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Seduce girlfriend's sister in law

Seduce girlfriend's sister in law

     What's first time,i don't mean that, I mean I called a escort girl agency first time,i was exciting and anxious ,whatever ,there have many different minds show up form my brain,but when the escort girl agency come to home,anything just so fucking simple,i would never forget that night,it seems like paradise,and also I grow up.
  Fantasy girlfriend's sister and betrayal, to his home every time I would secretly spy on his sister, sister a glamorous face, perfect body proportion is quite, 168 CM, 36D-24-36, always like to wear one-piece silk quality dress, careful that you can see the deep blue bra and panties, and once we cook at his home, his girlfriend to buy spices, his brother in the living room watching TV, I was the only vegetables in the kitchen and his sister, he and I flow management units are standing in front of, because by a bit closer, I smell emanating from him the smell of perfume, a little carried away, distracted, and his wife are full of mind sex pictures, sister sultry swing a variety of lewd gesture.  I want to take it anymore to seduce him, I put a little Nuejin sister body, gently touch his arm, he does not seem to find my intent, although it has been just this kind of action I get an inexplicable pleasure, an excuse to bring it around behind him handle things, like holding the ring from his wife behind him, turn his face staring at me as if I do not know what to do, and that some eyes Li Jiao Chen and blame mean , but he did not stop me thin out the words move, he did not see too intense reaction, and I tease him even more presumptuous,  I think women are married need to be praise and affection , even if my behavior was a mistake, it can explain everything to him because he could not help me, right? From behind his wife's gentle hold him close to his slim body, then lower abdomen below the top in his firm cock pretty rounded superior gluteal, is superfluous to say anything at the moment his girlfriend's sister was not it such a violation of book body I do not understand the attempt, my face against his shoulder and kissed his white neck and ear lobes, also hangs in his hands full of breasts and flat belly, and his wife to avoid disturbing twist my body further rude,a very small voice said: "My husband in the living room too! hurry to stop." I refused to give up this opportunity, he said in his ear: "Ting! I have always loved you, just because of your girlfriend's sister is afraid to tell you, every night I have dreamed and you lingering intercourse , and then continue like this I would collapse. " His wife turned to me away, and some breathing told me: "Tonight my husband will go to students, and should be to return home until early morning, you are quick to stop it!" I listened to really Shuangsi, did not expect the usual elegant appearance of my sister even say such a provocative hint, I could not help feeling excited hugged her, kissed her passion and moist red lips valve, sister also responded to my tongue, white teeth slightly open to exploring deep, very hot body rubbing and caressing each other because trembled, her husband was unaware in the next room his wife was her sister's boyfriend, caress, his mouth only a small issue two people hear the groans ............。 I am looking forward to tonight, I think my girlfriend's sister seduce must have a kind of derailment under very excited about the thrill of betrayal, can not wait when I arrived in the family, put on sexy clothes, put the most lascivious postures, lying on the sofa in the living room let me into her fiercely from behind the body.

      I am not dark sky came down the alley girlfriend's house, she and her brother, sister live together, but I know his girlfriend was not at home, waited about an hour later, asian escort nyc I saw her brother's car slowly From the parking lot out, I immediately alighted and went into the elevator. To the door I pressed the bell, sister to the door happened to be next door to Mrs. Chen to go out the trash, I humbly ask: "Ling in it?" Sister does not answer, I quickly said, and his girlfriend made an appointment, please let me sister go wait for her.

      A step into the living room, just to lock the door sister, I smelt a strong smell of perfume, his girlfriend's sister was wearing a tight white T-shirt and gray knee-length skirt,  slightly moist obviously white hair told me she had just showered, and although there is no make-up, but the kind of charm and furtive flirting during the day and then when the kitchen as attractive, especially since I can easily see through that black T-shirt bra inside, wrapped live in that white firm breasts, my mind has emerged out of sister to let me rub his face with lustful bimodal, hug entangled screen.

      Some angry tone sister questioned me, "You're bold, do not open up the phone first, but fortunately brother just go, if still at home, which would be bad!" I exposed some evil, proud of laughter. "Sister, I waited an hour in the alley and saw it come out of Big Brother." Asian escort nyc I said, close to the sister beside him, a little sister come into contact with the body, near to my sister can hear the sound of breathing, and now , the distance between two people that only a thin layer of clothes. Sister whispered curse "pervert!" Do not know his face is tense or shy thrown a flush, I will hand on sister sister round the waist gently stroking the buttocks, down kissing sister's earlobe, with minor gentle voice telling her: "Yes Yes Yes. ... all my fault, had enjoyed days, to the sister who told me one can not help but, distracted as early as late would also like to think." sister, said: " talkative, what really want it? "" There is, ah, you go to bed thinking about how and ah. "

      Mouth so sweet God must often had to coax the Ling. Loss of my sister. Where then? But I rarely praise a woman's yo! But my sister you just dream of Goddess, Get out at night and think really people like crazy! Sister said with a tone of make fun of: I do not believe it! Have someone else's wife, and where young and pretty comparable to Linda, Tell me, what I have so you think. Having also head a turn, an angry look does not ignore people. Was not it? Sister know nothing about ourselves more attractive face but face, she is tall. Although considered Meirenpeizi Ling, but standing in front of his wife, but completely thrust. I am pointing to the sister site of the chest, lustful, said: This is the secret layer following provocative clothes itching Nannai my good sister-in-law, do not torment me, okay?

      Finished, then my hand started up without rules, because his wife is carrying some of the side of me, so I brush shoulders with some of the action to his wife in my arms, so that his wife's head resting on my shoulders, really like that position is the love of men and women, his wife is very submissive cling to, I told her softly, although I have not seen you sister's body, but I always secretly spy on you in the chest, sometimes in the clothes hanging on the balcony to enjoy his wife's bra, I'm sure your sister is a C cup, asian escort nyc and Jianting the breast is full. Sister shy answer: you do not this person is really serious, head full of obscene thoughts, I should have told you the true face of Ling, as well as the future not the underwear drying on the balcony, and it will not be asking for trouble. Sister on the mouth, so to say, but instead posted a tighter body, let my right hand holding homeopathic breast, gently caressing soft upon her.

      Sister seems to regret this moment but some of the meaning of wearing a gray hands carefully placed on a narrow group of the thigh, the force to suppress unrest skirt, as if afraid of an open hand will be rude violation of my body, and I happen not London's physical relationship. I easily see through his wife's mind,  also know as a gentle daily total to show the elegant wife of the concerns of people, so I put the original diversion right hand caressing his wife's breasts to thighs, then stroking sister delicate hand, slowly remove her wedding ring on the middle finger. I asked the sister: a little like this will not be good, nod his wife asked me: If my husband was Linda and I know that they have face to face? This is not just derailed so simple things, I am your future sister-ah! I heard the words of his wife is also some difficulty, but the physiological response has been so I can not restrain myself and only wanted his wife and moving immediately to the ground, would be crazy hard penis into that tight wet vagina, violently Choucha, HIGH to not let his wife, lustful wanton moan. Sister: this thing is God, without our noticing. Usually in front of my uncle, aunt and family, but are afraid to look you in the eye look that is afraid of people find my attempt, not to mention as long as we care, how will be seen through it? asian escort nyc sister said: just so good to me sister, how can I clear conscience behind her back and you go to bed, and soon to be married you and Linda! We are one family, I'm afraid, I'm afraid I will have side effects. Good sister in law, we are adults! As long as we all know very well like the other half do not hurt, indulge occasionally okay to lust, to the south of the Big Brother you can ensure you never hidden or betrayal? Does he still care and love, like when you, considerate you to meet you. Sister center seems to be something I said, was silent, I do not give him time to think, moving their faces on her face and gently kissed her ear, whispered to say: How long has your brother have sex , Ni You How long has enjoyed flirting and gentle man desire the liberation of it? United sage Confucius acknowledged that this is human nature, so long as properly controlled and who will not hurt. His wife the meaning of those words like meditation, but also like a man other than her husband so sweet touch provocative speech and can not resist, and finally sighed. Shi-ming, you must promise me to keep this a secret between you and me ... Do not around to show off to friends, my bad reputation. I'll have to see people do! Sister and me there is a woman, have a keen sense that you do in front of her five years after graduation, she was not so cold, right? Of course, not everything according to you, kiss good sister in law. People have been going, could not, 妳說 what is good, the second you really want to now into the body inside, let two people into one yet. I would take liberties with his wife , while not polite to place into his hand from the knee skirt underneath. Tingting rich, red lips are wrapped around and pay my tongue, but his wife was issued a whisper from the throat between the stop. Shiming: People have long not been a man's whole body foreplay tease so dumb, I want you to come slowly, just as you and your sister have sex, the temptation to inch my inch cell, can it?

      My sister said: how you know how I love you and Ling? sister Jiao Chen: Several times you have sex with sister in the room when you are not Big Brother, I secretly at the door listening to sister's Jiaochuang Sheng, really lewd ah, even I was confused lust waves. I smiled for the sister said: What do you want in the door there was a man, had his caress yourself? After listening to his wife blushed: hate, you have to ask some hard to tell whether things, asian escort nyc how to say I am also a woman, ah! Sister: I really want to 看見妳 face intoxicated expression, put the most sultry attitude to seduce me, to completely relax and enjoy this rare opportunity for you to try a woman means I tease, releasing you from the depths of the soul detention of desire, want you to feel very lustful.

      I asked his wife have tried to have sex in the dining room, she shook her head. So I took while caressing her while she went to the dining room, family dining room, his girlfriend tight attached terrace is the place on weekdays Clothesline. The floor is a spacious glass street door, I pushed the sister to the wall, so that lower body close to the co-author, slowly licking down her neck, breast, lower abdomen, inner thighs, his wife body trembled, but was I firmly pressed against the wall with both hands can not move, I praise the Chinese and the sister of the flesh: his wife's breast I both full and strong, and a flat belly and long legs, rounded The Bottom, a man could not help but secretly glance it? Sister replied: Oh! Is not it? I want to see you sweet talk to coax me happy now!
    How good is paradise,try by yourself, always remember this : get a new york asian escort is necessary,even for the future job.you know . .

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