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Driver betrayed me

Driver betrayed me

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  I remember that year to work in an electronics company, a manager, to end the need for customers to eat and some entertainment. I know to drink that night, so I went with the driver of the unit, and I let him see a visitor. 

Please evening meal is the quality inspection department leaders, the so-called leaders do not actually official, but just control us, mostly women and young, one of the last name Kim is a college student, recently graduated, the family was assigned to a relationship here to work, usually more points from her, and sometimes the company send a customer a small gift I have just brought her a copy, so it is more familiar with it, what usually send a text message sometimes, in fact, she told me more hazy, often asked about my family, and I was her long to start, but never had the chance, she wanted to forget to drink down today, the company is not afraid of people know, nice point that I was dedicated to the company a!

At the dinner table I was toasted, we gave face, drink a lot of wine is really, ah, more than three hours of food to eat almost, I asked my driver to take them back home, but the other 5 people, I and the driver, simply take no less than one, you have to send twice, I am the master, how can I go first then, so let the first driver to send them, apart from the driver pull up to four people, so I excuse that the little gold from my house Recently, her first wait a minute, for a car and I go back. In this way the other driver to a few people away, including my room, and her.

I see her face was red, his eyes dim, really want her in which to do.

I teased her a sentence, saying it does not go well, or else must first find a place to rest, etc. and then send you home sober, she agreed, I suggest to take a bath, so sober up quickly, I did not dare say directly to the hotel, bath center has rooms anyway.

After a half hour, my driver came back, I went a little gold on the car a bath, washed in lounge set, with the tea. But the hall a lot of people, television sound great, there are people that sleep in the snoring, I suggested we go to break open a private dining room, she saw my driver still, it is no more like three of us entered the rooms, in the private room watching TV, I Jiujin up, so I really sleepy, like a break after the driver turned away, then slowly filled enjoy her. I look at sleep in the past.

I sleep very well, is awakened by the sound, and heard crunching sounds, I confused opened my eyes, the faint light, the driver who is Oscar moving, two bath clothes on the sofa, fool know what they are doing, ah, ah when my gas, but also change a few positions, really wanted to kill the driver.

No way, continue to install sleep, can have 20 minutes, they finished the job, slowly dressed, then heard Oscar whisper asked: "No, you shot in there, ah?" I speak his mother , this kid really fun, ah! This brings me gas, going crazy!

But after a while I no longer pretended to sleep, I asked a good rest it? They said well, I thought you rest still very thorough ah. Then we went home. After New Year I put the driver fired, the driver did not dare to ask why, maybe he knows it!

Dear brothers, remember the lessons I have meat to eat quickly, to eat vain!

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