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First time to see porn ,real.

First time to see porn ,real.

    what's high class asian escorts,they are young,sexy and everything is good.after i tried high class asian escorts,i think i have a Responsibility to you guys, to tell how good are they,three words to descript high class asian escorts, amazing,awesome, what a surprise.

    When friends play together, often with my friends brag about and found a beautiful chick playing a shot, often get the man was very depressed. I am a little timid, and many want to find a chick, but unfortunately not the end of a guilty conscience. Each passing street salon, massage parlors are hard to see inside the heart experienced many struggles, and ultimately did not dare to go. 


      In fact, I have lived in home massage parlors near the cell door, each time when passing from the door can be seen wearing a short skirt, the girl lit white legs, and some girl at the door are often called, really made me envious. Helpless I really timid, afraid to enter.


      Brother's wife in the home, a person in Beijing hard, very lonely. In the summer of 2009 a night, man in the computer a few paragraphs video, little brother up to fail, wanted to solve their own hands, then his mind flashed white front legs of the chick, the heart next cross, there What is it? Not to shelling it? Damn, dry time, from the purse and took out five mao, out the door. Although the mind to go, but there is some fear. First, look around the entrance to the massage parlors, the sight was gone, as is a walk on, walk from shop front, while longer follow back. After two later, and finally determined, enter! 


      Into the door after the door received a very warm reception of the sister, brother do care ah, inside please, have a familiar young girl ah? I said the first time, not familiar with, we introduce you to a good service to. I entered, and lead her to the back room, I carefully looked at the reception before the young girl, a little fat, skin color better, scoring 65, then will it. Then ask what services are to be, I asked them what is here, she told me the price, shelling 300. I said OK, here you safe? She said no problem, absolutely safe. And then said wait a minute I'll get something, get something finished, she walked out with me. They massage parlors in the streets of this residential building opened, she opened the building door, to the residential buildings in the corridor, then to the second floor, the keys to open a door to take me into. Went and told me that we are perfectly safe here, never pick up in stores, large living are all here. I saw this really is safer. new york asian escorts


      Here is the topic of: came in, she said brother you wash it. I shopped in the forum, and I say you do not wash it? She said okay, we regard the clothes off, then I looked good this young girl, a little long too fat, not breasts, but still relatively strong, the areola is very pink, is not how was eaten, the following handful of thick pubic hair, she took me for a simple wash to wash the bathroom, especially careful to wash wash my little brother, I only touched her breasts in the bathroom. Dry after washing to the back room on the bed, while I had a mouth to roam, while stroking my little brother. My hands are pitching in, one hand clutching her breast, touched a vagina, my hand started only in the vaginal friction, trying to insert a finger into her grabbed will not let me enter, tell me There are bacteria in the fingers, can not be deducted, parade, I said just to wash her mother's bath, that to so many things? Damn damn disappointing. Then I let her give me mouth, her mouth was that more money alone, what with all my 300 ah? She said only the shelling. I was the first time, no experience, I said it would do it! Then my little brother let his hand Jinong hard, put her little brother to the I set, I stood ready for implementation, her legs apart, direct hole, I have not inserted two small, she started calling, I know that is a loaded, I matter, and two shallow a depth, slowly, she will cry real. Dry after a few minutes, I said a little tired, you come in the above moment, she sat me I lie down, sit deep may insert a bit, she's called Oh look, so I am more excited, she did a while, I have a feeling, get her to lie down, raise her legs, look at what a deep plug up about a few dozen, I shot thousands of children and grandchildren, lying on her body panting! She lay for a while, I pick up the condom, and I clean with a damp paper towel, lay with me a while! I got up and rushed a bit, gave money out the door. new york asian escorts


      This is the first man to play I Miss through. Indeed, probably more than a month after this incident, the local police to let the copy, and so fear is a long time buddy.

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