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That makes ecstasy of betrayal

That makes ecstasy of betrayal

   Sometimes people ask me do you know any hot asian escort in new york, even I introduce they the same one,but they have different ideas.someone is totally agree with me, but someone . .. , whatever hot asian escort in new york depend on what kind of escort do you like.

   In addition to no man do not want to make love to a woman other than his wife, his mouth said no, in fact, the heart wants.

    I and my colleagues in the affair is the case in a very natural place, I've always wanted to find a lover, but I was not looking for a tasteless woman, my colleague is a great taste of beauty,  I called her escorts month right here.
    Month is a big beauty that is an indisputable fact, her tall figure, slender waist, big hips, bust 38, long hair. Although she did not always dress myself, I can still angered her unit colleagues salivate. Executive Officer of my unit have to do everything possible to eat her, did not succeed, it is a month later told me, in fact, he was an old man, a little bald, and looks too that, the month that she wanted to see the director's head spit. But then again, but for the old man, I fact, I could not on her, which I would also like to thank him.
    That was years ago, we did not got this month, director, will make things difficult for the month everywhere.  a month late. The old man on the monthly meal ugly curse. Because then she and I are friends, of course, to comfort her. I called, she felt very sad. I play a funny specialty I finally took her to laugh.
    The following days we often chat over the phone, remember that it was a summer evening, the weather was hot, I went up the river bank shade, to the embankment nothing to do, I call her, she also happens to be right, chatting chat , and she asked me: "where are you?." I said: "I am on the river bank, not a good night tonight, ah, you do not want to come to enjoy to enjoy it?" She asked me: "In that embankment on? "I said:" South Bridge above the river bank, where the beautiful ah! unfortunately, unfortunately, have a beauty to enjoy the scenery with good, hey, sorry ah! "I never thought she said:" It's far from a number of , If we meet an acquaintance more embarrassed ah? "
    To be honest, I did not think she would say, this means that she wanted to come, afraid of people see. In fact, I just joke. I heard, there is such a good opportunity, I can let go of it?
    So I quickly said: "moment was already dark, and that there are so many people ah? This beautiful, rushing rivers, the moon obviously, very cool, if you come up this beauty, I was a paradise on earth , come on. "
    Month, said: "I'm afraid you can not find how to do ah come? Days and dark, I fear."
    I said: "You take a taxi to the South Bridge, I wait for you in that vicinity. Come on."
    She said: "Then I come up?"
    I said: "Come on, I will wait for you there."
    She said: "I really come up ah?" So, hang up the phone.
    I am in the South Bridge for about ten minutes, in a taxi down on a beautiful, I saw, it really is a month, she got off looking around, looking for me. I quickly walked over to her, said: "great beauty, you have come."
    She quickly took my hand and walked to the river bank above, I know that she was afraid met an acquaintance, because there are lights on the bridge it. Go for a while, we began to walk slowly. month I took the hand, her hand smooth and delicate, a good comfortable ah.
    I said: "Hello bold, really came out and you are not afraid someone beat you." In fact, I was Meihuazhaohua, her husband in the City, will come back once or twice a month and she is very open upside down She said: "What dare not, what are you afraid of me, ah, such a beautiful landscape, a person you see on Xing ah."

    In this way, our host a Western one of the chatting, unknowingly came to a small river, the river has a large stone, the stone and, like high, we continue to talk against the stone, I took her hand This is not honest, and I pinched her stingy look, loose look, she felt, he had no care, I am even more bold. Close to her, with the other hand touched her arm, and gradually up, touch the shoulder, her hand grabbed my hand and said: "You die, ah, not honest, I had known this, I do not will come up. "new york asian escorts
    I said: "This beauty with you, if I be honest, I do not say that I sick? To prove I was not ill, I just not honest." I grabbed her hand break, hand on her the back stroke.
    She struggled gently, gently hit his hand on my back a couple, said: "You necrosis ....." struggling for a while will not move, let me stroke.
    I put a hand from behind her chest, she is shaking a bit, and did not stop me, I began gently in the soft squeeze of her breasts, look, look, her body began to creep, acute respiratory started up I Shizhao kiss her, her head turned in the past, I kissed her cheek and kissed her ears, her breathing more rapidly, and began to softly moan. I lifted her face and kissed her little lips in, this time she did not move,  his tongue into her mouth, agitation of the two, she took the initiative to them, I am deeply moved uvula tongue, I will suck, for a nibble, month and moans growing. I touched the hand of the breast downward, touch the outside of her jeans between her legs, from light to heavy, feeling touched, she seems to take it anymore, and with both hands tightly hugged me back twist up, I know about it. I began to understand her pants, she seems aware of what I mean, gently struggled up, but not very violent, his mouth also murmured: "No, that was not feasible ,......"
    I side stroke side to her, said: "Nobody knows the month, day so dark, there is only you and me, I really like you, this is the secret the two of us decided to no third person know that you worry Well.  I will take after you. "
    Perhaps because of my words, perhaps because of her passion, she gave up the struggle, I slowly took off her pants, touched my hand in her pussy, there is flooding, my middle finger deep into the her vagina and gently pull up, Youshen go a little, gently Choucha, month and more powerful ass twist, she has not keep up, take the initiative to kiss from me, and very warm.
    I can not wait, my cock hard into an iron bar, I withdraw pants, cock out, can not wait to find the Midong month, month and also meet up with my cock in her last top wet vagina, I did not do a short stay, a butt, my cock into the month of the body, ah, good tight, comfortable ah well, although married Ye Hao few years, but this feeling of betrayal is too wonderful the. I started slowly Choucha up, warm month to meet with me, I move about, she was moaning loudly, moaning sound as if it is a refreshing song, urging you to continue moving forward, forward ....
    In this way, we quickly by relying on that big rock, enjoy the sweet enjoyment of sex, the wind gently blowing, starry night sky, knocking the side of the river, and from time to time cricket sounds. All this increases our sexual stimulation, my speed faster and faster, month and is non-stop shuttle, and she's like a small mouth, like vaginal wall, ebbed and flowed with the suck your penis, like a a pump to suck the light in your body every drop of blood, so comfortable that even hair also stood on end. Month of calls increases, more and more: "ah ..... ah .... you .... you ..... soon ..... good, good ... . "
    I was crazy while pumping, month and suddenly the wearer to hold fast to me, I felt her vagina burst of rhythmic spasms, my cock as if there are ten million insect bite, I maintained that it can arrive kinds of ecstatic living stimulation, the glans of a song, a Unit of semen burst out, just launched into the vagina month, month and also felt, she reflected more strongly, we hold tightly together, long, long time ......
    Since then, our two immersed in the joy of being crazy affair, although sometimes we all feel sorry for his family, but we are a unable to extricate themselves, and I did not mention each month to the end of this feeling.

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