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Big ass girl on the bus

Big ass girl on the bus

    If you ask me what's impossible things about escorts,that would be sexy virgin escort,i met a lot of sexy escort and virgin escort,but I never met sexy virgin escort,if you are not that foolish,you know why,but something imbalance thing happen, someone train some little escort that only 5~6 girls, I hope those girls will be a sexy virgin escorts when they grow up.

    I especially like to see the bus harassment class articles, in full view of a strange woman to sexual advances and sexual harassment, what is more exciting than this? Not to mention rape, seizure, those who break the law, while the bus is up to each other harassment glare, as long as you grasp the scale, usually no matter, the ancients said, "is to know to lifelong shame." This sentence on the bus satyr who is very applicable, depending on each other's reaction, not strong, otherwise the last must be very ashamed. 

Well, without further ado, I have read countless articles bus harassment, there are real, but most are delusional, to say the true story of brothers today to share with you.

Bus harassment article to see more, each car is the first thing the girls glance the car to see if there is no objective can start, I believe many people know, the best target is the kind of wearing short skirts, pants and plump, very Alice ass women, this superb rare, but may occasionally see a style is also puzzled. Of course, good luck when met naturally can not let go.

That was a summer afternoon, I kick the ball back to school after the bus, because it is more to a school far away from the play, wearing shorts, loose T-shirt, on the car, looked at the habitual the car's female friend, Aunt is found not to skinny, and suddenly very disappointed, but unfortunately, only by standing in front of waiting, and see if I can come some good.

Intended to harass the bus to remember the friends, to stand in front of the car, unless followed by a particularly good target, because standing in front, so that when the object of harassment up good, you can squeeze back, if you squeeze from the back forward, it would be too unusual, and fix will be treated as a thief .

After a few stops later, more and more people, and this time, the students look up a few girls, one tall, about 168 or so of height, body very plump, big butt quivering with the pace of twitching, chest is also very huge, I was on the hard little brother, without hesitation, as the crowd came to the girls side. Girls has reached a position behind the car stopped, and I followed to the back, pushed the girl next to the location, do not increase this time as front man, and there are a few people got the child from the back door, suddenly back on the very crowded, I rely on homeopathy to a few girls who, while inserted in the back pocket shorts by a few heavy girls Buttocks, soft touch to make me very excited. Girls did not react, just looked back at me, they turn over.

After starting the car, my hand still in your pocket, this is my favorite way. Hand in your pocket, inside pocket and then touch the girl's buttocks with the back, as this one, although across the pants, but girls will definitely feel your touch. Second, if the girls expressed strong opposition or dissatisfaction, you look back, like anger, you hand in your pocket, she has nothing to say, you can naturally give up this operation.

I used my pocket to touch the hand look at what the big ass girls, full of sensual ass people fascinated, in a soft elastic body shown in the charm of the young girls, this process very exciting, I look under the gradual increase great efforts, although some girls are not natural, but no significant resistance, I am overjoyed to know today, Me, and slowly took pocket hand gently with the back of posted up, as tall girls,  girls in my hand can feel the deep gluteal cleft, and both sides of the hypertrophy of the rump, then I turned very slowly up the handle attached, this process is slow and extremely exciting, because the most critical one step, once successful, it can freely enjoy, once the other violent resistance, it approved of.

I carefully looked at the girls reaction, girls quietly looked out the window, put the Buddha nothing happened, my heart ecstasy, gradually increase the strength, the last full hand on the girl's big butt, and then slowly the press, women's hips is really superb, large, round, fat and thick, soft and has a good flexibility, I greedy kneading, slowly from the deep gluteal cleft hand into it, fill it desperately stretched in the past, girls have a reaction, twisting his legs, but not very dramatic, I know that too much is not good, after all, she has a companion, and thus be not too much action, slowly stroking big ass plump girls, enjoy forward to this exciting journey.

Good times are always short, after a while children, girls get off, I saw the girl's eyes, and some angry little shy, start with the car, look away, my little brother as hard as iron, I had from the shorts pocket to hold it in mind constantly pondering the big ass girls.


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