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Recollection of sexual life

Recollection of sexual life

   once we talk about sexual life,i have to talk about  i was one of big Busty chinese escorts ,i always believe life is a movie,but it never call stop and never re-action.just like another famous AV star,i'm so proud of i can be the one of big Busty chinese escorts, because a lot of chinese people don't have big busty,but i have.

    As popular, so many friends, especially, should also raise more natural. Sometimes a month down time at home watching the phone may be less than 2 days. Often went out drinking one night, K brother song went. That is one of my good friend's birthday, called me long ago that today many people want me to call friends to help him earlier, but because of the other should raise, or go late. new york escort a private room opened the door, I danced with the music all the way to go, and everyone came to see me called out: "Monastic, Monastic." I just smiled, while jumping, side come to the stage, picked up an alcoholism, King made a move to do on our own breath and drank it. I could feel that the minute my approach is very successful, but also very generous, handsome. I started drinking at the same time observed in the sitting Members, the beauty really, all very sexy, oh, long are good, except I have a few Jiaoshu, there is no place forty-five before. Should be a high school alumni it, much less than we. 
     After drinking a filling, I brought in front of two irrigation to longevity: "to late, really sorry, there really can not get away, to my respect you." Then on the first point usually like to sing a good song also dedicated to everyone, just started to sing a burst of applause, followed by a beautiful young woman holding two glasses of wine came up: "See you Sisiwenwen, good singing Yeah, the amount of alcohol getting bigger thing. " I am very polite took the wine, with a smile she said, "Thank you, have not seen you ........" we do this one since the introduction, she called swallows, long and lovely, the other I did not pay much attention. Singing of a fall, up around three or four people on toast, swallow again, "This is the second meeting, and do not say never seen, oh, come to our second meeting another drink," I smile with "That is, it is" a drink again. King went to a few old classmates looked at me after I sat on the sofa of beautiful women, a few old school swallow and I sat together, then looking at me, I pretended not to care about, go back , asked the god of longevity whisper, "that is what people called swallow it?" Luozhu Ren (old school) to take also a "Do not hit her mind ah, I look good, do not grab me, and today she is my" I said: "I and you rob, I just look unfamiliar, ask to forward." "Oh, that line, she is the flower girl (old school) to bring, you ask her, but can not targeting Oh." "Oh, know, what Jia, people do not know will not manage you, you do not take the initiative to point. "" Well, yes, I will take the initiative to attack the.  I did not go to respect the views of a turn, right? "birthday spoken" Yes, you guys to half a day, mixed drink of his own, ah, look we always pay more get the picture, the one to respect a lot of people you follow on the ah, one by one and then come to drink that opportunity for a full run to see You play several bachelor men themselves. "
      I smiled and took the wine flower girl walk next to "talk about it, laughing so happy?" Flower girl said: "In that you do, how to be more bad bad," I am anxious, "What is it, Bite your tongue, ah, I can not done wicked things, never had you, ah I'm sorry "take a one unhappy girl said," because the way that you say you had bad. "Oh I smiled.
      I know from the flower girl, this girl is local, but has been outside the school, just come back soon, so I do not know. I sat down by the reputation of toast next to swallow, and she chatted up the good has been well mixed in the praise I mixed well, people like my evaluation of complex mixed-like, you can see, she has been asking me, and set have a good impression for me, I felt her long good people, good skin, white, with a tight, making the body look even more impress. But I just know her, make friends and not think too much, so then did not take too much notice. i did not put her mind. Later, coming to an end, wine is almost all singing, a few are sent back, the woman did in a few, leaving only a few can top a big drinker, so the DJ sounds, we began last carnival. At this time, I found that should be familiar Luozhu Ren and swallow, and also danced with it, I Luozhu Ren smiled, said the idea for his recognition, he, too, I am confident smile.
      Quick 12 points, and jumping jumping, I found someone to my side the old set back with a look, and flower girl swallows, swallows have come and dance with me, seems to be drunk, but dancing to the very good, but I kept with me giggle, then I found Luozhu Ren no person may be drinking too much to send back, longevity is not in, and only fell asleep on the sofa is also a fat, is my old school, were very good. Usually are the punching bag, but a nice guy, very loyalty, always accompany the end, there are several still racing with. It appears we all drank too much. Time is running out, so I used the music off, clap his hands, said: "Today almost all 12, and I treat to get something to eat, mixed like?" Fat suddenly stood up, "Well, I agree, "then went out crooked. We are out,
      Eat things with few people, and woman is a flower girl, swallows, and one we had when we regard her brother's (men) Vicki, of a total of seven people, one last thing got left after eating , and given away to go home, which is almost every time we go out to play have to do something today to send the flower girl and the fat, do not send her son is the return. They sent back fat, I and another man's flowers girl, swallows have been followed, I said nothing, listening to flower girl said to her home today to sleep swallow, sister is coming home to spend time, Swallow is a walk in the before, suddenly come back to, "pay Brother, help me win the package, I get no more"  what I thought would take over, the flower girl to the door, we want to go back, do not inside, Swallow said, "you took the package, I want to go home, I will send her in, not far from my house, you are so I will." I have a house not far, I have another man said: "That you go back, my family far away from this." So it was all gone, when I almost did so wine drunk. So for a while, swallows it, and I said: "This is not far from my home, I will send you back." She said: "Yes, let's go."
      We walked chatting, chat is not a lot, see you look a little shy, has been away for a while, I could not help a bit, then said: "your home where ah, still far away? "She said:" I am not at home here, I do not want to go back. "I am one, feel pleased:" Oh, I give you a house go. "Well she should be a no loud sound, then when I can feel the atmosphere is very general, bustling heart, but I Thinking again: "This child is not right, first met on the open house," but want to "control her then, this village is no I shop, and open to open it. "
      So, I found a shop open edge of the town had a standard room, well say so, I said: "That such a child before it, you peace of mind to sleep, I opened the money, do not forget to check out tomorrow charge when the back room, "she then a little anxious, said:" You still walked, I did not dare to sleep one person. "I thought like," OK, then we are a one person sleep better bed, but Tomorrow I go to work, get up early. "She Well the sound, went to open the TV. I say "too hot, I went to punch a cool, before you sleep."
     So I came out, she was asleep, and open TV, it seems asleep, motionless, I see, she was sleeping naked, all the hangers on the clothes. My heart itch. i rushed a lot of cool but also calm, mixed bed on their own could not sleep, my heart is jumping the powerful, beautiful present, the people will sleep in the figure turned to look at her, "ah, sleep yet, "she said," Yes, sleep, "I put a little bedside lamp slightly open, I thought a do a pound, choosing to say. she picked up the pillow so I jumped in the past, said: "I could not sleep, talk, or will they mixed it," the jump also startled her, the sudden turned, just the pressure in the under my pillow, I am a bit embarrassed to say: "okay," she smiled and pushed me as saying: "You mixed over, go back to your bed," are the last, and I can go back and mixed, so I ignore her into her yard, said: "No, not over the back." In this way, we chatted for a while. She recently graduated from university, not long back, 24, and have had two boyfriends, high school had one, but no sexual contact, there is now a university, still linked, but far apart, unlikely , have some understanding of nature, but not a lot, do not know is not installed.
      Talk to the male-female relationships and sex, I asked her, "Yeah you where the most sensitive," she just smiled, said nothing, so I scratch her itch on hands, a good laugh, I turned to her a who, when I was a good look at her face, a long really well, very well-proportioned, very white, tender, mouth is, while I boast a while began to kiss up, and thus began a war of meat the.
      I kissed her mouth, hands kept stroking her underwear across the breast, no more will, I'll give her clothes off, after touching a hand and slowly move down, out touch for a while, you can feel her inside has a water of, and I further attacks, hand stretch into the inside, a lot of water of, then, I do not say, and this way it logical to go, because drinking alcohol, only once, but time is very long, almost have to spend a position to know, finally I climbed on her back end. Not too bright will be days.
      Later, we have been in contact, but many are at night, it is probably more than a month, but to go outside, and that is looking for work, good contact her parents, but also to see about me, I did not go, then not often linked, and the weekend came back twice, each time a World War II. Slowly no contact.

   whatever you think about me,just don't judge new york asian escorts,it's a job.just like an actor.

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