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Am i crazy,i like teacher's punishment

Am i crazy,i like  teacher's punishment

just 2008~2011,many teacher turn to new york Mature asian escort,when i shock, but i saw the news,and it was true,maybe new york Mature asian escort earn a lot of money or teacher is so tried.

No classes that afternoon, my heart have been uneasy, do not know to go to school tomorrow, and how the class teacher will punish me. Fourteen teacher is a three-woman, though she is a woman, fine, but that is not from the students to mercy. Many of our students have said privately to her menopause, 

    Night, I did not so fast asleep, a person out walking. Did not think the night is so quiet, the streets have no pedestrian, they should have it in a gentle dream. The night sky above, flashing a few bright stars, very close, like a very distant. Well, I sigh, a bit of my life. Just high school, I felt very distant past three years, but the blink of an eye has to make this period of three years.

    "Jill!" I suddenly heard someone call me back, that sounds very familiar, like - turned to look, finished, it is the class teacher. How she is still on the street so late ah? "Lin is good."

    "How do you sleep so late is not it?" She asked me.

    "I could not sleep, walk out, the teacher, do you?"

    "You touch a dead thief my busy, working a lot of review before the entrance waiting for me to do, till I came back." She is busy working. I forgot to tell you, my teacher fierce, there is serious work, many teachers say she is a workaholic. "Oh, right." What she thought, and his face immediately sink up. "Why did not you at school? No time, you would be willing to skip class and you still wish to read it? ..." Channeling a big blow if I confused.

    "I - I got a bad afternoon, dizziness, so - do not come." I support her support Wu Wu said.

    "Fever? I look." Then she stretched over a hand touch over, attached to my forehead. "Does not seem right? So be it, you and I go to my house, I'll give you the amount of about body temperature. If you Ganpian me, see how I punish you!" Scared I have some soft legs.

    I walked behind the teacher, walked together to her home, probably more than ten minutes to walk her home. Into the house, inside warm. "She lived on a person?" I was thinking. to see the house furnishings, like ah. "I love a business trip, I have no time to take care of the child, give her grandparents take care of. She had a home, she took out the room a thermometer, so I caught in my armpits, but also Incidentally, I poured a cup of hot tea.

    "I look on the toilet, you are a first look television." Then she entered the bathroom. I watched a TV, too late, TV does not look good. I drink hot tea, from the stomach to the intestine are warm. Hot tea? I got an idea. Quickly took out the thermometer, inserted into the cup of hot tea in, and then into the armpit.

    "Thermometer out of that, let me look." She seriously stare a few seconds. "Ah, 39 degrees, you really ah fever, dizziness, do you?"

    I do not have to die halo. "Dizzy, very dizzy." Then, I would like to put a lying look.

    "Quick lie down, I let you get quilts cover." She pressed me down. May have some slippery floor bar, flash, impinge upon the people to me. I subconsciously with my hand, I did not expect, but hold my two hands to her breasts, soft Mian Mian, very flexible. That thrill of the moment, scattered to my body cells. I am so fortunate to actually touch the teacher's breasts.

    "I'm sorry." My teacher said. Teachers face was embarrassed, "Nothing, lie down now!" She turned to pick up the quilt. Moments later, she was holding out a thick blanket, covered in my body. "You lie, I went to a bath."

    Listening to the sound of water inside the crashed, I could not help but go to the teacher's body fantasy. Her body is full it should be, especially her breasts, just touched, I felt a big grapefruit, very flexible. Unfortunately, I do not see, if I see a real feeling, that nice ah. That the water spray from her head under the warm water flowing from the neck, then over the breast, and then in the patch of pubic hair at the collection, and then split to the thigh.  that pubic hair, the eyes there is a river, which is also flowing water, together with the head of water, flowing ... ...

    Thinking, my cock hard up into the hills to the quilt top.

    My fantasy is not over, the teacher out. I look out, feeling his heart beat faster even himself almost can not afford the. She actually wearing pajamas out of translucent, through pajamas, you can see her beautiful body contour. Chest, round breasts like a compass that the same painting, Ting Ting, a trace of pink white, nothing like had a baby. She did not wear underwear underneath, I can vaguely see a lush grassland, very attractive Yeah.

    Very much like a lotus diagram!

    Is from the top of the hill became higher and larger, is a small volcano, the magma inside the volcano with the hot, rolling forward, could erupt at any time injection.

   "Your quilt how to become so, like a hill like?" She saw, came over. Want to go on by hand, one by know there is Yizhuqingtian. When she bent down, deep cleavage revealed itself, I want to immediately plug cock stuck in the past. "A head of the bad water!" Teacher scolded me. "to hold the quilt came to my bed sleeping, sofa, cold, sleep well."

    A good show, I was ecstatic. Opened the quilt, I had a large wet crotch area. I really want to immediately Tuolekuzi, the liberation of my cock, and inserted into the teacher let my cock deep inside pussy. (Write here, I could not stand up.)

    I finally slept in the teacher's bed. "The clothes off, do not wear clothes you can sleep the." The teacher said. Unexpectedly, the teacher in the school took the liberty at home is actually a less style. With the one off my underwear out of the volcano is more active, non-stop out of hot water, this is a precursor to volcanic eruption ah.

    Teacher on the bed, a quilt cover, good attractive beauty lost all submerged, leaving only themselves to explore. I have his hand in the past, go to touch her breasts, soft. "Touch it, Jay. The teacher's breasts is not great?" Seemed to be to become like another person. (Alas, I could not resist the volcano, the eruption had got to find a place first.)

    "Ah." I reached into his pajamas, and her skin slippery, and then further on, is proud of the peaks, gently pressing my hand, very tender, and then gently rubbing, this double Peak too much flexibility, and rub later, immediately revert to the original gesture proudly.

    "Oh, oh ..." the teacher in the muffled moan. She's a clutch over, my big cock is a toy in her hands, gently as I Taonong with. My big cock hemp, to Splitting up. "A big, you below! Wait a teacher to punish you, you to death!"

    "The teacher, the students help you undress it ."

    "Ah." She lit her pajamas only one, if only to cover the body of a cotton yarn, all of a sudden I was off the. I hold tightly, "Teacher, hello Oh, the United States." My teacher said. "Your body is more beautiful," I put my heart did not come out. One hand is down to explore, through a fluffy grassland, reached her Yin Xue, which saturated with water, it should be said that the water hole fishes. Dipped to go, my fingers are covered with water.

   "Put your big cock inserted Come on!" The teacher said.

    My cock is already in the state of the peak, and it waited for her words. She finished, I became like a hungry wolf, rolled over, flutter in her body. Within the rod holding the TV drama, AIDS is heard, a plug in the end! This is its real battlefield! Teacher with my baby Tweety Yin Xue compared, relatively loose, but there is unusual warmth, twitching up and slippery, the friction coefficient is only a small friction in constant pleasure to find a new york asian escort service . Teacher seems pretty kinky deep hole, and each time I could not get in the end, so every time I inserted deep.

   "Ah, ah, ah, I - I - so comfortable! Oh, oh ..." the teacher's style is also very moan. It's been a little bit out of sexual secretion Yin Xue, the flow in her ass.

    I together on the next attack, three-pronged approach. On: I first kissed her lips, the lips lingered on for some time, I squeezed into her mouth the tongue, Xiangshe intertwined with her, feeling like my tongue is also love, comfort, full of pleasure. In: I will rely on a hand attack, first stroking her waist, her waist is not small, a little fat, but the upward stroke is proudly breasts, and press down, immediately playing up, smooth and delicate Huanen , the very touch. I grabbed a light one heavy, and strive to give her all-round enjoyment. Next: is my big cock attack, and this has been my pride attack point, Ling Li of Choucha, there are more flowers, on the plug, inserted under the left plug, insert the right, gun gun are and strength, speed, depth combined.

    "Called my husband right?" I told the teacher said.

    "Old - ah - the public, hello - ah - powerful, reach the - ah - I - ah - I Yinxue - ah - plug rotten! Ah, ah ... ..." Every inserted deep look, there time, she will send off the soul groans transport. My penis in her Yin Xue, the feeling of the most sensitive, and that tingling feeling, when the strong weak, pleasure bursts.

    "Ah, ah, ah ..."

    I intend to attack from the back court, being taken out. "Little husband, you have to insert my cock oh so comfortable, then I should always take me home to you 'punish' you! -" I did not wait until she said, beginning the Second World War, and I a hand on her waist deep in to the Rouxue inserted. Other hand rubbing her breasts. I think this two-faceted attack at any time can not be ignored.

    "Pit, pit ..." the voice of the impact of meat and meat, and that sexual secretion splash out, the flow in my testicles, and her thighs, the bed is a large sexual secretion of the new york asian escort service.

   "Ah, ah, ah ..." half an hour, I pulled a prelude to offensive. I have fired all the semen in her Rouxue.

    Out of that thick semen from her Yin Xue in the flow.

    Thank you teacher's punishment!

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