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My wife's friend: Pei Pei (my personal experience)

My wife's friend: Pei Pei (my personal experience)

    You have no idea where's best Promiscuous asian Escort,you can't get it by money,because best Promiscuous asian Escort is in your life,she's the one that very hard to get.like your wife's friend or your friend's wife.something like that,so..

   Last year, when I met my now wife, I have been getting along very well, a year later we got married, lived a life of fat in our wedding, I saw her: my wife's colleague and good friend: training Pei, a baby face, long hair, big glasses, white skin, the body did not say more, especially her feel like a pair of breasts from the bra out to the like, to see straight I breathe a. I saw trying to get it recovered, but fortunately not badly, after all, is my wedding day. 
       Instant life honeymoon is over, began a busy life, but the wedding has been on the chat with my obsession, and his wife several times to take the opportunity to chat to chat to inquire about information that: Pei Pei 30-year-old (looking is not you) married 5 years, there was a girl, her husband a field, come back once a month.

       Hear my heart feel pleased, her husband came back once a month, she was not a very lonely, and I heard that a woman has a child's sexual desire is stronger, then a thought in my mind initiation: I think on the , let him be my sex tool.

      From then on I started to look for opportunities to find ways gone two months later, his wife was pregnant, the doctor said the first four months is not the same room, which is my desire for people who really super bad news. can not only seize the time to think of ways to get their hands on the Pei Pei.

      Pregnant wife and Peipei they often play cards, I always find excuses to his wife, of course, enjoy a Pei Pei is the devil, I have a home to Pei Pei, Pei Pei is always standing around in her time at home wear clothing services are relatively less, I always seize the opportunity to peek at her big tits white C tablets, I watched I reflected, it can not stand the thought of the toilet themselves, to the bathroom and saw two a underwear, and a bra, a mold is semi hand, and suddenly my penis more huge, and I quickly locked the toilet door, to help win Taonong bra, two fantasize about big tits at Pei Pei on friction, Taonong a while I changed her underwear Taonong, fantasy hole hole in her slip rub, Nongnong with thick semen shot, I quickly pack up and leave some in her panties and bra on. Hurried to the living room.
      Just kick down the card at night, and Pei Pei with his wife to dinner, I almost laughed out, hands in agreement. We are looking for a private restaurant, just sprinkle the car with two bottles of red, think of it in my mention,  Peipei agree with my drink, I was lucky with the plan being carried out with step by step, the wine had Sanxun, Wang flavor dishes too, during which I deliberately Pei Pei as a drink. Small amount of alcohol she has drunk. I and my wife said she drank too much, I put you first get home, sending her home. His wife did not think they agreed.

      I can not wait to totter Peipei a restaurant, got quickly to my house, I let my wife go home on the bus first, then drive to Pei Pei to go home, I look back at the car Pei Pei, and called loudly: "Pei Pei, how the." She did not see the reflection of my hand touched her, did not reflect my heart chuckle, listen in the car side of the road a dark place, I am ready to advance out drug medicine, feed her eating, I was trembling hands, rapid heartbeat, long-awaited moment finally came, I impatient mouth on her lips, incense ah,  I kept kiss her, slowly went to the neck, then down, I grabbed her chest, feeling too cool, and almost shot out. I reached into her bra, the breasts by feeling her big, and soft, slippery, touch for a while I feel her nipples harden, and I thought, when the original is also reflected in a coma, I can not wait The reached into her underwear: wow! Slippery, wet, and I thought is time, I came.

       I took off his shorts, leakage of their big dick, first into her mouth mouth Choucha up, inserted a few times I was afraid he would shoot, and took out the pants off the Pei Pei, smelled incense, I could not help but stretch her mouth hole, incense, good skateboarding, I feel the sucking, his tongue hard into her vagina.

      Then I could hear her breathing become somewhat rapid, but with thin moan. I can not stand, holding his JJ, aimed at her hole hard inserted into it. She only heard ah bang, does not move slow I quickly stopped disturb her, she did not see movement, I rest assured that dry up, especially her vagina slippery, warm warm inside, and so I always have the urge to ejaculate. Did about 10 minutes, feeling the depths of her vagina with liquid spray, spray on my JJ, I know her orgasm, also stimulated the semen I shot a few months, I forced her into uterus, injective thrilled. (Because I heard my wife say she has been on the ring, so I was assured that the fire in her womb)

      I quickly clean up the scene, Ben take her home, a few minutes to her house, I knocked on the door no one knew she was no one at home to open this ease, took the key from her bag and opened the door and put her clothes into it, directly to the bedroom She is no reflection, looking at her pleasant body, my JJ, and bigger, I thought this a golden opportunity, lamb, I had a few off her panties on, my clothes , mold the mold of her vagina is wet, I thought save a lot of things.

   I grabbed her big tits, forced grasping, press, rub, thrilled, my breast elasticity is good, put me started kissing her, kissed her fragrant mouth, breasts, sucking her beautiful nipples. As the heart of her family back, but I lose time on the dry, reach for the helping of chicken directly into the "cool, ah!" I am more excited this time, each and very hard, straight to her womb, her sexual secretion kept pouring in the room quietly, and only my helping of chicken out of her vagina sound issued to students, listening to the I am almost unbearable. I did 10 minutes and forced my second shot of semen, shot after I put JJ on the remaining semen stuck to her mouth, I could feel she was a great atmosphere, I also hold good her for a while, took a few photos. After cleaning up, hurry home.

      After arriving home at night and dream another dream she is also speaking up. Thrilled. I Aipei Pei. After the operation she will find the opportunity!

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