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Sister give me a look at it

Sister give me a look at it


   why can my friend be a hot asian escort girl?why am I happy for this,because once she's ahot asian escort girl,i can sleep with her,what an amazing things, and I don't need to pay.why ? Because she's my friend,what an awesome day.
    I grew eager to have brothers and sisters, because it is the only child, so the uncle aunt cousin cousin were particularly strong friendship. Favorite is the little sister of the aunt.

       Childhood home be closer because we play together, the basic summer and winter vacation spent at her home. She also liked my brother. Little sister four years older than I can say is I grew up watching a child back to me a bath, because young people are also no scruples. 

       With the growth of age, twelve years old I came to the men and women have a curious thing, watch their body changes, the increasingly intense curiosity. At this time my sister has looked slim, body and appearance are the school's leader. Because mutual Liangxiaowucai, I have told my curious sister, she always blushed: "When you grow up or have a girlfriend later to understand."

       "What kind of answer you? Your chest big woman, which really milk it; you have to pee squat man with us there, What is the difference in the end ah ...."

       "Go, go, but where so much why do not learn to do these, beware I tell your mother." Every time this time I can only obediently surrender, I certainly did not give up, be sure to find out.

       The day finally the opportunity came, in hot summer, my sister and I swim back, tired and thirsty, sister drank a bowl of bean soup, tired toward his room, "I will have to sleep, trapped if you do not own this watch some TV, so you come back to your aunt to cook it "closing the door did not finish the movement.

       "So I put down to it!" I was secretly buried like "But I just have to read the holy warriors, forget." Holy warriors half an hour later I started to put over bored, I kept thinking back to the old problem, This sister should be asleep right, why not taking advantage of this opportunity to find out myself.

       So I gently opened the door of her sister, hey, no lock, God helps me also. Sister put up a direct line of characters on his back in bed, probably because it was hot, my sister for the pieces of tape Lingerie. I approached the bed, watching her sister attractive figure, about 32 in the chest with breathing with a V, following a Bang Bang can not help but proudly into the sky. To determine the sister should be sleeping, so big up courage to reach out and lift up his nightdress,  I do not know is nervous or excited, my hands have been shaking. Gradually to the chest position, exposing the girl's pink bra, my heart burst of delighted, my free hand to find the gap below the bra, want to hold a whole from below, but feel like there are roots under the edge of the wire tightly Gu Zhu, so that the hard and found no hope, if it may be strong to wake up her sister, the consequences can not think, so I from the top, because my sister is wearing suspenders, my hand suddenly from above into the bra inside , a hold on me dreaming of this breast.

       I have not dared to touch such a holding, to see my sister, or fell into a deep sleep, she should be tired of it, this big play guts, and slowly began to rub his hand, "good software, good stimulation Ah, too cool "I watched her sister's side movement, while slowly rubbing. Gradually I felt her hand is a star of things are larger.

       "Is my sister's nipples will become larger? So there would not have milk, ah, I have to think of ways to suck smoke look so big I do not know what human milk taste it!" New york escort so I slept again lifted skirt, carefully pull the bra down, so that the nipple exposed, just as I pull the bra, when my sister suddenly move a little, scared I quickly drew back a loss, but fortunately my sister did not wake up, I calm I feel, continue to work on two grape-like nipple so vividly my eyes, my joy. "I really compared to most of it!" I leaned over further, mouth latch onto one grape, one hand on the other side of the breast full of rubbing his mouth while sucking. But how things have not sucked out. I imagine not. Too much force may be due to excitement, feel the sister grunted, his brow is wrinkled.

       "My sister is not awake? Over, how do? Hey ---- she did not open eyes, no way should be afraid of the face, so just play the fool, which I may blunt the" big play here I think courage, hand gradually into his sister's panties, to explore the next step, when suddenly my sister rolled over, turned to the inside, his legs suddenly tightened. As the sister movement, my heart also mentioned throats.

       "Obviously she did not want me for the next action, if I insisted on her hot up how to do? Between us how to face ah?"

        "Every day, Ling-Ling, where it, I'm back," I have just one hesitation, the door came the sound of my aunt. How to do my sister is still room, then I Jizhongshengzhi, simply lie down beside her sister pretended to sleep.

       Aunt opened the door and looked back out of our sleeping.

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