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I was a fat woman,i'm an independent escort in Queens now.

I was a fat woman,i'm an independent escort in Queens	 now.

   i was a fat woman,i know many men don't like fat woman,i'm so sad at that time,i don't what's wrong with me, at that time,i decide to be an independent escort in Queens,after 3 months, i have a perfect body,i'm not fat anymore,be perfect,be an be an independent escort in Queens.

   About five years ago, just with his girlfriend (now is my wife ) a large noisy aircraft, leaving ready to break up. Time to change the environment, not on the local work.

      A chance to know a friend to delivery to Dongguan. He is a small business, and gives the garment processing, processing to finished batch of Dongguan, the owner, and then come back. let me down with him, get some fresh air, the way to see if you can find a job. He said no problem, he has many years of friendship with the owner, the owner is very nice, you can live in his home. I told him the truck go and live in his owner's house down.

      The next morning, a friend on the back. He is the owner of the couple, is home to Dongguan, rented a farmer's house to live, the house the couple lived. The house is quite big, there are two rooms, a hall, the hall most of the piled up goods. Masters men and women look 35 years old, man of the house is very thin, very few words, all hookah; mistress of her husband than his big half of the body, plump, very warm, good-looking, do not look ugly. At noon, the man of the house to see the goods to the field and potential buyers. I ate dinner and the hostess, in the hall watching TV. East West, one she asked me one down the reasons and circumstances, I told her truthfully. 8 o'clock, we have a bath, because she is a town where the evening entertainment out of nothing, we are still together, watching TV.  while we are watching television, while continuing to chat. She said that she had two children, and are in the home, her husband and occasionally to go out thirty-two days, does not come back tonight, to be back tomorrow. Large generous about nine o'clock, she walked back to the room, wait a minute out, I smell her perfume not before, to be honest, it tastes not good news, strong point, but it can tolerate. Intentionally or unintentionally, while watching her close to me. I did not feel right, watching her big wave, joked: You do not want to seduce me? She was silent, with large waves endured under my arm, with the body close to me do not speak. I suddenly Xiangmo her big wave (before I touched my girlfriend's wave, compared to the much smaller), to show my girlfriend's revenge. So I hand into her underwear, a large, actually did not wear bra!

      Touch a few times, I urge, and little brother unconsciously stood on end. I hugged her, and would like to hand to touch her below, she whispered: "Can not move the following." Block shot one or two, I could hold according to the touch, and finally touched her below, following a little wet. Like her clothes off, she grabbed my hand let off, said softly: "Do not here, to bed inside it." So I touching a few of her big wave, released her, with her to the bed side, her own clothes off. White, fat, big waves, feels very touch, pussy hair little. I also stripped, kissed a few bites of her neck, suck a few large wave and the nipple, her eyes closed, enjoying the way; I touched her on the following, all wet! I suddenly thought, can not directly do, who knows her husband has not messing around on the outside, what disease to pass her. So I asked her if she had set, she said yes, got up and took a cap over. I was surprisingly calm, and asked her: "less of a cap, your husband will find it?" She said no.  I was young, sexually inexperienced, JJ hard, the cap set, it launched the. She's a lot of water, I do not charge a little strength on the inside. To be honest, she's big B little loose, I smoked a few to Siegen, see that she Shuangsi, I guess he is certainly not my husband so hard. I asked how long she did not, there are half a month, she said her husband did not touch her. I was the first time so dry, a little nervous, for fear he husband suddenly came back, my heart would like to finish quickly knock off. So I am deeply shallow dry mad a pass, she said not to insert too deep every time, you can light a few deep, otherwise it's easy to get away. Did for a while, she began to moan softly, fat pussy starts to contract (like now I do not know the climax or man-made), a loose-tight, dick folders was very comfortable; pussy the sexual secretion is very large, hot. In the bustling, sexual secretion stimulation, I Choucha much faster and more exciting, and a short while I have to pay a gun! We were both a sweat. She said he was comfortable, long time not so cool, and explain who I can not say this out, when there has not been.

      The next day, she was really like nothing, like, cook a breakfast for me. Her husband also came back at noon. I live in them again for three days, work is not discovered, on the back. Think I was not married, should not derail it, huh.

   Don't judge new york escort, in fact , many famous actor just like an escort.you know what i mean ,right.

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