured a transparent liquid, can not say the fun. That night, we worked until six in the morning before embracing a more slowly to sleep. Sleep before the final gun, I put her on top of the window dry with force, against the birth of the sun, we again climb on the peak. 

Two young flesh in that night completely integrated. Sister school, has become my life's first girlfriend.

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