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share a diary about sex in asian

share a diary about sex in asian

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March 23, 2007

    The first to write sex diary, always worried about being seen, to see if the other girls will call me "abnormal".

    Do not know how many times we made love, like her husband every time I do what my husband says ... ... I do not know how, a little selfish in bed does not matter. asian escort nyc I was selfish, and mostly lazy. I like people "wait" I like kissing my earlobe husband, kiss me, Mimi, kissing my neck, stomach, and below (pussy hole where oh), or even the whole body. Go on then kiss, kiss down there back ... ... 

    I stripped naked, lying on the bed, her husband on the pressure in my body, two people with no clothes on, as the skin next to skin. He always wore that below me, I tucked it, ah, the hard, and fleshy Bang Bang, I like, really like it ah. Like it "knock", to rub off the ground, tickling ah. Water of very soon, the bad thing! Then, it "pop" sound into the, ah, long fleshy on the hard big cock into my body. I love you clip it ah, rearing, rearing clip clip, clip it off forever trying to stay in my place. it in the following one smoke a smoked, out of and into, out of and into the hole play with pussy too! In fact, most is not our show, they both do. Talia would like to play with is, play sex, play Shui. Moreover, the pussy hole also and especially to little brother's baby semen Oh. Suck it suck ah, the little brother was the body absorb the exciting moment, cool cool, the itch. After the little brother "pop" all of a sudden it all their lives to the small Saoxue. Small Saoxue greedy to eat them, then lick show force, said: "not enough, people also ..."

    Previously, in bed, her husband has been playing with me, I want to touch, kiss and dry. This time is different, I would like to show to be a woman in bed, her husband mouth can pro-comfortable, too pro-husband called out, like me, emitting up to. This is my goal. My best to make her husband uncomfortable, kiss it, touch the glans (glue saliva, lubricant). Her husband looks very comfortable, and I do not have to cost a lot of power. asian escort nyc I want a multi-pronged, with my mouth to lick her husband's balls, one hand touching the sensitive parts of her husband, and I unconsciously looked at her husband's ass eyes, suddenly want to use tongues in particular "dry" it. My tongue gently licking it, dry it so awkward. Meanwhile, the hand has not forgotten to touch the glans big cock, it stood upright, like a gallant ship, the wind and waves! It seems very comfortable with multi-pronged approach to her husband, he is "ah" and called out. I did not forget to reward the meritorious wife.

    I go nuts in the husband's baby brother to suck out, skateboarding, and bustling, Wet, and then gurgle eat it. Hand gently stroked my penis, tongue dry with asshole mercilessly, again and again, over and over again ... ... I find myself good show ah. Husband, could not say "I want to plug you." Ah, good husband, bad husband, come inserted me, your wife is to plug in, to ah. I lay my husband dry, plug me; my knees, my husband inserted from the back, behind the forward, inserted more deeply, her husband ass people are driven to ring it. I love my husband from the back plug, plug it was cool cool. Dog parade dog, as they certainly Shuangsi! Fast shooting, the husband stood his move, I do not want to do waiting for, from her husband held out his head to crotch, ass pro husband, I know her husband as comfortable. That moment, I think, if the husband pulled Baba then pulled my face is not it? Who cares, I'm going pro it, lick it, dry it ... shoot a lot, first oropharyngeal down a little, remaining almost spit it out, drinking a Coke in the fall after a child to swallow. World best ah!

    Rub her husband there, I looked at her husband, wanted to "strong man, bad man", so awkward hold him. asian escort nyc

    There are "Three Bears", sex, listening to her husband insisted, "The Three Bears", people are comfortable humming it, singing voice shook unsteadily, and her husband returned to the recorded sound oh.

    That song is I'm going to give her husband performances.

    Sex, the husband of course, friends to rest. My husband in his arms, covered with blankets, hold me to sleep. My favorite husband hold me to sleep, always be this strong man had refused to hold a will.

    Later, he was in bed and watching TV, it is always honest, he was stuffed inside the thing, rearing, how can not fit in, hurry, right?when i went to sleep, a man came back, saying that came not move, watching TV on it. But after a while we should not move several times, moving a few. I see it on the inside it is not honest. Finally, or at bedtime and I did like a tempest. The bad man!

    I awakened the next day by her husband, "Wow" to draw the curtains and fight some. I still do not like, afraid of being seen. Will affect the sex.

    Stupid husband, wife is not progress it? You say there is potential wife Oh, wait, my wife will let you do without me.

    I remember years ago,someone told me I should order a New york escort,yes, I did.

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