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The first time in her home she fucked me

The first time in her home she fucked me

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  Travel back yesterday, she gave me her home phone to call the afternoon, hey, pain is also playing an all call me to do that? Today it does not that exotic. She kept the short message and phone also vowed not to allow me to contribute, let me uncomfortable, Jia Buzhu her call for a nap after lunch, up bathing, brushing teeth.

      She unlatched the door opened, go in a flash, I saw her wearing only white underwear for the lower body in her bedroom door, she heard the voice of my close, flashing a smile back into it, and I go in to see her curtains closed, air-conditioning open, my mouth still complain of, is very tired today, ha, the one yesterday are playing hurt

      I changed all the sheets Oh, she whispered with a smile.

      Sitting on the bed a few clothes off, got into the quilt, feeling strange, and finally on the other woman's bed, but it was this feeling Ha, no excitement, only loss and fear, hey I still can not relax it had .

      Her eyes closed mouth over, and bite me, hard suction and biting my lip service, with the drilling of the tongue in my mouth, I felt more and more technology, real food, they have not technology, not the Japanese pattern, should this woman to teach, that I failed, but because the experience is blank.

      Kissed, bitten. She leaned down to bite my little brother, and began to eat her favorite lollipop, no, according to her fun than sugar, most like to eat eat into the hard recapture, succulent.I hummed, I felt her mouth and the cool little brother brought a sense of friction, felt her gently bite my balls, tap ah ~ ~

      Hard to see the shiny little brother, she withdrew underwear, riding up, cock gently on the top inside, along the top of her position in her deep feelings to the glans around a little hard to contradict place, she's tucked hard up and down Taonong with his mouth softly humming, according to her command my eyes closed, she was a little fat, I do not like to see her waist fat, I'm so cool enjoy I was comfortable being a woman dry strength.

      Dry her big sweating, straight Han Lei, and I say that I come on? She said you travel tired, her down, then leaned down hold in mouth live shiny little brother, mouth Taonong forward, with your eyes catch my eye so I will not see.

      Only to hear the whirring of the breathing of her, with full lips wrapped cock, rubbing the tongue, the head with a V provocative, saliva and her sexual secretion following co-secretion of water mixed with cock, full of sensuality the room.

       Licking a long time, I asked to not tired? She shook her head.

       I pushed her and pushed her to the bed and saw her waist and belly full of fat, and her breast is not so big, I lie down, Xianzhu her nipple, tongue licking hard , and she cried loudly, the original Mimi is really sensitive to her place, I stabbed her chin beard, Mimi, she called vigorously, and his hand grabbed my cock toward her on The following sent in, I began to twitch vigorously, biting her on the mouth lip service, straining toward the depths of her hard sprint, the glans of the hemp cakes itch gradually came, wave after wave came, I added efforts directed at large.

      Do not shoot, so I eat out.

      I quickly taken out, filed cock into her mouth, she vigorously suck my dick twitch, shot in her mouth and lips. Zhenshuang saw her cheerful smile at me.

      And is with her, let her sleep in my arms for half an hour, by a pretext leave the territory.

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