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My friends became my wife (new york escort)

My friends became my wife (new york escort)

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    It is memories of things 10 years ago, when we see someone that popular, let an access to the Internet every day, they want to Ma, meat on meat, no meat on Hexibeifeng, several of us colleagues have this hobby, I heard a woman are together on the hook to see if the dinosaurs would pass if it is fast on the U.S. meat, it depends on our ability, and who should eat the operator who .

     In a conventional operation, there is a college student and I chat in the chat room very hot, and just for friends, so to play a man character, to the point, add to the mix the first sentence is: beauty, to meet? Thought Road she readily agreed, really happy, but also save a few online about the ocean we meet at the weekend, I called a colleague on I go, and she only single one, hey, now think of it, I have not her courageous it, three people after that meeting, I was not interested in her friends, and we hit it off, although she looks not beautiful type, but a round face and white skin, and big eyes, deeply moved me, and I deliberately dressed up a bit the day before is out, touch the point of hair gel, the head had a few small hair stood on end, looks pretty cool, and later confirmed the tailor makes the man of reason, she said that because I am a good first impression, so with me, and my colleagues are not interested in the things themselves, but also made me uncomfortable, to meet the day after I had been hurried away, but I suggest that he, He is deliberately hurried away, not really understanding between brothers, ah, but then he mistaken, because I married this girl and having said that, from that meeting later, we more and more fiery. 

     Our company is the street facade, the day I've designed, want to hold her, so mean to her after class, to the company came to me, waiting for her class, I left a company, we buy ate some KFC, I can not help, I propose the facade off, then on the inside to chat, she acquiesced, and I closed with lightning speed, and then holding her kiss here, where the pro- pro, followed to put her clothes off, pants are no exception, alas, that I first saw the woman, but the real thing, ah, very nervous, in fact, she is very nervous, A man so I have to pretend samples, and learn the routines around the yellow piece in touch, pro, eating, smoking, and made a lot of water below her, ah, my hand to pull her little sister, she hands her the first time, she asked me if I was the first time, every time I was the first time, this is just my thought, the mouth or the vows say, my dear, you are my first woman, then slowly inserted into it, really was great, the results only cool a few minutes, they shot, were shot in her stomach above, terror is everywhere on the sofa of her virgin blood and Yin Ye, miserable, and the first two days if it is to be our boss know, it is also Well, after two people dressed to engage in health, and finally doing a good job by 90%, but also rub some indelible trace how, no way to look at it often.

     Behind the development is normal, and now is my wife, Oh, we think of it!

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