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Noon in the bank queue Aventure

Noon in the bank queue Aventure

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Noon to bank money, into a look, I rely on, can be used simply to describe a sea of ??people. No option but to line up, we saw this team from the counter to the door a short distance of 5,6 m, arranged in the n "S" shape, about 20 people in front of me. 

    Is boring, the accidental discovery of beauty in front of me a good body, long hair, wearing a short skirt, and even from behind can not see the bra strap marks. "Do not wear bra?" I think the evil heart, but no more thought. Suddenly a man came back and the whole team at once a little crowded, I just put the paste to squeeze behind her, because the heat, I only wore a very loose large belts, which did not wear underwear, just to feel about penis affixed to the front of the child beauty of the PP, even if she could feel it does not wear underwear ... ...

    People buzzing around the crowded grumbling in the beginning of control penis erection, I feel my mind, "boom" is heard, over the next certainly is a big slap in the face with rogue street people cry be finished in this life ... She suddenly turned his head, closed my eyes ready to meet expected a slap in the face, but half did not respond, then turn her eyes to see passed, like nothing, but just that moment I saw her face, looks very ordinary.

    I thought she was wearing nothing inside, all is not necessarily the reason for hot days, people say ugly daughter of flair, but I boldly forward to scrape together scrape together, completely erupted in my penis deep into her two leg to the middle, and across the two fabrics, feeling her soft ass, but did not dare to move, and I saw her from behind some red neck, but all people do not move next to , I thought the bus line to see so many articles like pure nonsense, we do not like this was found on the good.

    Time for every minute goes by, we gradually with the number of people in front of a small team slowly moved forward with, moving only when the penis in order to get some sense of friction, then there's still two individuals, I suddenly felt her two leg muscles suddenly tightened, two soft ass flesh of my penis clip tightly, like the one before that have been very exciting, and fear when her turn would separate (because not to do business must stand on a noodle, but we should all understand) the tension in my stomach tightly against her back, asian escort nyc shot ... ... Fortunately, I wear shorts and her big The skirt is black, wet is not very clear.

    God opening the eyes, in less than a minute after shot, on her turn, and my penis after ejaculation very sensible in soft down, not to be found, I am standing there lined up, two involuntary trembling legs, tight to death I do not know how she feels. After finishing out when she looked at me, ran away like a squeezed out, I just react going to ask for her phone, who knows she ran out without looking back, I do not know how to engage, even mysteriously The pick of the money out after the waves of regret, just courageous chase them on the way, if able to understand how wonderful.

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